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My cousin sister loses her virginity

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My uncle and I turn my cousin into a slut

So if you have read the previous stories you know that I went from being raped by my uncle to becoming his bitch. The village festival approached and as my family was busy with it. My uncle made good use of me, lending me off to his friends and other men for a good amount of money. They fucked my little teen ass and made me drink their cum. Sometimes I’d be the whore for a group of men, only let go after a good fucking of 4-6 hours, my body a mess.
All this was in a way itself a reward but the biggest reward for being a good whore came, when I was tasked with making a slut outta his daughter, my lovely virgin cousin sister.
Her name was Priya, she was older to me by 3 years, she was chubby but had a massive ass and breasts. A few times when we’d sleep together, Priya would sleep in her nightie. I’d press myself between her breasts and feel a warm wetness in her crotch. If her back faced me, I’d “accidentally” place my hand on her big ass or hug her and let my young cock rub against her asshole. One shocking moment during my time sleeping with her, I was fast asleep when I heard moans, and a weird smell, it was intoxicating. I opened my eyes to see priya, my innocent sister, with her nightie up till her navel, her hairy pussy oozing as she rubbed her clit, biting her lip to control her moans, her fingers slammed into her wet pussy as after a long and sweaty process, she finally cummed, she was so tired she didn’t bother to cover herself up and just wrapped a bedsheet around and slept. The next day I told my uncle this, he told me that it was now my responsibility to fuck her and bring the slut outta her. And so I did.
A few days later she was involved in a dance rehearsal, she had to wear this traditional dress called pavadai, as she finished she came to the bedroom sweating and fatigued. I said akka u looked amazing there, it was beautiful. She told me please just help me remove this stupid outfit, it’s so uncomfortable and itches my skin.
I helped her undress, she was so frustrated wearing it, it didn’t matter that her brother was pulling off pieces of clothing of her hot sweaty body. She was then standing her back facing me sweat dripping down her back. She told me to unhook her petticoat and that she’ll go take a bath, i did so and she turned around, she was beaded with sweat and her pulpy breasts were well visible. She walked past me and went to the bathroom with a nightie. I lied on the bed and started masturbating until i heard her finish bathing. I pretended to be asleep as she came and lied next to me after switching off the lights darkening the windowless room. After a while, I heard her lovely moans and slowly opened my eyes. Just as expected, her legs folded and spread, nightie lifted so high up I could see her navel and her fingers jutting in and out of her wet hairy pussy. Still pretending to be asleep I then lifted my leg and placed it on her thigh, she gasped as I “in my sleep” placed my hand on her navel. There was dead silence as I felt her eyes on me. She called my name a few times to see if I was awake or acting, I didn’t react, she slowly started to rub her pussy while trying to push my leg away. As she slowly started to go back in the zone of masturbating pleasure I opened my eyes and crept up to her and whispered, akka u look so hot rn, as I shifted my hand and plunged my fingers into her cunt as well, and she was wet as a fountain. Shw screamed and what followed next was her struggling to get me off of her while telling me this was wrong while at the same time spreading her legs and letting me acess her fuck hole more. I wasn’t experienced enough, neither of us were, it was awkward but she loved me fingering her pussy and rubbing and pinching her clit while sucking her big full breasts, moaning to the fullest. I pulled my young hard cock out and slammed it into her cunt and started fucking her fast and hungrily as she wrapped her thick legs around me and moaned weakly. This was my first time with a girl, I wasn’t experienced in fucking as much as being fucked so I was all over the place. I bit and suckled her jiggling breasts as she bit her lips to control herself. We were brother and sister yet we were fucking like a newly wed couple, she told me she wanted to do something and got up, made me lie on the bed, she sat with her pussy slowly swallowing my cock and started jumping on my dick. Her body moving and her breasts bouncing as she moaned with no control, too much in heat to care. I squeezed her breasts hard as I lifted my hips up to slam into her balls deep as she came down, finally cumming inside her, deep and emptying everything I had. My cock took a while then came out of her cunt, as I watched the cum in her pussy slowly leaking out as she fell on top of me, both of us covered in sweat and juices, satisfied.
Of course this wouldn’t last, my uncle who it turns out was waiting for this to happened after I had told him the last time, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off of me. As she screamed and cried, he threw on the bed next to me, and held her as she spanked her ass for being a slutty disgrace, fucking her own brother.
He forced her legs apart and slapped her clit several times as she screamed for mercy. He then spread her cheeks as she cried and said that I had taken her pussy, so he might as well take her ass, like he did mine.
What then followed was her grabbing the headboard and screaming in pain, then moaning as her own dad forcibly fucked her tight virgin ass. The anal rape of my hot busty sister continued for at least 40 minutes, as he held her by her hair like a bitch and his other on her hip. Her thick thighs and ass vibrating hard with every thrust while he breasts swung like pendulums. She stunned herself into a few orgasms, her first as her body betrayed her. My uncle finally cummed inside of her, rutting like an animal, then cleaning his cock on her cheeks and going out to get a drink while his cum drooled out her destroyed asshole I huddled up to her and kissed her as we spooned.
So that was my sister’s experience, well sure enough as you know, it wasn’t our last experience. Only one of many

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