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Then the dog entered

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another random story from me and my bfs weird kinky sex stuff

Me and my boyfriend have been having sex for a while, but we had are craziest kinkiest sex a couple weeks before quarantine. (Some background info, me and my bf are both 17 and have been dating for almost a year and a half.) Me and my boyfriend were home alone at his house, and we had all night. His parents were with friends and his sister was having a sleep over with her friends. we were watching movies in the living room and started getting really handsy with each other. soon we were both naked on his couch masturbating each other. he laid down on the carpet in front of the couch and i got on him and started riding him. we were both really into and i was on the verge of cumming when his dog came in. He has a chocolate lab named hudson (we call him huddy), who’s about 2 years old. Hes always a very sweet, crazy dog, who I love. while we were fucking huddy came up and licked my lower back/ top of ass cheeks. I came as he did it. I got really embarrassed and climbed off my boyfriend. he asked whats up, cause he hadn’t finished yet and i told him his dog was there and just licked me. he laughed when i said we should put him out side in the yard and told me to relax. he commanded huddy to lay down on his bed and he did. I was kinda wary about fucking while a dog was in the room, but ive always had a thing for zoo stuff. and love to read the stories on here about that stuff. even though i knew it was bad i couldn’t help myself, the thought of a dog watching me fuck was getting me crazy horny again, so i agreed. i got back on him and we started going again. after a few minutes and we were getting really into it again he pulled my head down and whispered in my ear. “did you like it” whimpering from being close to cumming again i asked what and he whispered again “my dog licking your ass while you came, i bet you loved it” i whispered again yes, my legs shaking. he laughed a little and then called buddy over. he told me to get on all fours above him, while he was still laying down and i did. hudson came over and started sniffing us. he then started licking my legs and i was close to cumming. then he all of a sudden jumped on me and started trying to mount me. my boyfriend, grinning at me, spit in his had and reached under me and started rubbing my asshole, and then guided hudsons cock against my ass, while he was still thrusting trying to mount. all of a sudden he was thrusting in my ass hard. i was crying and moaning loudly and my boyfriend played under me for a few minutes while his dog was pounding his girlfriend. i then started to feel his cock stroking against my pussy slit and then he started thrusting into my pussy. I almost imediently squirted and came all over him nd he kept fucking my pussy while huddy was fucking my ass. soon after that huddy was beginning to knot me and i kept cumming nonstop. my bf pulled out and started cumming up onto my pussy which was then dripping back down on him. huddy had completely knotted me and was cumming in my ass. once both me and his dog were done cumming, my bf got out from under us and got back under going the other way. He started eating out my pussy and playing with me till eventually his dogs knot pulled out of my ass. his cum like exploded from my ass and fell all over my boyfriends face. I got up my legs trembling and started licking hudsons cum off his face and licked it all off, feeding some to my boyfriend too. i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. we haven’t done anything with the dog just that one time, but im hoping once quarantine is over we do it more cause it was really amazing.

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