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My friends with my mom

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Anyone that’s around my stories before knows the beginning my father is in prison and I’m the only child that lives with my mother

My name is CJ Duke and this a true story of how I let my friend spend the night and he started by deciding He was going to rape my mother but you can’t rape the willing. My buddy Mike and I used to go out about once a week maybe three times a month and you have to understand I lived with my mother and he lived by himself. So we went out one night and when we got back to my house it was really really late so I asked him if he wanted to spend the night at my house and he said yes. We had a spare bedroom which I put him in and then I went to bed he had always had a crush on my mother so sometime in the middle of night must’ve been about one or two in the morning I heard some banging coming from my mothers room so I went to the door and listened and it was obvious that two people in there were fucking. So I went to the spare bedroom to talk to my buddy to tell him that my mom’s getting some and he was not in there so I went to my mothers room and cracked the door open very slightly and there I saw him fucking my mother with a lot of enthusiasm. He had her pinned down on the bed and was giving her the full length of his shaft which was quite large she was saying over and over and over fuck me you stud! My mom was only 54 years old at the time and my father Add been put in prison for two years so obviously she needed sex and boy was was Mike giving it to her her body was shaking all over her nipples were erect and hard and he kept saying you are a total slut and she responded with but I’m your slut! They both got up from the bed walked over to the dresser my mother bent over and Mike pushed his cock into her pussy and she said oh my God yes you’re so big! He fucked her in that position for probably half an hour until she was covered in sweat and breathing really heavily she said I can’t take this anymore his response was that’s just too bad because I am even close to being done yet! Then he put his cock right at the entrance of her asshole pushed and pushed and pushed till he was all the way in she screaming nooooo! He said too bad bitch this is the Way I like it and you’re gonna take my cock in your ass. She’s Crying and screaming for him to stop his response was not until I’m completely done you’re a high class bitch and I intend to get every single ounce out of you! It look like my mother just given up she was just laying there in her bed her legs spread her pussy wide open and Mike said I wonder what else I can do to you let me call couple of my friends he picked up his phone and my phone started to ring I picked it up and he said put on a mask and get over here do you know where I’m at I’m at CJ‘s house and we are going to do everything you can possibly think to his mother . So I waited about two minutes and walked into my mother’s bedroom with a mask on and she said no I’m not somebody else to and he looked at me slap my ass and said fuck her fuck her like you’ve never fucked anybody before in your life! So I took my dick out pushed inside my mother and started fucking her, I really had to work to get my cock inside of her so I’m assuming I’m gonna much bigger cock w then my friend and my mother was screaming it’s too big it’s too big my buddy said I don’t really give a fuck get it in there! once I got it in there and room going she started coming and you could hear her say no no no no no pretty soon she said I’m coming! Mike said that’s funny that you’re coming and she says why is that funny and he said because you just came all over your sons dick and pulled off my mask my mother immediately started crying and hid her face and ran into the other room. Mike went after her and when he caught her he grabbed a hold of her and spun her around and said what’s the matter I thought incest was the best she just crumpled on the floor and started crying! they brought her over to me put her right in front of me and ask me what’s it like to fuck your mother? I said if you want me to be honest and straight up tell you it was the best sex I’ve ever had! If she would let me! I hope you know I would fuck her again! That’s when my buddy said if you’re up for it go for it I got other guys coming in but they’re not gonna be here for a little while. I was fucking her like a whore and did not stop for anything she was screaming and crying and begging me to stop I didn’t care I had my cock as far up her ass as I could get it she told me to stop but you could tell her body loved it she had like six orgasms in like five minutes when I finally came I pulled out and stopped went to the bathroom when I came back there was a couple of guys at the door oh my house so I opened up the door and it was a couple of friends of mine I said what’s up guys they said we heard that your mom was fucking anybody that showed up so we showed up, that’s right you’re at the right house he said can we really fuck her I said yeah you can do anything you want to or what the time I got done with her she was a Quivering pile of tan putty! Why don’t you go to see if she can take two cocks up her ass at the same time. So I followed him up to her bedroom ok and she was obviously naked laying on the bed passed out the guys got in there I took off their clothes pulled out some lube Pulled their cocks and put her in position to take it up the ass one guy that’s calling Sean who’s cock was huge started pushing out of my mother’s ass and that woke her up his Cock must’ve been 10 inches long and 3 inches wide she started screaming and he said don’t bother screaming I’m not stop until I’m done by that time the other guy whose name was Kirk said don’t ruin her for me you happen to be African And I said to him how big is your cock he said it is a proud 15 inches my mother just started crying his name was Jerome he said don’t start crying now bitch I Ain’t even got it in there yet it took him three tries to get it in my mother’s ass and he had plenty of lube on it and I said were using so much ky we may get a rebate about that time Jerome said it’s about time you started getting some real cocks in your assI said OK boys let’s give her a rest I want you to come want to give her a rest and give her a chance to shower and get cleaned up they said OK so they came and then I said I’ll help you into the shower which I did and then I washed her from head toe Ran the shower head up her cunt can’t clean that all up and then dried her off. My Mom was barely awake she looked up up at me and said thanks for stopping them! Yes I figured you needed a rest before the second shift showed up mom said second shift? I thought I was done! I said not even close the next shift will be two of your sons double penetrating you I’m punishing you for making me live with you and not get to fuck you! So I’m gonna take it all out on you tonight Rita. I hope you can’t get pregnant because I am not gonna pull out by the time I’m done with you you’re gonna be covered in cum inside and out. She just started crying and curled up in the fetal position. And I said oh the fetal position that’s the only position you’re not gonna get to use today! I started putting my cock inside her ass and she started crying I said don’t start crying now you should’ve thought about this before you decided you were gonna torture me I pushed in pushed and pushed and had to straighten my cock out like three or four times finally I got my car inside her asshole , Oh my God it felt awesome! I just called a couple guys in the holder down one more minute dinner she’s crying and screaming and I’m gone I don’t care this feels awesome! I fucked her for like 45 minutes I came in her ass like four times her asshole was bleeding and I didn’t care! My mother looked at me and said are you done punishing me I said we’re not even close to being done I haven’t even started filming yet and you know who’s gonna be on the film me you another one of your sons and Mitch and we’re all in our cocks inside you! How about this is porn hubs number one download it filmed by the time we’re done! About that time I came and took her into the bathroom and cleaned her up a little more about that time the film crew showed up I told him to come in and set up in the bedroom. They came walking in introduced themselves and said why do we gotta go on here I said well I didn’t want any of the First stuff filmed but the stuff I definitely want filmed I know this is reading shall be starring in the film I am Chris I’ll be one of the other stars then we’ve got Jim and that’s it! Just so you know Rita is my mother Jim is my brother and we’re gonna have sex. You know, fuck do you guys have a problem with incest? ( to be contd.)

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