Cat: Abuse

Raped by my Teacher

It was in the last few moments of class when I was called down to the principal’s office. It scared me because I didn’t know what I did. I was just 15 and didn’t know what to... # # # #

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Raping my little sister

My friend and I took advantage of my little sister and her friend and had mind blowing sex with them all night and made them our cum sluts # # # #

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Bus Driver

My Name is Lin and I was almost 14 years old when I had this experience. We went on a School trip to some historical place and the trip was one night and two days since the place was... # # # #

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I’m despicable

I’m a big perv who has done nasty things to my cousin and she has no idea. No sex, just creepiness and confessing. # # #

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Tie dye sex kit

I fucked my sister in the bath tub while trying to scrub tie dye off her that she accidentally covered herself in. # # # #

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Brothers wet dream

My best friend took advantage of my brother while he was having a wet dream. Its a shame he doesn’t know what she did. # # #

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Weak girls are easy

This story is a typical example of how I get my girls. They love the attention and will do anything to make me happy. Anything. # # #

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