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I found their glory-hole

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I was on a mission to catch the girls smoking in the school toilets, I caught them, but then I discovered a hole in the wall.

I was headmistress at a school for 12-15 year olds, and one lunch time when I was trying to catch the girls smoking in the toilets, I found their secret glory hole.

At lunch time I discretely hid at the end of the hall watching the door of the girls toilets and waited for the suspected smokers to go inside, which they did, I gave them a few minutes to get comfortable and make them believe they were getting away with it, then I made my move.

I burst in to the toilets and 2 of the girls were smoking cigarettes, they quickly tried to put them out by throwing them in to the sink, but I caught them, “Nicola and Paula, I want to see you both in my office after school.”

They knew they’d been caught and lowered their heads in shame, then I ordered all the girls to clear out of the toilets.

As I was leaving what I believed was an empty toilets, I heard a knocking sound and whispering coming from the end cubicle, so I locked the main bathroom door, “Who is in here?” I called out, thinking I’d missed someone, but they weren’t getting away from me.

I checked all the cubicles as I went and when I opened the last one no one was there, I thought it was a bit odd and I must have just been hearing things, then I heard whispering again coming through the wall, “Are you there? – Can we do it?” the voice said, it was a boys voice.

I then realised that on the other side of the wall were the boys toilets, there was a piece of paper stuck on the wall, a crude drawing of a smiling face, as I reached out to take it off the wall it suddenly moved.

A lump formed in the middle of the smiley face so I lifted up the bottom of the paper and was shocked to see a cock sticking out through the wall.

I was about to shout at the top of my lungs at whoever it was, but they spoke first, “Come on, suck my cock, please.” And I stayed silent.

I lifted up the bottom of the paper again and took a good look at the boys cock, it was quite nice, about 5-inches long, fully erect, the main door to the toilets were locked, clearly the boy didn’t know it was the headmistress behind the wall, and it had been a while since I enjoyed a nice cock, so I got down on my knees and decided to give him what he wanted.

I took hold of his cock, which was extremely hard and very smooth, the skin around these young boys cocks were only just starting to stretch which meant it was smooth and shiny, it was nice to stroke it, “Ooah yeah.” I heard him gasp.

I stuck out my tongue and flicked it against his tip, his cock twitched and then I started to suck it, it was like sucking on a well-polished steel rod.

The boy didn’t last very long though, after only about 2 minutes of tugging and sucking, he shot off in to my mouth and I swallowed the lot, it was lovely thick semen, that young boy’s semen had a taste of its own, it was delicious and gooey going down my throat.

He pulled his cock out of the hole, “Thanks.” He said, then he pushed money through, which I took and put in my bra for safe keeping, not only did I get to suck a lovely young cock, but I got paid for it too, it was a good trade, and I now knew what the girls had really been doing in here.

I stood up and was about to leave when another voice said, “My turn.” And another young cock came through the hole in the wall.

So back on my knees I went and I sucked that cock too, it was bit thinner than the last one, but it was still nice to suck and his semen also tasted delicious.

However, one thing that worried me was the 5th cock that came through the hole was quite large and hairy, it was clearly a man’s cock, probably one of the teachers, obviously at least one of the teachers knew about this glory hole and were allowing young girls to suck them off, disgusting!

But I sucked it anyway and ended up with a huge load of semen dribbling down my chin and over my nice dress.

For the next 45 minutes the cocks just kept on coming, no pun intended, and I sucked off 11 young boys cocks, mostly virgins no doubt, and also a teachers cock, I had no idea who they belonged too, and I didn’t really want to know.

I decided to leave the hole in the wall, if the girls wanted to suck cock at lunch time then that was their choice, and who am I to deprive them of that delicious semen, but smoking was not permitted, not in my school.

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  • Reply Kathy ID:2grormzrc

    I have a few besties in class and we always talk about stuff like this. I’m gonna show this story to them! We don’t really want money for this tho we just want to swallow xD

    • BluEyes8 ID:1dkwu1y35kvx

      Nice lol

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxij

    Most headteachers long to suck off their pupils and why not? Great fun!!

  • Reply Durumxx ID:1cspk27hdg0y

    Such a beautiful hot story! I’d love to read more!

    Kik & Snap @ durumxx

  • Reply [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

    I love blow jobs!

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:1ei8nb0r7ugu

    What an erotic story!! I love hearing about glory holes especially when there are teens involved!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    I hpe this is a true story

    • Ali ID:3zxjmhgw20i

      Ur gross.