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Boys’ and Girls’ School

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Well, they called it that. When really it was more like 2 schools on either side of the same building. One for boys, and the other for girls.

One summer, between me being a freshman, and becoming a sophomore, they got more students, and hired more teachers. So, they bought portables for the other classrooms, and put them up in the corners. On either side of the fence, but up against the back of the building, where none of the teachers could really see unless the came out, and looked right down the wall.

So then, we took Health Class, and the teacher got up to tell us all what was happening to our bodies. Inside, and we got a pop quiz to name all the organs, mark them on the picture with numbers pointing to an Ovary, Fallopian Tube, and Uterus, but none of the boy parts, nor even any of the other parts past the Cervix.

The vagina, hymen, clitoris, and of course they didn’t teach anything about what you’re supposed to do with them when you got married. Just to answer any questions you might have about what’s that bloody mess that comes out of me once a month? Why you get cramps, bloated, and so forth, but we’re Catholic, not stupid.

Come on, we’re teenagers, we know what sex is. Even if they put up a fence between us, boys, and girls so the only chance we get to meet each other is senior dances. Which are chaperoned, and they chase us away from the fence if we get caught hanging out there to talk to boys.

Even my own brother, which is stupid. Adults are just as stupid as us, if they think, that’s all it takes to keep us apart. Just forget all about the hormones running through your blood. So, after Health, we had P.E. and learned how to play Volleyball.

The boys learned how to play Football, and in a couple years, maybe you’d get to cheer lead, if you’re lucky, but still. They have teachers, and faculty guarding the side-lines, so the cheerleaders can’t even walk over to the bench to talk to the football players. Nice try, guys, but playing volleyball, I noticed that the football players drank water from sports bottles, and sometimes went back behind the portable in the corner. On their side of the fence, so after gym, the coach told us to go shower. Change back into our uniforms, for lunch, and afternoon classes.

So, I snuck back behind our portable (Which is really just a trailer, without any windows besides the one right bye the door, and the wheelchair ramp.) Sure enough, I smelled that windex smell you get in a catbox, if you forget to change it too long. “Huh!” That ment, they went back there to piss, instead of going all the way in the building, to use the restrooms, or the toilets in the locker room. I guess, pretty sure it’s just the same thing on both sides only backwards. Maybe they have Urinals set up to go with the toilet stalls, but that’s about it.

So then, I went and got a shower, threw my P.E. clothes in the laundry bag, and changed back into my uniform to eat lunch, and get to class. I hatched a plan, though. You see, it’s not just teaching boys to play football, in their Gym class. They also have football Practice, after school. Cheerleading too, but I gathered all my friends and told them “You have to see something back here,” so they would follow me.

“What?” I just said, “It’s a surprise, come on,” but then they smelled it, and held their noses. Waving their hands theatrically. “It stinks back here.”

“I know, because the boys come back here to piss.”

“Why’d you bring us back here to tell us that, you could’ve told us that inside.”

“Yeah, it’s hot out here,” they started turning around to go back in, and wait for their rides.

“You guys!” I took my sweater off anyway. Because they’re tight, it is hot, too hot to wear a sweater vest, but at least they didn’t make us wear the jacket to go with it too.

“Oh, I get it.” Maggy giggled, and came back. “Maybe if we show them a little leg.” She pulled her skirt up, above the knee, “Then they’ll get boners, so we can see them.”

“Not just boys, Junior, and Senior varsity, football players.” Of course, we stayed behind with the cheerleaders. To watch the boys practice football, but with their pants on, at least. One side even took their shirts off, so you could tell who you’re playing with, or against. So, it was a chance to see half of them topless. Their muscles shining with sweat in the sun, but they kept their pants on. Of course.

Some of the girls came back, and others took off, but they came back later. On other days, because it was a sure-fire way to see boys with their zippers down, and pissing at least. That’s not all that happened back there, of course, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

That first afternoon, the first boy came back, with his shirt on. The same tank top, with St. S B&GS heraldry, but they wore sweat pants, instead of shorts. He already had the drawstring untied, and he pulled them down, before he looked up. “Uh!”

“Sh sh!” I already had my sweater, and tie off. My blouse unbuttoned, so I could pull it open, and show him my bra.

Maggy had her skirt up, and her leg out, to show a lot more than her knee. “You have to pee, so go ahead, and pee, before it gets too hard.”

“Huh!” Sure enough, he had to look away so he could let it out, before it got too hard, and pissed straight up in the air, but when he was finished. He kept his cup pulled up, and his sweat pants down, so he could look. Watch me squeezing my breasts together, and Maggy put her leg back down, to spread her knees, and hold her skirt up in front.

“You like butts?” Another girl bent over, and flipped the back of her skirt up to moon him, but kept her panties on.

“Yeah,” he kept looking back and forth. Between the three of us, Maggy pulling her panties out to show him her pubes, and stick her hand in there to finger herself. I pulled my bra cups open enough for my nipples to stick out, and the other girl (She doesn’t want me writing her name” holding her skirt up to look between her legs. Up side down, while he tugged his pud, and she told me later. She got a good look at his balls from there, too.

I tried that later, but a long story short, they didn’t dangle, and swing between his legs very long. They tightened up, and shot through the fence quick, so he could fix his nut cup, and try his sweat pants back up, before he went back to practice football again, but he must’ve told the guys that there were girls back there.

We ran off giggling, but they asked coach, to go take a pee brake. “Hurry back,” one by one, but we were satisfied with that, enough to fix our uniforms, but I had to stay behind a little longer.

“What happened to the other girls?” He had his shirt on, too. I had to fix my bra, button up my top, put on my tie, and sweater vest, while they just had to drop their skirts, and run off to the girls’ room. To diddle off, obviously.

“Huh, they left, but.” I bit my lip, and stopped buttoning up my blouse.

He already had it out, and he didn’t even piss first, but he pinched it, and rubbed it between his fingers, to make it swell. I took a page from Maggie’s playbook, and lifted my skirt, to show him some leg. Then, I got brave, and pulled out my waistband to show him some bush, and held onto the bars with one hand to diddle off with the other, right in front of him.

Oh yeah, and this was one of those rot iron fences, painted black so it didn’t rot out with rust. I don’t know if that counts as rot iron or not, but the bars were twisted into spirals, and they had spear heads on top, to keep you from climbing over. I guess, maybe they were just molded to look like spear heads, and weren’t actually sharp, but you’d have to climb up to find out.

“You takin a dump back here, or.”

“Uh!” I ran off, covering my face, before coach saw me.

“Mhnhihn!” I couldn’t help laughing, but he almost busted me, and the boy. I don’t know, I didn’t ask his name. I never asked any of them their names, I didn’t want to know. Either way, he didn’t get a chance to finish, and me neither, but I got to see one boy spill his seed, and another one at least rub it hard enough to grip it, stroke it, and pump his hips imagining fucking me I bet.

“Huh! Huh!” I leaned back up against the bathroom door, my hear beating out of control, and tried to catch my breath.

‘uh!’ Then I heard them. Quietly grunting, Maggy, and our other friend (Who shal remain nameless) with their panties down, on the toilets. the stall door closed, but it wasn’t just me. Stinking up the bathroom, even the stale smoke for cigarettes wasn’t enough to cover up all 3 of us. Horny, and fiddling off, listening to each other’s grunts, ragged breaths, and choked back moans, but I just had to close my eyes, and remember.

The second boy, especially. I was afraid that we wouldn’t get another chance, since the football coach caught us, practically red handed, but then the next time. He walked along, behind the bench, and patted them on the shoulders. One by one, they ran off, to take a break behind the portables. Word got out, and the other girls started showing up too.

Not to pee, or not just to pee. Honestly, they still drank a lot of ice water, and still used that corner, for that purpose, but also to show off for girls. Beat off for us, showing off as much as we’re brave enough to show, but you know. How you get, sometimes, especially when there’s a lot of girls, doing all sorts of things for the boy’s attention.

One boy, at a time. Always just one boy, and all the girls doing whatever we could to get his attention, so we got braver, and braver. Dirtier, and nakeder, especially the ones that didn’t have bodies as nice as mine, just to compete.

I know, that sounds vain, but, honestly? Yeah, 24Cs, 24″ waist I work hard to keep slim, and 32″ hips, at the time. I wasn’t done, but even before I got up to those exact Playboy Bunny dimensions, 5’2″ and bleached my hair. Shaved my bush carefully, and even my butt crack! I was well on my way to being a centerfold long before I turned 18, and got to appear in the Girls of the ACC special.

But it all started when I was a sophomore, in high school. 15 and hot, ready to get out of that horrible schoolgirl uniform. I know how it looks, I know exactly how good it looked on me especially, but we’re talking about a wool, and polyester dress, knee length, thigh high socks, and a fucking sweater, in summer. Short sleeve shirts until it got cold enough to wear the jacket, but buttoned up to the color so I could wear a tie, and everything.

It’s damned uncomfortable if you have to wear it 5 days a week, is all I’m saying. It didn’t stop me, though. At best, it just slowed me down, a couple years.

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