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Begging for it

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My step sister Jackie was born with weak legs. She was always wheelchair bound. She didn’t have much control over her legs. I was 8 years older than she was. I always would play with her and give her attention. Helping her with things. Helping her dress or go to the bathroom or bathe.

I had just graduated high school. I took the EMT class in high school and started doing that. I went to college for physical therapy.

So she was now 12. I was home alone with her one morning. She said she was feeling weak and asked if I could help her undress so she could bathe. I took her pants and underwear off. I noticed she had a few hairs coming in and some budding tits.

“Why are you looking at my pussy?”, She asked. I turned my head away embarrassed. “Geez you can look at it. I was only kidding.”

“I…I…I don’t wanna…I don’t want to look at it!”, I said nervously.

“Why not? Is something wrong with it? I happen to think it is a beautiful pussy”, She joked and giggled.

“Look I am sorry. We shouldn’t be talking about this okay. We’re stepbrother and sister.”, I said

“So we cannot talk anatomy? I am sure you are learning that in college.”, She said, “You keep glancing at it. Do you think my pussy is beautiful? Simple question.”

I laughed, “Yes dufus. We can talk about anatomy. Just not yours! And I am not answering the second question. By the way I glance at it because it is the elephant in the room.”. She faked a pain in her arm I went to check if she was ok and she punched me for calling her a dufus.

“Well You already did answer the second question.”, She smiled and said, “You could just look away like normal people or cover it. Do you want to touch it?”. She noticed the bulge growing in my pants. “Well something wants to touch it!”, She joked. I left. “Hey come back! I am sorry David. Please come back. I need your help!”

“You don’t! You have been doing this alone. You just want me to look at you naked. This conversation is way out of line!”, I said.

“Come on. Come back. You are my superhero remember? Come on.”, She said.

I went back. “Well your boner has gone down!”, She said. I was about to leave again and she apologized. “There is nothing wrong with me finding you hot you know! We are not even related except by marriage. You think a guy who has a gorgeous, naked woman in front of him would love that.”, She joked

“Get over yourself”, I said.

I finally helped her in the tub.

She asked me to wash her legs. Ugh. Her pussy has growing hotter and hotter by the minute. She was right I did want to touch it. I didn’t want to prove her right though.

I was washing her inner thigh and she grabbed my hand and pushed it into her pussy. “Do it!”, She said. I felt her outer folds, rubbing one pussy lip between my fingers. I could feel the soft black hairs coming in. I found her swelling clit and rubbed it. She was moaning and rocking. “Come on help get me out of here.”, She said. I helped her. Dried her off and we went to her room. I helped her in bed. “Come on. Lick it like you did to Susan the other night in your room.”, She said. I asked her how she knew about that. She said “the door was cracked open and you thought I was asleep.”

“Look I am not licking my sister’s pussy ok? I got to draw the line somewhere. I will rub it but that’s about it.”, I said.

She told me to take my dick out. “I am not doing this with you! No!”, I said. She tried fake crying. I laughed. “Fuck you. You are a fake!”, I said.

She opened her vulva and showed me her treasures. “Come on in. I bet it tastes wonderful. 12yo pussy. Come on. Virgin too. Bet you’re going to love the taste of that.”, She said. I was hesitant to cross that line with her.

She was playing offended. “You know I don’t think it’s asking too much! All I’m asking is for you to eat out your step sister!”, She joked, “I am not asking you to donate a major organ.”, She touched my crotch. “That comes after some more deep coaxing. I’ll probably be 90 by the time that happens. Prudish as you are.”

“I am not a prude! I just think there’s some things you shouldn’t do. Like sleep with your sister! Plus I have a girlfriend”, I said.


“YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK THIS”, I yelled back. I finally gave in to her. This was turning me on. I turned away and took my dick out and turned around and tapped her head with it.

“You asshole! Let me touch it!”, She said and laughed. I hit her again with it. Dodging her grabby hands and playing games with her rubbing my dick against her face. I turned her to the edge of the bed and opened her pussy lips. I licked her cute little dot. Flicking it with my tongue. She demanded to see my dick. She shut up after I started. “I am sorry what did you say?”, she pushed my head into her crotch. She was right. 12yo pussy did taste wonderful. I stuck my thumb in her. She gasped as it went in. I slowly started fingering her. I stopped and repositioned her to the center of the bed. I let her touch my dick. I was hard as a rock now. She played with it.

“Can I suck it?”, She asked

“NO!!!! DON’T DO THAT!!!!”, I said sarcastically. She flipped me off. I laughed. She bit down gently.

I jumped away. “Ow! Don’t bite!”, I exclaimed.

She mocked my voice, “Ow! Don’t be a prudish, sarcastic asshole again then!” I went back to work on her pussy saying nothing. She must have thought I was mad. She said, “You know I love you right?”

“Gosh damn! Can I fucking eat in peace?”, I said jokingly. She dragged her teeth along my dick. “Ok ok ok!! Sorry!”, I said.

She giggled. “Control! I love it!”

She wasn’t giving a fantastic blowjob. I was going to have to give her some pointers afterwards. It still felt nice though.

Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I finally just sucked hard as I could on her clit and that was it. One big super moan and her back arched. Her one leg came in towards her pussy the other stayed in place. I fingered and sucked harder. She shot out pussy juice as she came. Her tunnel walls clamping down on my finger. “Mmmmmm errrrrrr effffffff”, she said as she came. I kept licking, sucking and fingering. Her head went back into the pillow. She let out a pitched moan as she orgasmed a second time. She was giggling trying to push my head away. She didn’t have the lower body strength to push herself away from me with her legs. She went into a third orgasm. “OH YOU FUCKER!”, she exclaimed. She laid back exhausted. I got up and slid my dick against her slit. “Yeah! Yeah! Come on just do it please!”, She said eagerly. “Come on fuck me! Please”, she said

I lined my cock up and slid it in. She gasped. “Ow ow ow.”, She said quickly as I entered her. It took a few pokes to get it totally in. I felt her hymen break. I was pumping her gently as we fucked gradually picking up pace. Finally I just started pumping her hard. She was making “errrr errrr errrr”, noises. She was rubbing herself as I was sliding in and out of her. Her tunnel tightened as her back arched as she came again. She was really getting into it now. She kept rubbing herself and came again. She was all out of energy now. She just held my neck and relaxed as I fucked her. She pulled me down and kissed me as I came into her. Our tongues battling each other as my cannon fired it’s load into her. I collapsed on top of her.

She giggled as she was feeling my face lovingly. “Well I liked that!”, She said, “I finally broke Mr. Prude.”.

“I guess you did.” I said and we laughed. “I finally broke Ms. Hymen.” She looked shocked that I cracked a joke like that. “What you are not the only funny one in this family.”. We laughed and laid together in bed. I never realized what a treasure I had. I could see the love in her eyes as we held each other until our parents got home.

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