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Ambulance story

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We had an ambulance transport from one hospital to another. A teen with cerebral palsy was going to a childrens hospital in Chicago. 2.5 hour trip. The parent decided to follow us in her car. In the ambulance I was getting all the necessary information about this girl. She could not speak. She was about 16. Skinny and pretty. I noticed they sent her out in only a hospital gown. Interesting. I pulled our covers back and moved the gown up. She had a beautiful reddish mound between her legs that needed exploring. I laid her back on the cot and started exploring between her legs. I grabbed her cuntal lips and gently started rubbing them. She responded positively to what I was doing. I moved to her clit and she bent her neck back just enjoying it. I rubbed her clit between two fingers and she moaned. I kept going. I took my finger and shoved it into her hole and rubbed her clit. After a short time she let out a “arrr-ummm” noise and she was shaking as she had her first orgasm. She took her hand and put it by my face in a loving gesture. Holding my cheek. I showed her my dick. I put her hand on it and let her play with it. After a little bit I told her to put it in her mouth and she did. She did it without protest or anything. I fucked her mouth until I came. I wanted to fuck her pussy but in the tight quarters of the ambulance it is hard. Plus getting caught would be bad. Very bad. She put my hand to her mound again and wanted me to play with her pussy again. Which I obligied. She returned the favor playing with dick. I am surprised the driver did not ask what was going on. Maybe he didn’t want to know. LMFAO

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifia

    For some really sick reason I found this arousing. Just the thought of it gave me a raging hard on. I bet the was sexually starved and came so easily. Just because the brain is damaged doesn’t always mean the sexual control center is. Actually most of the time it is not. sex is so natural and a very vital part of the human physiology either being young or old it is still vital. I love to hear of sexual awakenings so much.
    Not every person excepts sex as freely as others. Some sick humans are still stuck on stupid and live in a box because some other sick human told them it was wrong so how stupid is that. Why live in a box when there is a whole wonderful world out there full of awesome wonderful sex just waiting to plucked up and enjoyed. All females should enjoy sex freely embracing their femininity and sexual desires as they so choose. I don’t care if they are 8 to 80, blind, crippled or just plain crazy. ALL females should NEVER be denied a good cock orgasms when they so choose freely and unconditionally. All young females should be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay when ever they so choose to which will lead to a very, very healthy sex life.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Emt also. There was so many times I want to fuck my patients. The best ones were passed out drunk college girls. Already naked or at least partially it would’ve taken nothing to fuck them

  • Reply Jermz ID:42p6pzb0c

    You’re such a sweetheart making that girl cum she really needed that. Poor thing probably never got any attention from men before and usually sits in her own juices with a throbbing clit on a regular basis.

  • Reply OHMclub ID:1zfupa9hrc

    Getting fucked in the back of an ambulance is so good