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Daddy’s sweet piece of ass

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I’ve been having regular sex with my 12 year old disabled daughter Lisa. I think I’m doing a good thing here, she likes it.

My 12 year old daughter Lisa is disabled, she has a number of conditions, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, just to name a few, and a few months ago my wife informed me that when she was dressing and changing Lisa, she noticed that Lisa had started her periods, and that upset me a lot.

It upset me because my little girl wasn’t a little girl anymore, and I knew she was growing in to a young woman, but that got me thinking about how she’s never going to have a normal life, she will never meet a boy, have a first kiss, fall in love, get married, or have children of her own, she was going to miss out on all the best parts of life.

Last month I was at home with Lisa, and I carried her upstairs to change her, I laid her down on her bed and when I got her cute little shorts and diaper off, and I saw her naked pussy, I wasn’t looking at it in the same way, normally it would have been simply cleaning her up and redressing her, but this time, as I wiped her pussy with a baby wipe, I was getting off on it, it felt sexual.

I lost all control and I ended up going down on her, and I ate my little girl’s pussy, and she appeared to like it, spreading her legs wide open and she was smiling and making high pitch squeals as I buried my tongue in to her crack and tasted her sweet innocence.

After eating her out for several minutes, I could feel my erect cock twitching constricted inside my boxers, so I opened up the zip and pulled it out, allowing it to fully expand in the open air.

“Is that what you needed, darling?” I said to Lisa, “You like that, kiddo?” I said.

I gently rubbed my cock in my hand as I looked back and forth between her smiling face and her pussy, I was fighting in my head, “Do I? – Don’t I? – Can I? – Should I?”, eventually the little devil sitting on my shoulder won the battle, and I decided to do it.

I pushed my pants all the way down to my ankles, then I wiggled over Lisa, practically laying on top of her, I looked in to her eyes, brushing her hair off her face, “Daddy’s going to give you what you need, darling. Okay, baby. Daddy’s got you.”

I guided my cock to her slit and I pushed it in, I felt her flaps separating and her hole opening up as I slid my cock inside her, she was tight, I could feel how fresh her pussy was, inside and out, I listened to her squeal and blink her eyes rapidly while I thrust in to her, her inner walls gripping my cock tightly.

I lifted up her top and suckled on her nipples, then I pushed my hands underneath her and held on to her tight little ass, and I pounded her hard, squeezing her bum cheeks and licking her nipples as she cried out with orgasm and drenched my cock with her fluids.

I didn’t want to get her in to any trouble, being pregnant was the last thing she needed, so I quickly pulled out and sat up, then shuffled my way up her body, held her head, opened her mouth and aimed my cock between her open lips, I rubbed my cock rapidly until I ejaculated in to her mouth, then I watched her lick it off her lips and eat it.

“Good girl. That’s my girl.”

Then I cleaned her up and dressed her before taking her back downstairs.

I now find myself fucking Lisa whenever I get the chance, I even take holiday days from work so I can be home with her, we have a new relationship now, she’s her daddy’s sweet piece of ass.

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  • Reply Azra ID:1ebnu2ocyu96

    Made my pussy wet

    • Incest love ID:1cz7p5shud0a

      Was hot reading

  • Reply Johnnyv ID:1cl5mhe6nkka

    That is sick but I got hard reading it

  • Reply Dirtyfkr ID:1dt2y982lch0

    Made me cum so hard

  • Reply Dirtydaddy ID:1du7cgp2pth9

    Hot as hell.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667yzra

    You sound like a very caring father just doing your best for your little girl.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren2v9a

      I know this is sick as fuck but my cock was hard as hell . People don’t realize that just because parts of the brain has been damaged that doesn’t mean the pleasure areas are not intact. Most of the time they are fully functional. I have literally seen a 13 year old disabled girl pussy juice run down her leg while I dried her off after a bath. I then asked her if she wanted me to lick it and she grinned. Of course it let to sex and she was so happy ans always smiling after that. It was my friends daughter and yes I taught her to fuck also and she cried when they moved to another state for a better job.
      Humans are very sexual beings and need sexual releases often. Just because they are young doesn’t mean their sex switch is not turned on. The youngest one I have seen have an orgasm was between 7 and 8 and I was 12 and the twins were like 7 1/2.
      Never turn a young girl wanting a sexual release, it is her human right to want and need it.

  • Reply Master daddy ID:1des9ieet737

    That was so fucking hot please write more.

  • Reply Eric ID:2q4tdoi13gv

    I don’t know what to say.