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Young boy’s big fantasy (trans boy 16)

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Hello everyone my name is Tama. I am a 16 year old trans boy. I am tall with a bit of chubbiness. I have been hyper sexual for a very long time when I was younger I didn’t really understand it. But when I was old enough to understand masturbation I would cum so many times a day.

I may still be a virgin but I honestly love being a huge slut. You might be wondering how can a 16 year old virgin be a slut. Even though I’ve only been touched in person once 1000s of people have seen my body and I love showing it off. I especially love when people that love my real age message me I feel so special and really fucking turned on.

Now based off all that I am no where near being a sweet and cute innocent boy. But I have this fantasy it’s one of my biggest and I love it so much. My fantasy involves me a sweet innocent boy practically the mind of a child. Then someone learns about my innocence not sure how to feel. They wonder if I should be tought I should know this stuff. Or if I should be used for my innocence for their own fun and pleasure.

I’d love both situations me slowly learning the ways of pleasure and slowly becoming a slut wanting more and more pleasure and serving a master.

If anyone shares this fantasy with me I would love to know. The thought of men and women sharing kinks and fantasies with me and just talking about that together really turns me on.

I’m kinda rambling now but I feel like this fantasy is with me today because of how I grew up. This kinda happened to me with me and my friend I can share it with you if you would like.

Also if reading this turns you on and the thought of young trans pussy sounds intriguing I would love to have fun with you.

(This was probably really bad but I was horny and wanted to write it)

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  • Reply BRITNEY LACE THE BITCH ID:49kap65h5qr

    No matter what drugs you take or surgery you have ! you still won’t be a woman until you have a uterus and ovaries ! then get your period and bleed with cramps for a week or more !! Also a woman’s pelvis is made for child bearing not a mans !! So have fun dressing up and pretending my little sissies !!

    • Tama ID:2a76nlf4v0

      Lol you’re an idiot and thank you I know I’ll never be a woman I may have gone through the struggles of periods and cramps but I am and always will be a man.

    • BRITNEY LACE THE BITCH ID:49kap65h5qr

      Tama ! Your problem is that you sucked too long on your mom’s tit and you are mentally ill !! So have a nice life of pretending to be something your not !!

    • hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

      you’re literally on a dollar-store tier porn site called sexstories69

      go away

  • Reply cooki ID:4adedcead9a

    You sound hot as fuck. I have experience fucking trans pussy and it’s delicious. I wish I could see your body

  • Reply Wolfe ID:1dc950e9a3gf

    I have a fantasy of two little 11yo boys. Taking full advantage of my sissy pussy and I suck there little boy cocks. While I stroke my little sissy cock until I cum.

    • Not Saying ID:1d7av0wnucs7

      I am part of an exclusive club that has fun with preteen and very early teen boys. Some willing, some not so willing.

  • Reply hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

    YES reading this turns me on. i love fantasies of teaching a cute boy sexy stuff 🙂