Cat: Abuse

Playing house

When I was 12 my mom would go on these business trips when I knew she was just visiting her husband and new family and I’d go with my 20 year old cousin Joel he had a nice 2 bedroom... # # #

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Uncle Clems creampie

11 year old rae sat in her white ruffled su dress with white ruffled socks on the floor coloring she was laying on her stomach giving who ever walked in a nice voice on her white cotton... # # #

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Pastor Joseph holy cream

Levi sat in the chair in front if the pastors desk the 11year old boy dressed in khaki slacks brown church shoes and a blue button up his ruffled blonde hair and green eyes made him... # #

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My moms pedophile boyfriend

A month ago my mom introduced me to trey 6’2 brown curly hair 32 and cocky shit eating attitude he was cool at first until he moved in and my mom worked night shifts as a nurse... # #

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I guess I’m kind of a mutant, but not the sort to join the Xmen. It’s not anything that would be useful for fighting crime. # # #

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