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Becoming a Slave Part 2(training started)

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After the sweet soft encounter, I was in so much excitement for more, but things goes bit harder from there……

(It’s not for faint hearted…….)

He took me to the next room, the black door opened, it was bigger than the his office, it has lot of large size equipment, and many things that one can find in a high-tech lab or hospital. I knew Sir owns a pharmaceutical company among others,but a lab beneath his house was astonishing. At the middle of the room there was black doctors chair that we see in hospitals but it was a black one matching with the decor and there standing Dr Aaron, with his nurse Richard.
I knew them as I visited them at the city hospital for my checkups. But today was different, I was half naked, my boobs were exposed as Sir face fucked me a while ago, bruises on my body and I was leaking down my legs, I was so embarrassed that I can’t look at them.
Suddenly Dr said “Good morning Mr. Xxxx, we are all set, shall we proceed?” Sir said yes, we were waiting for you. Please you may.

And Sir lifted me on the table, and took a seat to the chair next. Richard came and fully undress me, took my vitals, and gave the Iv cannula on my left arm, I didn’t make noise, as it did not hurt much.
Dr came to me and said ” brave girl, u didn’t cry!”
I said it was not that painful and am grown-up now in two weeks I will be 11.

Nice he said,and took note and led me down, spread my hand and legs and started his process.

He draw blood couple of times, and inspect every inch of my body. The was pretty amazed by the brusies on my body and examined them, then spend a good amount of time at my pussy and ass. I was pretty uncomfortable with him looking at my pussy, with various cold steel tools, as I was already leaking before coming to this room. I avoided his look and closed my eyes. But I can feel his fingers in my pussy and ass simultaneously.

I can’t control my feelings and my moans left my lips,Dr said to Sir she is growing up very fast. I was red with embarrassment. Then it was my boob’s turn, he inspect them and smiled at me as the bruised were now deep in color. Meantime the nurse inject me something, and I was feeling bit relaxed, then I was getting my ultrasound, when I passed away slowly.

When I get back my senses I felt, I was covered on the same doctor chair, and can hear the discussion of Dr Aaron and Sir…

Dr ” She is a perfect candidate, all her reports are good.” “she is bit dehydrated so I gave her the iv bag, after that she will be ready to go”

Sir “what about her puberty? When will be her period starting?”

Dr “She is on her puberty phase, Her period had already started few months back, I got the report from her boarding school nurse, we can monitor her ovulation,”

Sir “what about her breast development, when can you start? I need them to grow fast, so we can move to the next phase.”

Dr “We will start today , all her vitals are positive, and we can move to the 2nd phase by next year,When she will be 12,if things work progressively.” “But This new formula hurts bit more, thou works wonders if the breast get hard stimulation and fast blood flow.”

Sir “Good.”
It’s ok she can handle pain well, what hard stimulation?

Dr “This formula is designed to work not only for breast augmentation but overall development, like resulting in heavy lactation (if the full course is done) as you asked.” “but it need to have good blood flow during this process, so to achieve that we need to give her good breast torture/punishment. And penetration. Hope she can tolerate that.”

Sir ” ohh I see. No problem I would love to do that, and don’t worry she can take alot pain and suffering.”

DR” I see ”

yes, it was way before you joined me and Dan, (Sir’s business partner and best friend) ”
” As you know she is my cousin’s daughter, but her parents did not want her, they only wanted a boy. And after 3 abortion they have their twins son, and next year my Sil was accidentally pregnant with “Our Slave poppy’. But they did not want her but it was too late to abort, the made the pregnancy so secret that poppy was home birthed and homeschooled. And no one in our whole family knew about her.
But the moment she was born they want to get rid of her, but due to their reputation in elite they can’t give her up for adoption right away . So they secretly took poppy to middle-east and gave her to a adoption institute.

It was until last year, we found out at our annual family charity dinner my drunk cousin speel out about all this. And Dan decided to get her. He track her location down.

When we arrived, she was in pretty bad shape, who knows how long she was there, but her Hazel eyes,, black hair, her sweet face just adds on to her golden slender bruised body,so pleaseing to the eyes .she was beaten up badly with whips and belts,
It was that moment we decided she will be ours. she was chained to a wall by ankle,had branding on back of her right thigh and living in ” jawari ‘ center.They named her” Aadara “mean virgin in Arabic. We release her in exchange of good money.
Her time in middle east explains her submissive, and docile nature. All other details are in her file.”

Dr ,” that explains the trace of spike up drugs and hormones in her blood, and her early puberty perfectly, she must be given enhancers ”

“What about her fertility? How good is she to be breed?”

Dr “Oh don’t worry, she is very fertile, and as you explain her genes carry the twin traits. So you and Dan can expect twins from her.
I have started her contraceptive to ”

” That’s fantastic we will think about it,
Oh nice ”
“Anything else we need to discuss? or we can move to the special course”

“not much, only that she had a really good healing power, let me show you, come”

They approach to me and removing the sheet Dr parted my pussy lips and said “look how fast she is healed, her pussy and buthole is back to normal after the abuse.”

Nurse took out my iv, and I was lifted up.
Sir order Dr Aaron to get started the course, and he left the room with his phone.

Dr started to prepare the viles, for my breast.
There were al total 6, 10ml injections and explained for first 7days It will be given 3 times a day and then for next 7days it will be given 2 times a day ,after that once a day till they think I need them, I was bit scared.

Then Richard started to tie me up, with the attachment of the table and to my relief Sir enter the room, and can to me,

Sir again explained everything to me and pat my head, I know there was lot of pain waiting for me but, I was doing this for Sir, and by that time I felt the first jav on my right breast, and then again another under my right nipple, and I can feel the pain started to grow, meanwhile I got the same treatment on the left side. I started to moan in pain. Then nurse took my small breast and massage heavy handed and at this point I was crying and screaming, as it started to burn a bit. The nurse stick a ice compress against the boobs and I was released from the restains, n lifted down from the chair to the floor.

I was struggling to keep quiet, and then i heard the doctor that he is leaving, and nurse Richard will be staying to assist Sir in the process and Dr will visit everyday for check ups.

After that Sir lifted me in his arms and we left the, room and went crossing a door to the furthest door of the hallway.
Sir click some buttons and the heavy door opened and we entered a large room, it also had black color floor blue lighting,smell like ocean and bit colder then the other rooms, many cupboards, and various other things that I came to know about later, and a big 4post bed at a corner, with matching quilted sofa and chairs.

Sir took me straight to a platform in middle of the room where two poles were fixed,to the ground, I was ordered to stand between them, and he lift me down, I obye him, then he bring 2 sets of cuffs from one of the cupboard, and placed them on my ankle and already bruised wrist.

I was getting wet down there,then Sir attached my leg with a spread bar, and then to the standing poles. And my hands where atttached to a hanging chain that I didn’t notice earlier.

I was locked there, when suddenly the lights went off, except the one focused on me, I can’t see anything in that pitch dark. It was so dark and silent I can hear my own breathing,

Moments later I heard footsteps, and suddenly felt a flogger on my left breast, it was so painful, specially after those shots, I lost my breath for a second. And screams to the top of my throat.
Then I heard Sir’s deep dominating voice,
“Behave Slave”…..”you are my slave, my property, what I Said earlier if you say” yes’ then there is no going back…. ‘Remember'”. I was frightened, excited, confused and so much in pain that all my emotions erupted in screaming.

Sir came in front of me, standing in black trousers and a deep blue silk shirt, leather black gloves, I was in love with his appearance, he pulled me by my hair and said “who are you?” I was confused and muttered and got a hard slap on my already bruised cheek, and I came back to the moment, it was like my slave switch was on. Before I can gather my words I Got another brutally hard slap on another cheek,

He asked me again” who are you?”
This time I screamed my answer” slave ”

My hair was pulled hard and my mouth was squeezed harder , and he said” behave Slave “..
” don’t raise your voice until asked, if you did it again you will regret it. ”

And he released my hair, and began to floog me on my back, it was bearable, then on my bum, but again when he hit my boobs I screamed hard, it was so painful, as my boobs were super sensitive.

He reluctantly, went in to dark and came back with a ball gag, and placed on my mouth firmly, he also bring some cloth pegs, which was of what use I realised later…

Now he started to flog my breast heavy hands, I jumped, screams, cry nothing stopped him, it was so painful. Then he brought a riding crop, and did the same, the pain was too much I was fainting, when he landed a strong lash on my tiny cunt.

I was jolted. And got 20 more lashes on it, so much pain but also my body reacted bit differently and I was leaking down there.

I can feel the smile on Sir’s voice, he continued to lash for 40min,all over my body, special attention was given to my breast. I was so exhausted and was red most part of the body and can’t stand on my legs any longer and my wrist was bearing the whole weight, thou my cunt at the same time was excited as hell from this abuse, so much so, that I made a puddle between my legs.

Sir came to me and said, “Poppy, you did good,you need some reward,but first I need to finish something,” and he picked up the cloth peg and placed on my breasts, and nipples, it was such pain, that I was screaming hard on the gag.

Then he lowered the hand cuffs down so that I was on my knees, and he pulled my hair up, and opened my gag, I was crying hard, he didn’t bother and shove his cock, hard and faced fucked me.
When I was bit lousy he placed a cloth peg on my swollen boobs, this way he placed 20 pegs on.

I was in great pain but had my orgasms in between to, and sir had finished fucking my mouth, I was ordered to drink it, and I obey him, as I was not in the state to think anything.

Then he brings a chair and settled me down, and adjusted my cuffs,and tied my hair with a rope, so it be up, I was so tired I hardly notice anything, when he hose me clean with icey water, and cover me with a towel,

And I noticed Richard entered the room, with the 2 new vails… I started to cry but was ball gag again………..

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