Making her my pet

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A story of how I would treat and play with a girl who is also my pet

I would start with her in a collar and leash, telling her she is a good girl. Would love a young girl between 13 and 17, but older girls are so much fun to. I would play normal games with my kitten, petting her, belly rubs, giving her hold fish crackers as a treat.
But there are also sexual games. Eating whip cream off my cock with little licks, spanking her for misbehaving, leading her around the house naked, putting a metal butt plug in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes and then slowly pushing it into her little ass.
Taking pictures of her laying in a sub spot naked. There games you can play are there if you are imaginative. One of my favorites is play wrestling that leads to sex, slow or hard, pinning her under you, teasing her body with kisses, licks.
You can add syrup to make it longer to clean up, this also can be amazing foreplay and warm up. I love you push but not force, something many Dom don’t get. If you want public play start of light, do things in front of a window or in a tent. Play over the clothes in a car. Work up to it. But never force a girl or guy. I love to train and tease and share.
I would love to have someone who becomes mine. Slowly explored more, and then showed that they are doing these things IRL. I won’t say who but there is a girl I’m talking to that is doing so this without sending pics. I respect that, I won’t force her, if she changes her mind great, if not great. We are both enjoying this, we are having fun, and we are exploring each other’s kinks and it amazingly hot.

My Klk is the same as the name I use to post, send that you liked this rant. Let’s explore and share and get off together!

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