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Uncle took my first time during a sleepover

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I’ve wanted to share this story for a long time but never have the courage to with actual people. I’m settling for a middle ground and sharing it here

For years now I haven’t shared this experience with anyone and have been pretty much silent about it. This event while very difficult I can’t say was completely traumatic, It ended up waking up my sexual desires at an early age. As this event is so vivid in my mind, I will be sharing pretty much every detail I can remember during the encounter.

To summarize how I got there. My family was low income and we used my aunt’s house as a sort of get away for the summer as her and my uncle were pretty high middle class. Going over to their home was a treat, my cousins helped convinced my parents that I should stay the weekend. My parents assuming my aunt would be off the whole weekend agreed. I was extremely excited to sleepover for an extended period of time at a relatives home. My aunt got called into work on one of the nights I was staying over and my uncle used the opportunity to have sex with me. I bottled this up for so long and have decided to get it off my chest and just share it somewhere.

My uncle and I never had a good relationship, I always saw him has scary. Especially since he wasn’t blood related. As I said a moment ago, my aunt got called into work around 9 at night, she was like a higher up in a factory of some sort so she was basically always on call. This made it weird because my uncle decided to send us all to bed pretty early, especially as it was summer vacation and we had no real bedtime. Initially I thought this was because he was being strict but I now believe he did this to have myself as much time with me as he could possible.

My cousins were all guys, he made his youngest son go share his bed with his middle son and I had his room to myself. Their house was big so the middle and oldest sons bedrooms were a hallway away from the master bedroom and the youngests. Not wanting to upset my uncle I changed into comfortable loose clothing I was lent and quickly and got in bed, I usually struggle with sleeping in new enviorments so my mind was just busy and not letting me sleep. It was fairly quiet and I kept attempting to sleep but couldn’t. I struggled for around an hour and just kept looking at the moonlight that peeked through the blinds.

I was pretty calm at this point and just kept waiting to fall asleep but then I heard the door handle figit and from the corner of my eye I saw the door start to crack open. Slowly the door closed back and I felt relief as I thought perhaps my uncle just peaked inside to check and then left, I then heard the clicking of the door lock as it was one of those door knobs that lock from the inside from pressing into the doorknob. I attempted to continue preteneding to be asleep but my breathing was probably too panicked, I tried to control my breathing when suddenly I felt his big rough hands graze my cheek. He was feeling my face and then stopped and moved down to my feet. I could hear and feel as he started to lift the covers up from my feet until I could feel my legs exposed to the cool air. I had a pair of borrowed a pair of soft shorts to sleep in and I could feel one finger on each side hook onto the waistband of the shorts and started to feel him dig to hook his fingers onto my panties.

In a slow motion he began to slide the shorts and my panties down very carefully, he most likely thought I was asleep and didn’t want to wake me up. I felt him leave them at my ankles and he rolled up the bedsheets to get a good look at my prepubescent pussy. I then felt his big fingers resting on my crotch and shortly after he was manuevering and spreading my pussy lips and getting a good look. His fingers all felt pretty rough against my skin, I got goosebumps feeling him blow into my pussy as he spread my lips. I remember my heart beating out of my chest at this point, so much so that I feel my senses were highten and I could hear him breathing heavy. He was still feeling my pussy lips until he began to touch the inside of my pussy, his finger felt big as he slide his finger and prodded around.

Out of instinct I ended up moving my legs when he was feeling my pussy, this caused him to stop. I then heard him softly whisper my name and after a few times I built up courage and pretended to wake up. I remember asking what was happening and he responded that my aunt had told him to check up on me to make sure I hadn’t had my period during my visit. I was 12 and reaching puberty at this point so me starting menstration was something my mother and I had spoken a lot about, I had no period symptoms but, I trusted my aunt. Now I know he was lying and used this as a way to justify what he had planned for us to do.

He asked me to situp and undress myself so he could get a closer look and make sure. Still scared I could get in trouble, I began to undress myself, lifting my shirt and then fully removing my shorts and underwear. He told me to slide forwards a bit on the bed and then put pillows on my back and without hesitation pulled me towards him and spread my legs. I tried not making eye contact with him as he began to feel and dig around my pussy, now without limits. He started to feel more firmer and tried pushing his finger into my pussy a couple of times. He would ask me if it hurt when he did that and I would say it felt weird. He began asking me more questions like if I was sure I never had a period before, in which I told him I had never bled. He then asked if I liked any boys at school and I told him I had a crush, in which he quickly responded with, “Do you want to know what it’ll be like when you’re together?”. I was still very much scared so I ended up agreeing to this instinctively.

My uncle then stopped feeling my pussy and stood up, he took off his shirt and started to pull his pants down until he was just in his boxers. He asked me if I had ever seen a boy’s part before, I responded with no. He then began to pull his boxers down, I remember this really vividly as I notice his bulge as he started to pull them down and his penis slowly beginning to be exposed. This was my first time seeing a penis and I was pretty much speechless, he stood there for a bit, probably giving me a chance to process that I was looking at his fully erect adult penis. He then reached down on the ground for something, at the time I thought he had a bottle of lotion with him but now I realize what he had was actually a bottle of lube.

He proceeded to get onto the bed with me, my mind was still racing and I couldn’t really form any thoughts. I had no clue about sex or about any sexual related acts but I knew I was probably about to be doing something with his penis. He shifted me on the bed and I now had my uncle sat between my legs while he adjusted himself as close as he could. Holding his penis he then layed it on me, I remember it being hot against my body since we were exposed with no covers. His penis from top to bottom reached from my mound to a bit over my waist, nearly reaching my bellybutton. It could have been our size difference as I was most likely at the time 4 feet tall and he was well over 6 feet tall.

Asking me if I was scared of it, I said no and at this point I was making eye contact with him. I remember seeing him not having his usual neutral almost mean looking face, he responded telling me to touch it. I sat up a bit and started to touch it and I remember barely putting my hand on it and pulling back but then having my uncle hold my hand and resting it back on it. Telling me when a boy’s thing is like this it meant they were happy and really like someone. I asked my uncle if that meant he liked me and he assured me that he did like me. This was big relief although, I still had the feeling of fear. Guiding me he had me caress his erect resting penis on me until he let go of my hand and he had now had me stroking his penis by myself.

Being sat up and caressing his penis, I noticed the smell that was coming off his penis. I didn’t comment on it as I knew that would most likely be rude for me to say but, I remember how sharp the musk smell was in the air. My uncle began to gently thrust, watching his penis rub on me was a very weird feeling. I made eye contact with him as he began to thrust and I remember he then asked me if it felt nice having his penis rub on me. I told him it felt warm, which he then responded with if my privates was what felt warm, I told him no and he then put his a finger at the top of my pussy and began to press and rub in a circular motion while he thrusted.

This was another first as I had not played with myself up until then. At first it didn’t feel like anything, after a few minutes of laying there and having rubbing his penis on me while also rubbing my pussy. I began to feel stimulated and I remember my legs moving on their own from it. My uncle seeing me react to his stimulation asked me if it felt nice, again I responded with it felt weird. He told me it was okay and that’s how it would feel when my crush and I would do the same. At this point I was a bit more relaxed as this just felt like a massage more than anything. He pointed out how his penis was leaking a bit from how happy he was, I had not noticed this because of how dark it was in the room. He had me touch the head of his penis and I remember feeling how hot and slimy it felt.

We did this for several minutes until he told me I was ready. Telling me to adjust myself, I layed in a comfortable position. I then saw him pouring lube onto his hands and slathering his penis up. Pouring some on his finger he told me he had to put some on me so it would be easier. The lube was cold and I remember that made feeling his finger preparing me all that more vivid. At this point I was ready and in position to take him inside me. He leaned back a bit to give him space to line his penis up, he poked me a lot with his penis as the barely lit room was probably made it difficult trying to line up with my pussy.

His penis felt massive to me, the tip of his penis was now settled as my pussy lips were wrapped around the tip. At this point I already knew I was about be feeling my uncle inside me. He began to push his penis inside, the pressure from this was really intense and I ended up shifting upwards. He put one of his hands on my wasit to hold me and told me I had to be still, holding me and pushing into me I started to wince at how it stung to have him attempt to penetrate into me. He poured more lube onto the tip of his penis and my pussy and then told me it might hurt but after he’s in it’ll go away.

The tip of his penis was slightly in so he layed slightly raised over me, all I could see was his hairy chest over my face. Pushing his body and weight into me I experienced the longest seconds of my life as I felt the pressure of his adult penis try to fit inside me. He caressed me a bit as he was still pushing his penis in, I’m sure I was making some kind of noise as he seemed to be trying to distract and comfort me. The tip of his penis finally pushed in and my pussy stung and felt like it was burning, all the while I had this feeling of fullness. Although he was now inside me I was very much exhausted from enduring feeling his penis stretch and fit inside me.

My uncle began to slowly thrust back and forth into me, penetrating deeper every thrust he would grunt loudly. It felt as if my pussy was being split in two while having the wind knocked out of me. The pressure and stinging feeling stayed for a long time, I was moaning in discomfort and had told him it felt bad. His reponse was to just let my pussy get use to his penis and it would begin to feel good. I imagine at this point I was moaning in pain loudly as my Uncle leaned in and began to kiss me on the mouth, his kissing was so rushed and aggressive he was breathing heavy as we kissed. Between the kisses he would say things like “You’re holding onto me so tightly” and “Your moans are so cute”. We made out for while and it was effective at distracting me from the pain.

Sadly the “feeling good” part of sex didn’t really come from being penetrated by my Uncle. I can only imagine this was because of his adult penis was prying open my pussy. I let him know I was still in discomfort from the intense stinging and the constant feeling of being gut punched from his deep thrusts. At this point the unplesantness began to make me cry, the crying didn’t slow him down or phase him at all he would just continue to make out with me. He began to thrust harder and faster, thrust after thrust it all I could feel his cock violating me while his sounds of pleasure were echoed in my. I think the thought of knowing I was doing something so intimate with my uncle that I honestly didn’t really like was why I was really crying.

He became more aggressive and his kind words then turned into bitter and harsh words. “You’re such a small slut”, “do you like your uncle’s cock?”, and “You’re such a slut for your age”. Him saying these things just excited him even more and he would continue to just go to town. He began to say “I’m going to cum inside you” or “I’m going to cum” and I didn’t know what he meant but he asked if I wanted him to cum inside, thinking he probably meant some other body part to go inside me I declined and told him no. I thought this made him angry because he then aggressively put his hands around my waist and began to thrust as fast as he could and as hard as he could. Gut punch after gut punch feeling his cock sink inside me, I continued to cry and then just as fast as he switched up, he pulled out and shot thick strings of cum from my stomach up to my hair.

My crotch was throbbing in pain and it felt like I had an open wound, I remember him panting so loudly and how hot his cum felt on my body, he rest his cock on my stomach again and was resting. He leaned in again and kissed my forehead and told me he loved me and asked if it felt good because that was the best feeling he had in a long time. He wiped my tears away and he told me to sit up, I was pretty tired and couldn’t imagine myself enduring another round of sex so I asked if we were going to do “that” again. He asked if I wanted to and I said I couldn’t. He showed some remorse and told me it was okay and I could just clean up. He got up out of bed and stood next to it and wanted me to lick his cock clean.

I started to lick from base to tip and he would say things. “Does it taste good?”, “That’s how you taste Chika”, and “The top is how Uncle tastes”. As I was licking his cock clean he began to break it to me that I couldn’t tell anyone about this, claiming I would get in serious trouble but as an offering, he would buy me stuff I wanted. At the time I thought this was fine, I wanted things and if keeping this secret was all it took, I was fine with it. He told me to get up out of the bed and grab the clothes I just had on that he tossed aside except for my underwear, to leave those on the bed. He quickly guided me to the hallway and we stepped into the bathroom. He told me I had to take a shower and to make sure to clean my privates well. I took the shower and got dressed back in the lent clothes and spare underwear I had brought.

When I came back into the room I saw he had changed the bedsheets and had told me to go to sleep. I was very exhausted, I wasn’t sure what time it was but I fell right to sleep. I woke up to my aunt telling me to get up and go down to have breakfast and I felt really weird seeing her. I tried to get up and could feel my crotch was pretty sore, It was painful to walk but I did my best to not show I was in pain when walking. Although I tried my best my aunt noticed I was slightly limping my way to the table and asked what happened. I responded with I got up too fast and twisted my ankle a bit but that I was fine. She didn’t think much of it and said she could wrap my ankle up after we finished eating.

That was my last day at my aunt and uncle’s home. It was really awkward being around my uncle, especially with his wife in the same room. He acted as if nothing happened and whenever we were alone he’d just remind me to keep the secret. That last day I couldn’t do anything as my crotch was sore from the night prior so most of the time was spent watching TV and playing video games. The night came and I honestly thought I was about to have sex again with my uncle and the thought scared me. Fortunately my aunt was in the house so I was safe from being preyed on again.

That’s basically it, I have had sex with my uncle after that for many years. We fucked on a biyearly basis, during summer vacation and during the Christmas season. I have more sex stories with him but, they’re a lot less aggressive as I began to enjoy sex with him and saw it as a treat as us having sex made me start masturbating at home. For those wondering, no my real name isn’t Chika. This is just a nickname I have. I don’t know if anyone will read any of this, I am just glad to finally have said this somewhere and not just holding it in for all these years.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:7ecgnbbeqj

    More, please

  • Reply JenB ID:2px1mryvqzu

    Your story good and bad sex is supposed to be enjoyable fir both people. Not just for the guy but still a hot story

  • Reply Chicken ID:vzhuvk0j

    How old are you now chika?

    • Chika S. ID:e0vo5ny8k

      I’m now 20 years old, currently in college!

  • Reply Cloudwalker ID:gnrvcvoid

    I’m glad you were finally able to get it out Chika. A rather rude experience if I may say so, but I’m glad you were finally able to enjoy having sex. It takes a strong person to overcome violence by themselves. On the selfish side I truly wish I had met you in your younger years, if your still enjoying fucking though – I would love too.

    • Chika S. ID:e0vo5ny8k

      Thank you! While he still remained harsh and rude about our sex, he was kinder after sex which made it feel not as bad!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1csi50b26q1o

    Some girls take it better then other . Like my daughter was willing and able at 8- 8/12 but most definitely and demanding of sex by 9. Some females are not even ready by 16 and go all traumatized which is just to bad. Like the young girl that us 9 at the house I remodeled, she is ready and willing at 9 yet others I have tried to be with were just to damn scared even at 13 or 14. I think society has a lot to do with that and the brain washing that is done on a daily basis which is nothing more then population reduction shit.
    It is your natural right to sex and pleasure girls so do yourself a favor and grab a cock and have fun.

  • Reply Popparocker ID:1csliids7v1x

    Hard lessons things happen

  • Reply Jay ID:2qlj3enm3

    Would love to talk with you chika about your funcle times. Session me

    • Anonymous ID:10o38ue3k09

      What is the numbers for?

    • Chika S. ID:e0vo5ny8k

      I apologize, I’m not familiar with what that is.

    • Random ID:gp1aj2em0

      Session is an app for anonymous chats. The long string of numbers is how you contact that person.

  • Reply Daddy4teen ID:1des9ieet737

    Is that rapist still alive chika

    • Chika S. ID:e0vo5ny8k

      He is still alive, I don’t see him as often as I once did, unfortunately.

  • Reply Incest Mom ID:1ewfeaet132b

    Nice and beautiful and loving it

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Nun da du ja weiterhin mit ihm Gefickt hast und wie du sagst das es dir gefallen hat scheint er ja Recht zu haben du bist eine Schlampe ich hoffe er hat dir bei gebracht den Schwanz richtig in den Hals zu nehmen und er hat dir die Freuden des Arschficken bei gebracht

  • Reply Pual ID:fyhga60d1

    I wish I was your uncle baby because I would have tried to put a baby in you