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Author: kai

Finally got my daddy to rape me

I am Kai (15M) and I posted a while ago about how I fuck my dog daily to train my asshole to become a certified cocksleeve that can cum without having his little dick touched. But recently... # # # #

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I am addicted to fucking my dog

I’m a 15-year-old male and I have been addicted to developing my asshole for public use for about 3 years now. I realized I was gay back then and got into watching porn to fap and... # # #

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family skiing trip part 2!!

you guys wanted more and also I am 14 writing this its just a fantasy of mines with one of my older cousins! when we got back to the cabin he told me to strip while he grabbed something... # # #

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family skiing trip

so i’m a 14 year old boy my names kai and my body is fit seeing as I was put in snowboarding and football at a young age which kept my body fit over the years my black curly hair... # # #

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