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My brothers baby

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6’2 muscular build, his younger sisters lover and daddy he enjoys humiliating and fucking the young girl

4’11 small under developed, her older brothers baby and lover, she enjoyed having her young holes checked by daddy and hates using her diaper.


Miras face red as her legs were up and her brother watched her poop on the laid out diaper it was hard and it was mushy and she had just drunk alot of milk. “Look at that so much keep going princess” she finished and was wipes and fed his seed from her bottle.

In a padded diaper with nothing else on her she felt humiliated his friends were sitting on the couch and she was in nothing but a diaper laying in the swing drinking her brothers milk.

Sometimes they fed her with there cocks she hated it being desperate sucking on there cocks hungry and starved.

“Hey Joseph don’t you think its time for her daily filling” she blushed they passed her around filling her holes until her belly bulged.

One by one she was ruined and destroyed by there cock she felt there seed mixing making her diaper warm and wet.

Her daddys hand rubbing her stomach as he read her a story.


Daddy had a friend max who watched her and it was time for her dialy check up from.his his cock forced in each hole as he watched her poop and pee wiping her and putting a diaper on before letting her eagerly suck for her day food

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    I apologize for the cruel comment I left, I had problems and still do. I enjoyed your story, sure it was a bit basic but i enjoyed it.

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    you should not continue this story lol

    • Lopez

      I’m sorry my first language was German im not very fluent with Englis

  • Reply HttG

    Please don’t

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  • Reply Just this once

    Story was lame. No substance, really boring to read. Please if you continue you have to improve this story immeasurably, otherwise don’t continue it. Also war has your punctuation.

    • That guy who beat you up behind school

      Holy shit, english might not have been the kids first language. Heres something for your OCD, ne is rnglush makor