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Being Abused and Fucked by My Father and Uncle Growing Up

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True Story of my experiences as a little girl being abused and fucked by my father and uncle growing up. Email me or dm me to see pics and hear more

I wanted to share the story of how my father and uncle used to abuse and fuck me starting when i was a little girl back in India. I’m 25 now, but this takes place back when I was only 11. I always remember my mother and father would always get into arguments and fight a lot when I was younger, and this finally led to my parents divorcing when I was only 10, and my father getting custody of me after my mom left to go back to live with her parents. My father sold our house in Jamshedpur, and took me back to Mumbai to live with my Uncle Ramesh. Uncle Ramesh was in his mid 50’s and his wife had passed away years ago due to a car accident. He had been living alone in Mumbai before my father and I moved in with him. My father would keep me home with Uncle Ramesh while he went to look for jobs and business opportunities near our new home in Mumbai. Very soon, I began to notice a different side to Uncle Ramesh. Since Uncle Ramesh didn’t work anymore, he would stay home all day and drink the entire day. He would drop me off at my school, and pick me up as well on the days that my dad went job hunting. First of all, I noticed that Uncle Ramesh loved touching me and giving me kisses for no reason. When my father wasn’t around, Uncle Ramesh would look for any excuse or reason to come next to me and kiss me on the cheeks or kiss me lightly on the lips. He loved touching my hair, and calling me pretty and beautiful all the time. Back then, I was young and didn’t know any better, so I thought that it was just love from my uncle. When we used to watch TV after school, Uncle Ramesh would always make me sit on his lap, and loved making me grind on his lap. I would feel his boner press against my ass through his pants, as he would breathe heavily on my neck and bounce me up and down on his lap. About 3 months after my father and I had moved in with Uncle Ramesh, I saw him naked for the first time. He had just picked me up from school, and Uncle Ramesh was in his bedroom after taking a shower. I was very hungry, and assumed that Uncle Ramesh had already finished putting on clothes. I went to his room to ask him for some food, and when I opened the door, I saw Uncle Ramesh completely naked, sitting on his bed, and stroking his cock with one hand. At that time, I didn’t know anything about the male anatomy or much about sex really, so I was really confused and shocked when I saw Uncle Ramesh naked on his bed. Uncle Ramesh saw me, pulled me inside his room, closed the door, and began stroking his cock again while looking all over my little body. He calmed me down, and told me that it’s ok. He grabbed my little hand, and put it on his throbbing cock and explained to me that he wasn’t feeling very well, and that rubbing his cock makes him feel better, and that it’s better when someone else rubs it for him. His cock was huge in my little hands for the first time, almost 6.5 inches long erect, as he put his hand over mine and began teaching me slowly how to stroke his cock up and down. I noticed him panting heavily again as he did when he would make me sit on his lap while watching TV and make me bounce up and down. He told me to get closer, and pulled my hair into a ponytail as he kissed me on the lips hard and told me I was very pretty and that I was doing a good job as I kept on stroking his cock. He began to make me go faster, and before I knew it, he pulled me back and aimed his cock at my face as he ejaculated all over my face for the first time ever. There was cum all over my left eye and hair, and cum dripping down my cheek and neck. He took some of the cum from my cheek, and put some in my mouth and told me that if I ate it, it would make me into a healthier girl.

If you would like to hear more of my experiences growing up as a little girl with my father and uncle molesting and fucking me, send me a message on wickr or session. I love chatting with open-minded people who don’t judge and enjoy incest and abuse as much as I do, and I’ll share more pictures of me as well if you want 😉

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    Nswfred you never reply to texts

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    Thanks for the pictures would love to see more

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    Sounds like you have a fucked up family.pitty you.

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      Wow nice body

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    You know they’re right for using you for sex. Did either of them get you pregnant? If not, you should’ve let them try.

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    Hot photos. Now I know why he wanted to fuck you

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    Your uncle Ramesh is a lucky man . I can’t wait for more on this story

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    Your Uncle Rajesh sounds like a great red blooded guy. Now let’s hear about your Dad raping your cute little Indian ass!