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I love to watch My Sister Haniya F22 getting fucked.

I am Ayan Khan (M20) from India
I love to Watch my Sister Having sex with guys .
Few months back, First i Saw her in the University, semi naked with a guy. They were kissing passionately and guy was groping her boobs, later he strip her panties down under the skirt and put his dick inside her fucked her on wooden table. After watching this, I started Sneaking on my sister. I checked her phone caught her Sexting and sharing her privates. I get aroused by reading her chats. Everyday I took her phone share screenshot to my phone when she bath. I started sneak in to her room middle of the night listening to her talking dirty and trying to control her moans.
I have caught her manytimes in her college and even few times in her room when our parents are out.
I followed her on her birthday, She went to in a Lodge later fee guys entered but I can’t pass the recipients.
I want her to be comfortable with me watching her while fucking.
How should I convince her please help
Feedback me on [email protected]

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  • Reply Kabir ID:6nzrkvhvhw6

    You should fuck her when you are alone at home

    • Freesoul ID:8iwnkyv6r08


  • Reply chance ID:1ep6ofppxqnp

    I enjoy watching too.. I tried a 4 guy circle jerk next, i enjoyed watch the 3 other dicks cum, i love seeing other dick. My favorite belnged to a 15 yr old boy. Only 5 in long and uncut i still think about it

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667z20k

    You really should fuck her yourself. Enjoy that juicy twat!!

  • Reply Xxbb ID:97bmfv99

    Can u show her?