Cat: Abuse

Local source of care

Shhh! It’s a secret, never tell ! There was a place like normal, where normal wasn’t so normal, at an after-school care home Where girls only stayed temporarily to long... # #

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First dick

First incest very true story history morning distorted my history I’m sex completely I am 61 years old still loved it I hope you enjoy this first time # # # #

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Me and Ross

when i was 12 i started talking to a 48 yr old man, we met up in the woods and he fucked me my snap: positivesquidy # # #

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Do you want to fuck me

I thought she was a normal little girl, how wrong I was. She was so amazing and incredible at sex, I miss her and want one of my own. # #

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My first blowjob

I was a child and my balls were in agony, she was a nurse and knew exactly how to take my mind off the pain. # # #

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Poor dother

I (30m) have one dother (10f). Me hm wife died hiving birth to our dother. One day i was searching for some porn and was looking at teens i foud some girl thag i have been following... # # # #

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