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idk what to do

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i am 16 and was raped by my babysitters son today

Hey so i’m bee and i’m lesbian. I am 15 and I have to go to my babysitters house everyday (the reason i have to have a babysitter is a whole other thing im suicidal and i cant be alone). My babysitter has a son who is 17. I am friends with her son (or was) and he knows im lesbian. He had said before that he doesnt want me to keep coming to his house because he is in love with me and cant control his sexual desires and doesnt want to make me uncomfortable. I didnt really think that was a big deal because he really never did anything. Like he had asked me some weird sexual questions before and touched my ass once but that was it. Anyways so fast forward to today. We were in his room and he was doing some homework. He started asking me questions like why i was lesbian and if ive ever had sex with a guy. I told him no i havent had sex with a guy and i dont want to. He insisted that i cant be lesbian if i dont know what having sex with a guy was like and he said i had to try it before saying im lesbian. he said i could try with him just once to see if i liked it and I said no. Then he kept trying to convince me but i kept saying no. He then got up and locked his door and i asked him what he was doing as he started getting closer to me and he said he was gonna give me experience with men. I kept telling him not to get closer to me and he slapped me and said if i didnt let him he would hurt me. I started crying as i was afraid of him now which i had never been, he was always a good friend to me. He started taking off my clothes and I started telling him i would give him all my money if he stopped but he didnt listen. He started taking off his clothes and I laid on his bed naked and terrified. he started grabbing my tits and asked if i liked it and I yelled no. He said if I said something that loud again he would hurt me. I just gave up at this point because i was afraid. He slid his dick inside me and i started crying harder. Im like 100% lesbian and just looking at dick picks makes me nauseous so i was disgusted when he was doing this. It hurt so bad because he was being so so rough he didnt care if he hurt me he only cared if it made him feel good. That wasnt my friend that i knew i dont know what happened to him i miss how he used to be i talked to him everyday and we had the best conversations he was like my best friend and im crying writing this because i want things to be how they were. Anyways back to the story, im just venting now. He kept fucking me until he came inside me then he just got up, went into the bathroom and put on his clothes, then left the house. Im not sure where he went and he didnt come back for the rest of the day. I dont know what to do now though because my mom and babysitter are friends and she watches me for free. My mom doesnt have enough money for anything else.

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  • Reply Hank ID:16kluau7pxny

    I would have licked that lesbian pussy better any girl you’ve ever been with. You would be begging for my cock inside pounding and pumping cum in your system. Give you something to live for .

  • Reply . ID:21yy2scoid

    i’m sorry this happened to you, please seek help. tell a trusted adult even someone at your school.

  • Reply Kathy ID:2grormzrc

    Gurl. I know you’re a lesbian and all but we have a pussy for a reason, we’re supposed to get used by men. So if he raped you that just means you were good enough in his eyes, instead of bitching about it here you should thank him for cumming inside you instead!

    • Tim ID:1bfel2u3oic

      It’d be so hot to do these things to you and you be thanking me for it

    • Kathy ID:2grormzrc

      After thanking you i’d also make sure to kiss and clean your cock Tim! I’m a grateful girl :p

    • James ID:1ea0cn2yptp5

      I need to stick my cock in you and abuse your pussy

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    She should go back there and ask the boy to breed with a baby

  • Reply Sorry ID:1denwlsuhz5d

    Rape whore you’re sick so kill yourself.
    Author of this go find someone to talk to. This platform.is.sick

  • Reply Rapewhore ID:e6y9x9yzyri

    You should be greatful. He chose to use you. Don’t you want to be useful

    • Perv Mechanic ID:e79w9sjphxa

      She needs her ass and mouth used now.

    • Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxij

      Perv Mechanic ‘s right. It’s the way of the world, get fucking used to it!!