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Mom’s cum-cakes

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My mom would tug me off at night, it wasn’t abuse, I wanted her to do it. Then she started baking using my sperm which she’d saved up.

When I was a kid my mother was the best in the world, I hit puberty at age 12 and my mom would come in to my bedroom every night, after getting my sister to sleep, she used to read us both bedtime stories but she only read them to my sister once I started getting boners.

She’d come in to my bedroom and instead of reading me a story she was tug me off to tire me out and help me get to sleep, it wasn’t as weird as it may sound, I liked mom tugging on my cock with her big warm hand.

One night she came in to my room with an ice-cube tray and made me ejaculate in to it, I asked her why and she said she was saving it, she brought it back the following night with my previous night’s load frozen in it and made me ejaculate in to it again to top it up.

About 3 weeks later on a weekend she asked me to help her do some baking in the kitchen, she was making cupcakes, or as I started calling them, Cum-Cakes.

Once the cake mix had been made and put in to the oven, she started on the frosting, “Pass me a cum-cube from the freezer.” She’d say.

I got the ice-cube tray from the freezer, which was filled with my frozen sperm, she popped two cubes out in to a bowl and defrosted them in the microwave, then she poured the liquid sperm in to the mixing bowl with the rest of the frosting mix.

Then she’d lift me up and sit me on the counter top, pulled down my pants and start tugging on my cock, she’d be holding the bowl ready for when I ejaculated, “Be a good boy and give mommy your yummy boy-cum.” She said.

“Okay, mom.” I’d reply, just about ready to squirt.

She’s hover my cock over the mixing bowl and make me ejaculate my sperm in to it, then she’d lick my tip and pull my pants back up for me, then she put the bowl in the mixer and mix it all up until the frosting was thick and creamy.

When the cum-cakes were baked and cooled, she put on the frosting and place them in the fridge.

Then after dinner she got one out for herself and my little sister for dessert and I’d watch them both eat them while I had an ice-cream instead, mom would always wink at me, my little sister had no idea that she was eating a cum-cake made from my sperm, she really liked them though, even nagging mom for another.

Mom and I made cum-cakes once a month and she continued to tug me off at night until I was 14, that’s when my cock got really big and she started to occasionally suck me off at night, but we never had sex, mom said my virginity was special and I needed to save it for a special girl.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

    Semen doesn’t keep very well, but she could add a drop of Glycerin (Per load, we’re talking about maybe a tablespoon here) so it thaws at the right consistency, without separating. It has a pretty “sweet” taste, and a tanginess that isn’t put off by the flavor of jizm. So, it should work just fine for fairy cakes.

    I mean bad boy! You should be ashamed of yourself!


    • Demon ID:7ylg1dke8i

      I love your l last line in your comment