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family skiing trip

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so i’m a 14 year old boy my names kai and my body is fit seeing as I was put in snowboarding and football at a young age which kept my body fit over the years my black curly hair had grown down to my shoulders and my cock is about 5 to 6 inches.

I grew up in a skiing town in Colorado until we moved to Michigan but now I’m going back for our annual skiing trip/ family reunion and ill be bunking in a cabin with 3 of my cousins.

when we first got there my mom gave me my bags and I walked down to the cabin, my cousins were already there the oldest 17 named tj he had a low cut and was tall and had big muscles which no doubt made me check him out and the youngest ones being 12 Jason and mako

we chilled and played the game until Jason and mako left which left me with tj who was quiet but soon he showed me some playboy magazines we pulled out our cocks out and he had to be about 8 or 9 inches he asked if I wanted to do something and I did we locked the door and were completely naked i was ontop of him as our cocks were touching and he jerked them off.

I was moaning and whimpering I felt so powerless and after we came our cum was coated on my chest and stomach he cleaned me up and kissed me.

I blushed and my body felt weird I showered with him and we went down to the dining hall we ate and all caught up.

there were 4 rooms in our cabin the bathroom, the twins and me n tjs and ofc the living area.

we ended up in the room with the queen bed which was big enough for us and the twins slept early which led to more exploring with my older cousin.

he locked our door and turned on the leds and that night he lubed my butt up and fingered it , it was weird but he had to cover my mouth because I moaned to loud and next was his cock it hurt but in the end I was in doggy style with my head in a pillow while he drilled into my boy pussy as he called it.

his cock stretched me deep and my cock wouldn’t stop cumming in the end we laid in bed sweating and naked cuddling.

I had grown a crush on him and I didn’t mind the sins we were committing.

the next morning we were going skiing while everybody split up ofc with pagers that my uncle had brung me n tj went to a secluded trail he pulled out a joint and inwent with him and we smoked up which led to me gripping the cold tree as his cock rammed my hole.

soon after I was on my knees while he fucked my face if I curled my toes so I wouldn’t gag as much but it was worth it getting warm cum sprayed on my cold face

we cleaned up after hearing the pager beep we met up at the 2 vans parked late ofc and down to dinner hall we ate and caught up again before leaving early instead of fluffy smores tjs voice spoke up over me claiming we were tired and my leg hurted from hitting a tree

but the only thing that hurted was my butt

yall want a part 2???

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  • Reply AP

    Before anyone tears into this story or the author I’d like to ask you to consider one thing. Either Kai -is- 14 or is a good enough author to write like he’s 14.
    This isn’t written as a polished, professional story, it’s written like a 14 year old boy might casually writet some events to share.
    The style and presentation help sell this story.
    Yeah, Kai, I DEFINITELY want to read more.

  • Reply Miguel H

    Loved this. Make a part 2