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My Uncle’s girls butt

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My uncle came to pick me up to watch me and his girlfriend was with him.

On the way to their apartment his girlfriend Molly said she was going to take a shower. I started thinking why would she say that. She stopped at a store and my uncle stayed in the truck with me. “Do you wanna see her naked?” He asked. And all i could do is smile big. My cock at full attention, thinking of her soft, slim body and especially her ass. Her ass was amazing. So we get to their place and she immediately goes for the shower. He said i could look if i want. That’s when i noticed the door wide open. She must of heard me cause she said to come in. That’s when she asked if i liked seeing her naked butt. All i could do was nod. She said good! I have a surprise for you. As she got out the shower and dried off real slow so I could look and admire her gorgeous butt. Sit right here on the edge of the counter….. So i did, she slowly stepped towards me and turned. Backing her butt up to my crotch. She told me to take my shorts off and i did. Thats when i felt her soft buttcheeks engulf my little cock and leaned back against me making her cheeks completely surround my dick and i just came immediately. She moaned and squeezed her cheeks and I came again. She did a tight wiggle and sat completely on my dick and that caused a third orgasm

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  • Reply Ben

    You were lucky to see a lady naked at that age up 10 years old. I did not see a naked lady in till I was an adult I did see my big sister and my little sister naked before. It started when I was 8 years old in the faded away when I was 14 years old. I was 10 years old in my little sister was 6 years old my older sister was 12 years old. I seen my older sister’s boobs when she was 12 years old. My little sister was sitting next to me naked ? my older sister just like in the movies pushed her shirt and her bra up and there was her boobs I look down but my sister said why does it do that she was she was referring to my penis that was sticking up like a flagpole.i learned later on that she had given me a boner.6 years down the road I see my little sister’s boobs and she wore a bra size of 34C she did not like to wear a bra love though and I got lucky to see her boobs

  • Reply Ben

    Your uncle’s girlfriend must be hot did you like seeing her naked it was nice of her to leave the door wide open my uncle is married and his wife is a fatass slob b****and she is lazy and gross looking I think you would throw up if you seen her naked

    • Dan

      You’re such a nice guy… guess she wouldn’t want to see you naked either bc you might not be close to a 10