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Groomed by my brother part 1

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My brother groomed me to be his personal slut

When I was about 8 and my brother was 14 our dad left and our mom would disappear for days sometimes weeks at a time, our mom reported that we were homeschooled and we lived in an area that didn’t have to check in with anyone. So it was just my brother and me most of the time which was fun because he let me stay up late to watch movies. He liked it when I sat on his lap because he liked to rub my kitty which felt really good so I didn’t mind.

One night he asked me if he could kiss my kitty that sounded strange to me but it felt good when he rubbed me so I said okay. He had me lay back on his bed with my legs spread as far as they could go and he softly licked my slit stopping on my little clit. My body spasmed lightly from the sudden pleasure and as he kept licking it felt better and better.

I shook and trembled and moaned through the pleasure and after sometime my body tightened up as my first orgasm washed over me.

My brother licked my pussy everyday for a few months before introducing me to his cock. . .

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  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    Came here for the grooming, but all I see is molestation…

  • Reply Coolmint21-snap ID:2cq8b7y0m2

    When was your first time when you first got your anal

  • Reply 1 ID:vuf1mrhj

    Whats the best way to text you @Slut4daddy

    • Slut4daddy ID:61kevjnd1

      My Kik is Princess_Kyra16

    • Anonymous ID:bo2qeotzm

      @ 1
      No one wants you to get a hold of them. Go back to doing your school homework, or your MOMMY’S go to find out about you hiding in her basement,watching/reading porn. She’ll give you a severe ASS WHIPPING,take your pacifier away,and place your sorry ass in TIME OUT.

  • Reply Jdollar ID:1ie00enmzrj

    I hope you will be add more to this story

    • Slut4daddy ID:vuf0i2ql

      I’m going to. 😊

  • Reply Author ID:1i2lz52uqra

    It takes a long time to groom someone for anything. Take the Military, it takes years of Prep, and ROTC just to groom someone to be an Officer.

    Unfortunately, this is just “My brother groomed me,” and then he molested her. I know, most readers have short attention spans, but some things take time to write.

    Grooming is one of them.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

    Awesome start
    Hit me up

  • Reply rh2398 ID:30rzwlfvv4

    Nice start
    [email protected]

    • Slut4daddy ID:61kevjnd1

      I’ll post more later

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

    Fortunately, it takes a long time to actually groom someone, for anything. For instance the Military, it takes years to make someone an Officer, let alone a sex slave. This is basically “My brother groomed me,” then he started molesting me, without actually saying how.

    Which is good, because we don’t need a how to actually groom your little sister manual.

  • Reply Text me ID:145e8a5mk0k

    This is amazing, is there a way for me to contact you?

    • Slut4daddy ID:61kevjnd1

      I wouldn’t mind texts. I love to chat