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Watching our daughter lose her virginity

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We told her that she couldn’t have boys in her room, so she took him on the couch!

‘honey!’ my wife shook me awake, ‘i think someone’s in the house!’ Even whispering, right in my ear, she sounded loud. Afraid, of course, but I rolled over, and felt under my bedside drawer. The long buttons in the finger slots, I punched them in order, then flipped the lid up to pull out my pistol, while Madge got under the bed.

I was wide awake, and a little scared myself. What if they had a gun trained on the door, how many of them are there, and what if they have a shotgun? I’m not a burglar, but if I was going to plan a robbery, with a jeep in the driveway, and Army Veteran plates where anyone can see from the streets. I’d at least bring a shotgun, and hold it on the Master Bedroom, knowing there was probably a gun in the house.

Hell, I has a [Protected by Smith and Wesson] sign on the side gate, too. So, I took a few quick breaths, then a long one to steady my nerves. Turning the knob slowly, and cracking it to listen for any rummaging around downstairs. My finger on the trigger guard, and my thumb on the safety, careful to keep it off the cylinder latch.

I should have checked the charge holes, even though the whole point of the pistol safe, and the revolver was I can keep it loaded, without worrying about magazine springs malfing from being stored compressed by a stack of 9mms.

“If I need more than 6 shots of .357, I’m probably already dead.”

“Ah god. Ah my god. Ah, god yes. Right there.”

“Huh!” I slipped my thumb up to the hammer, and felt it uncocked. Already down, forgot to pull it back for single action, so I checked the safety again. Yup, right where I left it, I set it on the valais stand by the door. We didn’t have room for it in the bathroom, after putting in the second sink, the counter was too long, but it was a handy place for my vallet.

I looked out over the railing, or through it, over the short walkway around the vaulted ceiling, overlooking the living room.

“Huh, faster, just a little more. Faster, huh! Yeah.”

I closed the door, but held onto the knob, and whispered. ‘honey, what’s the name of that boy, jan’s dating?”

“What boy, she’s not dating, is she?” She crawled out from under the bed.

“Well, if she doesn’t have a boyfriend, then she’d getting pretty serious with a short haired girl.” I stepped back to help her up.

“She’s sixteen.”

“I know, but remember.” I patted the seat of her panties, through her negligee, “What you’re like when you’re sixteen.”

“She’s not supposed to have boys in the house.”

“Honestly, I said in her room, but keep your voice down.” I turned the handle, carefully, and cracked the door. “Listen.”

“yeah fastah. Ah fuck fastahgod. Huh, faster almost, ngh! “FGHN!”

She went all the way to the railing, and looked out. Waved me over, and I was right behind her. Janel was hitting the couch cushion next to her, and feeling around desperately for a throw pillow, before she picked it up, and held it over her face. Her fingers between short dark hair, humping desperately, then her knees came up, and her heels dragged up his back.

His back, I’m pretty sure that was a boy’s back, but whether or not she held her breath, any moans she made must have been muffled by the pillow, so she just held her wrist trapped between her legs, and her knees crossed, shaking uncontrollably.

“Huh, remember when it was that exciting?” My wife’s hand swung back, and almost slapped my arm, before she felt down to my wrist, and placed my hand on her hip.

“Huh!” Our daughter gasped, and Joroen backed up, suddenly. Pushing my arm into my swollen groin before I could react, and she covered my lips. ‘sh, you think she saw me?’

‘i don’t know, but, it’s pretty exciting.” I smelled her hair, and the instant arousal on it, even before I brushed it out of the way with my nose, and felt how hot her neck was on my lips.

‘huh, did you bring the rubber?’

“You know it,.”

“SH!” She shushed him a little too loud, but I remember her when she was, god. Had to be about 8, or 9. At the top of the stairs, her tiny gasp when she saw us on the old sofa.

I guess it took about 5, or 6 years before that came back around to us. ‘huh!’ a ragged gasp. ‘Hhurry.”

‘just a sec.’ Jeroen. She’s Dutch, one of the tallest people’s on Earth, so 5’9 3/4 flat footed. Pulling me back to the railing.

“Ow, gentile. Huh!”

He leaned over her, and I could just barely make out his. ‘shhhhh.’ In her ear.

‘just be gentle with me, i’m ready, just, be, auH! Ow!” She slapped his shoulder, ‘get up, and turn around, let me do it.”

Their voices were getting loud, and I checked the other bedrooms, visually, then moved over to where I’d hear them opening, if they weren’t careful. As careful as me, but my wife joined me, and went right for the front of my pajamas.

‘he remembered a rubber.’

‘do you recognise him?’ She just kept feeling the flap of my fly, and splitting it to pinch the button in the middle.

Shaking her head, ‘not by the top of his head, you?’

I shook my head, but she managed to pinch the button through the hole, and slip her fingers in, covering my mouth with her’s. One of the nice things about having a Dutch wife, other than the guys asking if she was a model, and some of the women too, when they meet her.

I don’t have to bend down to kiss her. hell, in high enough heels, she has to lean down a little to kiss me, but another thing is. It’s all in the arms, and legs. I’d have to guess that her body is about average length, and after 4 kids, nice and broad in the hips. Full in the chest, heaving through the lacy panels of her short nighty against my chest.

Just long enough to brush back and forth of the to tops of her buttocks, but all she had to do was pull the crotch out of the way, and get up on her tiptoes.


“Huh!” She looked back. ‘oh my god, he’s.’

‘sh!’ I caught her arm. ‘let’s look before we jump to conclusions.’

“MH!” She had the pillow up, over her face, and her elbows on his chest, but I could tell from this angle that he wasn’t doing anything to her. Other than holding her back, with both hands, she was doing all the work with her hips, and grunting into the pillow.

‘shhhhh!’ he hissed, and his hands slipped down. Her back, and I felt a stab of anger, to see his hands about to touch her that way, before they fell, beside her knees. She didn’t stop. ‘it.’

Shit, he tried to say shit, but it was choked off to a hiss, and I think he had to take a breath to finish it, but speaking of which.

“Huh?” She dropped the pillow, and shook her head. “What’s wrong?” Her hips stopped humping.

‘oh god. I’m sorry, I tried to hold it, but I couldn’t.’

‘oh, huh!’ she dismouted, and turned around in 1 deft motion. Plopping down, and crossing her legs. Even pulling her knight gown down demurely over her legs. ‘huh, it’s okay, that was fine. you did good, for our first time. i’m not disappointed.

I looked, just a quick glance at his, shriveled up, with wrinkles visible in the sides of the used rubber, even from here. Not bad, not too big, apparently. Nothing to be ashamed of, and not too small, either. ‘huh, you better go before,” she looked up, and I caught a dirty grin, before we backed away from the railing. A little too late, because she even turned to look down, at our position. Probably shouldn’t have moved, on the off-chance that the movement itself caught her attention, out of the corner of her eye. ‘my dad wakes up.’

‘yeah, huh.’ I heard his belt buckle, and held my breath. my wife in my arm, and she panted excitedly in my ear.

‘i don’t think he saw us.’

‘she did.’ She nodded back.

“Smooch!” She kissed him loud. “Call me tomorrow.” Gave up even the pretention of keeping her voice down.

“Okay, love you.”

“Oh, really? That’s not just pillow talk.”

“No, really. I loved you even before we went all the way. Good night. Smooch.”

“I love you too.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” Then the door clunked.

“Huh! We don’t need a rubber.”

“No,” she practically dragged me across the wall.

“Put another baby in me tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

She slapped my ass. “Get in there, and get those pants off, now!”

“Keep your voice down!” I dropped them right away, and she pulled the top off. In one graceful movement, tossing it asside, and practically running, so we fell back on the bed together.

“Mom, at least close the door, god!”

“Oh, no. Come in, we can wait.” She rolled over on my side.

“Dad, put that thing away!” She covered up the side of her head.

“Sorry,” I pulled the covers back over my lap.

“So, who’s your boyfriend?”

“Huh! Okay.” She ran over, and hopped on the corner of the bed. “He’s a senior, and he’s already taking night classes at the community college. He’s probably going to get a volleyball scholarship.”

“They have volleyball scholarships?” At least I managed to pull my pajama pants back up uder the covers, and got up, to go secure my weapon.

“He’s good. Really good, he might even make it to the olympics, but he’s also smart. He’s got a 3.7 GPA, and he aced the SATs.”

“Well, he sounds like he has a bright future for you, and your children.” Our first grandchildren. Hopefully not for a couple more years, but all of a sudden, I feel old.

“Yeah, I think he’s the one! Definitely.”

Jeroen pulled out her hair, and combed it strait, ish. Not as straight as her’s, she inherited some waves from me, and had a flat-iron to straighten them out. “He didn’t hurt you.”

“A little, it was my first time, but OMgod. Hang on.” She stopped by the Vanity, to pick up a hand mirror, on her way to our bathroom.

“You better go with her, honey. We can finish up were we left off, later.”

“Raincheck?” She put her shoulder into the door.


“Let me help you check. I’m going to be able to see much better than you, with that hand mirror.”

“Huh, fine. But put a robe on, or something. I can’t let you examine me in your undies with your tits hanging out, it’s distracting.”

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    My mom was laying next to me watching as her boyfriend took my virginity.

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    all parents should watch there daughter get fucked for first time

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      Why watch?!? I took my 10 year olds virginity while me son watched.
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    mom and dad should have watch the two fucking and then talk to daughter after he left!

    • A1 ID:5ers3kqr9

      You should help her

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      Mom talked to her after he left, and she helped her check her hymen in the bathroom. I just didn’t write that dialog out, because it would have been anti-climatic. (Also, it was from the father’s PoV, so I would have had to have switched narrators.)