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How I found out I love buttfucking

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A girl at a party, gangbanged, I went into her ass. My first time anal. It was incredible. I was hooked

The girl was about 16, laying there taking guy after guy, sucking and fucking. The guys were all drinking beer and getting drunk talking to her, telling her she was a slut, and a gangbang whore. Some were writing things on her body in magic marker. She had 12 hash marks on her thigh, one for every guy that fucked her. My last time, you could tell she was sore and exhausted, I pulled up her thighs and put my cock to her ass. I went in slow, using her cum and the sperm as lube. I slowly buttfucked her, and she was actually thanking me saying her pussy was too sore and I was the last guy. She was not pretty at all, I guess this was what she did to get guys to pay attention to her. She had a nice body, really hot legs and the tightest hole, one I’d never entered with the two girls I had fucked.

I was hooked on fucking butthole. I was with my girlfriend two nights later, in the same dirty sleazy motel room actually and she was laying there all satisfied that she’d let me fuck her again, and she moved down to the end of the bed, rolled on her stomach to watch TV for a while. I started rubbing her ass and playing with her. I used her lube from her pussy and got on top of her. “What are you doing silly?” she asked. I just told her nothing, not to worry about it. Then I kissed her neck, her ears, which always gets her hot. She tried to roll over and I just kept laying on her back. It struck her when I lined up my cock to her asshole. She really started moving and saying no. The she was rolling around, trying to get away and screaming NO at me as I had about 3 inches into her ass. She kept telling me no, it wasn’t hurting her I could tell, she just never done it and thought it was dirty. In less than a minute I was fully into her ass. I held her down that way. “Just relax, it’s not like we haven’t had sex” I said. she said that we’d never done it that way and she’d never had anything in her butt ever, for me to take it out. “NO” was my reply. “Just take it for me, once”

She didn’t move she just let me. I moved slow at first and as she was getting looser, I started pumping that asshole. It was so damn good. I told her how good it felt and how good she was making me feel. I did mention that I wasn’t the first to fuck her pussy or her mouth, so this way she gave me the only “virginity” she had left. I pumped, and shot my load in, it felt so much better than fucking pussy. I held it in her for a long time after still occasionally pushing in and shoot the last bits of my sperm into her now used asshole. I finally pulled out, she got up went to the toilet. After I heard the flush she came out and got dressed. “Where are you going? We still have a few more hours tonight before I have to have you home?” I asked, “You’re taking me home NOW!” she yelled. In the car in her parents driveway she asked me if I liked doing that. I was honest and said how hot it was to feel her most intimate spot. “Good, because that was the last time you will ever see me naked, it’s over” and with that she got out of the car, slammed the door and walked in.

I did it with the other girl I was fucking finally, I loved it she was in pain and couldn’t do it. There was blood from her asshole after I was done. Then, alone and sexless for a few months I went into a bookstore with video booths. I was jacking watching some porn. I heard a kissing sound and looked down and saw a mouth at the hole in the wall. Then a finger motioning, and a whisper, “stick your cock through and I’ll suck you off”. I got my first m2m sex, a BJ. I went back and after a few times, this one guy had his pants off, standing in his booth with only a shirt on watching movies. He motioned me in, Pointed to the stack of rubbers, 3 used, and about 4 more unused. I pulled my cock out “oooh, nice and thick, I like that” he said. I put on the rubber. After fucking him for a few minutes I felt a change. It felt even better and within minutes I blasted up his gay shithole. I pulled out and found out why it felt different. The rubber broke and I fucked him bare. I got out of there. Waiting a couple of weeks to make sure I didn’t have anything. I went back. I was letting guys suck me and I was fucking them in their ass.

I loved it, now I have a new girlfriend, who does not have anal (YET) and when I want to fuck someone in their butt I have found some older men who let me anytime I want.

I LOVE buttfucking, I don’t care whose butt either. I’ll get my girlfriends ass soon, even if I have to force her to do it like I did that first girlfriend.

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  • Reply Nobodyyk.notme ID:1ewq6ugwuco9

    What’s ur snap? Mines is my nickname. I’d let you fuck my ass anytime 😝

  • Reply littlewhore18 ID:1ly324zk

    mmm id love for you to use my ass

    • Older guy for fun ID:1ei8nb0r7ugu

      Little whore if you like playing with older guys you can add me on sc. Daddyisback6996

    • Dynarider ID:89csv6ted4

      Assfucking is my absolute favorite. Especially little virgin teen asses.