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Uncle Little Girl

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This is not real, never happened. I would never touch a child in that way.

It was a warm summer day and the entire family was going to the pool including my niece. I never looked at her in a sexual manner before. I am 38 years old and she is 10. But today she was dressed in a bikini that was a little to big for her small frame. Her mother my sister, never really paid attention to her. She was to busy trying to impress the man she was with.

I am not a good swimmer. So I kinda just sit by the pool. My niece Sierra was getting out of the pool and her bottom slid off a little and I caught it happening. I saw her nice little ass. And I had a boner right away. So I excused myself to the restroom. Where I had to clear my mind. When I came out of the restroom there stood little Sierra dripping wet. Excuse me uncle…i need to pee…. I guess I blushed cause she said uncle why are you red? I told her it was the summer heat.. and she left it at that.

After the day at the pool it was time to go. My wife wanted to go hang out with my sister so I was okay. So I was to watch Sierra. But she had forgotten her change of clothes. I told her it was okay that she could cover up with a blanket at my home until they got there.

So me and Sierra left to head to my home. I couldn’t stop thinking about her little ass and how her pussy must look like. So it was kinda unbearable to drive home. But I managed. We got to the house and Sierra asked if she could watch TV. I was okay with. So she sat on the floor watching cartoons while I stared at her body for what seemed like hours.

After a bit I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to get some release. I told Sierra that she could sit on the couch and I sit next to her. Has we sit there I started to stroke her hair and she started to relax and melted into my side I then started to rub her back. I could tell she was enjoying it. She had closed her eyes and her skin was flushed. I then slowly moved my hand around to her front where she had the smallest of boobs. And I slowly inched myself closer to them until I was gently touching it in my hand it lighting squeezing it. She let out a soft moan.

She never complained or tried to stop me. If she did it would have never gone has far has it did. I took my other hand and placed it on her thigh and started to inch towards her sweet little pussy. Some parts of me wanted to stop but I couldn’t I was lost in the feeling. I glazed my hand over her pussy and she spread her legs apart. I managed to catch a smile on her face. She was enjoying it…

So why not. I kissed her.. She has never been kissed so at first she didn’t know what to do. But after a bit she picked up and returned the kiss. I told her I loved her and I wanted her. She told me she loved me to. I had her stand up in front of me I removed her bikini and started to suck on her tits while I rubbed her sweet ass. I told her she needed to take a shower from the pool and she said OK. So I took her into the master bathroom and gave her a shower to wash the chimciecls off her sweet sexy body.

After the shower I lead her to my bed. Where I laid her down in the center of the bed and I proceeded to get between her legs. Her pussy was so small and so sexy. I touched it with my tongue. She about lost it. She moaned so loud she scared me. I grabbed her hips and I started to go to town.

I was eating my nieces pussy and she was enjoying it and Damn it so was I. Fuck what could happen. After a while she started to tense up and then she had a orgasm and I drank her sweet 10 year juices.

I asked her if she wanted to keep going. Yes, Uncle you make me feel good!

I told her she needed to suck my dick for me. Of course she didn’t know how. So I showed her a quick porn video.

I then sit in a chair in my bedroom, where my wife would give me head all the time. And little Sierra went to her knees and started to suck. I am not very big so she didn’t have much trouble. Within a bit I was getting the best blowjob ever. From a 10 year old.

I was about to nut but I didn’t I had to fuck her. I told her to stop that I wanted to fuck her pussy.

She laid back onto the bed. I got on the bed and positioned myself with my dick right at her entrance.

I slowly started to fuck my niece. For about 30 min I fucked her tight pussy. She told me she felt like she needed to pee again. Like when I had my tongue down there. I told her it was okay. And we both orgamsed at the same time.

I helped her shower again. And got back in her bikini. Right has her mom was there to pick her up.

We continue to have sex. She is now 15. we use protection. And luckily her mom got her on birth control.

She is uncle little girl.

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    I would rather had her taste my cum in her mouth from my thirteen inch cock like I did with my nine year old niece about ten years ago she continued to suck my dick about three times a week until she went off to collage now when she comes home for vacation and holidays she still blows me and swollows and loved it the first time she hated it now she can’t get enough of my cum

  • Reply Anno ID:phm2900k73y

    Delete this she’s a kid write about 18+

    • Rege ID:2w2btdirk09

      I got very hard reading this. I want to fuck a young girl so bad

  • Reply Michael ID:rz5vjd99

    That storie made me cum loads everywhere. Thankyou i havent cum like that in ages.

  • Reply Anon ID:bo1uekb98

    Love the headline. You can tell it’s not real though. I’ve had my dixk inside a lot of girls under 10 and I’ve yet to find one who actually enjoyed being fucked the first time

    • Jenny H ID:4o6ya5tm2

      When I was 10 my uncle and stepdad started to come molest me in my room at night. Even after my uncle moved out, my stepdad would bring men into use my pussy. I told my mom but she said it wasn’t so bad as she had it. So it continued. I had my first orgasm when I was 11. Did not understand at the time. My stepdad put a bed in the basement of our house and would bring men to use me and take pictures. It stopped when I was 13 but it still turns me on. I am 45 now.

  • Reply David ID:cxsxgbw20k

    My niece was sexually damaged. I don’t know how young she was when the sex started, but she developed an appetite, being family, I heard all the stories about her. My ex-wife would bring her to the house to give her a safe space, be we caught her with our son. She was sucking him off. My wife, also one who sex found her very young was upset. I never touched her then. The wife and I divorced. I bumped into my ex-niece later, she was 22 and I was mid 40s. We talked and eventually asked me why I never tried to fuck her. I told her we wanted her to feel safe in our house. Well. She said I always made her feel safe. Needless to say, we fucked each other for a couple months. I got to have my fantasy, if a bit later.
    What turned my on about this story. I had another niece, same fucked up family. would sit on my lap and do this. but at the time she was like 8. So my thinking my Ex’s dad and brother (girl’s dad) had done started messing with her.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

      Would love to hear how your niece got sexually damaged. Almost certainly inappropriate sexual abuse, I would think. Not that your lucky son would have given a shit about that!!

  • Reply Dawn ID:2szqxte8

    To the person who wants to talk more bout my uncle loving me for spreading my legs wide open send me a way yo talk text,

    • Jimbo ID:5z0pytc0q

      Did your uncle teach you ?

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      I love the story send me an email [email protected]

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      Get in touch would love to talk to you.

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      I’d love to talk more to you.

  • Reply Dan ID:10zhlx7x20j

    Love this story. Uncle and young niece are the best. Every man’s dream.

    • Dawn ID:2szqxte8

      Fuck yeah it is. It should be allowed for uncle to fuck little niece

  • Reply Dawn ID:7zv3dr1k0b

    My uncle was the same way. He made feel so good about spreading my legs . sometimes he would tell my mom I wouldn’t kiss him. So she tell telling me I better or I’m gonna get spanked. My little Innocent pussy made us feel good.. I would love to back to that age and start over again [email protected] want to be used. Love sucking dicks anal and pussy. I liked to be forced used being cum inside of holes. You name it thanks uncle for teaching me to spread wide and let dicks do what to me

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      Who’s email is that?

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    My niece and I have a relationship when she was 13 year old. We do a lot of things and taking her viginity at 16, Now she’s 19 and pregnant for our 2nd baby.

  • Reply John ID:99uwotzm

    I had sex with my niece when she was 12 and am 25 , she was so asexually active. I baby sit her every week, sometimes I would catch her playing with her self in the guest bedroom watching porn. I ended up walking in her, but she didn’t care and just
    continued watching it like it was a normal. I was a bit shock that she didn’t care while I stared at her, she continues to watching it like it was a normal movie. I asked her, Ashly aren’t you a little embarrassed that i walked in you, she said no because she told me am her favorite uncle that shows love more then her parents and always love’s me. I was a bit shock, she stared down my pants and said,. I can help you with that, she suck me off like a pro, we made love in my bedroom for the first time I was her first to take her virginity and her first love. We still have sex and now she lives with me, my sister is OK with it but has no idea about our sexual relationship, we are in love with each other and continuing this taboo relationship. Now she’s 15 she is a grown beautiful woman.

  • Reply Glicksit1011 ID:fx7itf20j

    Hi princess that’s so fucking hot do u want to talk to me I’m older lol I’m 40

    • Dawn ID:7zv3dr1k0b

      Yes I do

    • Dawn ID:7zv3dr1k0b

      I was 5 when I spread

    • Dawn ID:7zv3dr1k0b

      He would molest me in front of his friend. Make me suck his cock. Then would say dawn don’t you like dicks, why do you have your pants and panties on. Take them off now and spread your legs wide . I gave 3 boys from school their to fuck you . my uncle made sure all three put their teenage dicks in me at 5. I love my uncle I wish he was still around I miss fucking, being loved by his dick and used. I need to be fuck so bad

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      Dawn your uncle is a lucky man I’d love to talk more about please

  • Reply zena ID:62vux7bt0a

    When I was about 10 yo, my uncle (35 yo) used to teach me swimming. He used to try me float with his strong on my chest and lower tummy. I did enjoy his hands touching on me sensitive places. I could swim after sometime but faked that I needed more training by him. He must have understood my intention and stroked my pussy area twinkling my budding nips. By the age of 11 I laid myself good for him to enjoy (and me too).

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      Such a good little girl did he love your kiddie cunt

    • Amy ID:99uwotzm

      Zena my uncle and I did the exact same when I was 12 now 19 we are still doing it

      When I was 12 my uncle’s favorite fetish is watching me dress up as a little devil and angel or a witch on Halloween but wear them for his sexual pleasure I love my uncle so much

    • admirer ID:2dd1092bqj

      he was so lucky [email protected]

    • Kris ID:2vfi853jhrk

      Well nice to read your story Zena. My name is Kris am 40 Yrs old and my story is just on the beginning. I have a son age 7 and I have a female colleague in work who have two daughters age 6 and 11, i use to take all the kids to seaside during vacation since quite long time. But since last year I start touching the 11 year old girl and she like to jump over me in the water and she like when we swim together in high water where she embrace me very often and she knows am very hard down but don’t say anything so i use to grab her little ass and push her pussy against my cock to make her feel it and I can see her tits buds getting hard while my hand under her little ass. I don’t know if she will let me do other things with her but am craving to eat her pussy.