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The stumbling drunk older woman

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She was 44, big boned as they say, not fat just a big woman, 5ft. 10in tall, big E cup tits. I saw her and couldn’t let her drive home.

My friends and I were out running around on a Saturday night. It was early and we were coming out of a pizza joint, only about 8pm. On the parking lot was a woman, nice looking, older and in a short dress stumbling and mumbling. She could barely get words out that were intelligible. She was looking for her car and could barely stand. I got out and helped her, found her car and then she was going in and out of it and I told her I’d drive. She mumbled an address and I knew the area. My friends followed me in their car. As I’m driving the woman reached over and grabbed my crotch. She felt me get hard “That’s was momma needs, some young hard cock” she managed to say. She leaned her head over my crotch and unzipped me. I don’t wear underwear and she pulled out my cock which was almost fully hard. Her mouth got it all the way. I wasn’t finished yet, and we pulled into her driveway. She grabbed my cock and told me to come in. I asked if her husband or some kids were home, and she said she was divorced and her daughter was away in college.

She insisted I keep my cock out, even pulling me along by it up the walkway. I yelled to my friends to wait. Inside I locked the door, and she started undressing going up the stairs. I had to help her so she didn’t fall down the stairs. Going into her bedroom she was in garter, stockings, a lace bra and lace panties all in black and her black heels. She had the panties on over her garter and took those off, then release her beautiful tits. Her brown bush was thick but trimmed, she had pouty pussy lips, and a great ass too. The garter and stockings making that bush and that ass seem even better. Her tits were big, sagging but looking really good, like teardrops. She had dark pinkish nipples that area around them was about 2 inches wide. Her nipples were really thick and extended at least half an inch from her tits. I was to find out, that was when she wasn’t excited. They came out about 3/4 inch when I was sucking on them.

I got out of my pants, and we fell onto the bed. I ate her pussy and she came twice, and during the third time I pushed myself up and entered that hairy mommy pussy. Knowing she had a daughter in college made it all the more good for me. I was 16 and she had a daughter close to my age at least. I was fucking her and she passed out as I finished. She was dead to the world. My friends were at the door downstairs. I pulled on my pants and went down and let them in. They were all asking and I told them that yes I’d fucked her but she was passed out now. Two of the guys opened up the liquor and the other two ran upstairs. I went up a few minutes later with a drink in hand and the first one was already through fucking her and the second was taking his turn. The first went downstairs.

After they were done, we all had some drinks, I went back upstairs to the older woman. She was laying there with cum dripping out of her hairy pussy. A used, drunk, mommy fucked. I figured it was what she probably wanted anyway. She came to and told me to kiss her, after fucking her I should kiss her. “Come on baby, I’m not a whore” she mumbled. I got on top of her, my cock hard again and kissed her. We kissed for a while and she went out again. I didn’t want to fuck her now three times used pussy, so I pulled up her legs over my shoulders, bent her up more and used some of her pussy leak and sperm with a few thrusts in her pussy, to lube me. I then pushed into her ass. With about two inches in she half opened her eyes. “That’s it Dougie baby, fuck momma in her butt, I know you always liked it” I found out from some papers around that Doug was her ex husband. I fucked her in her ass. The guys all came up and watched me as I finished. She started coming around again, and they all went outside and in the car.

“come on baby, I’m too tired, we can finish in the morning” she barely got out then went back to sleep.
I rolled her over on her stomach so she wouldn’t choke if she vomitted , put a trash can by the bedside and left.

At the end of that semester i went to college out of state. I got out of high school early. In my second year I was actually taking fourth year classes and about to graduate with that class. A senior girl and I spent a lot of time studying in the library together. That lead to early coffee shop meetings, even later nights at a diner or restaurant to get a bite to eat. We got along well, and she accepted that I may be more mature than my age, since we were both graduating at the same time. We both had grad school placements in separate departments, and I had a great job waiting in another year. Soon she and I were fucking. Dee was really pretty, with a great body, 5ft. 8 in tall, big tits which to be honest I don’t care if she had flat tits, I’d still want to be with her. She asked me over to her place one morning over a weekend, we didn’t have anything planned for study. When she opened the door she was in garter, stockings, and silk panties no bra. I stood there, not really knowing what to do. “Are you coming in silly or did I put all this on for nothing?” that’s how we started fucking. It was all her at the start. She was incredible, I wasn’t all that experienced, I had the older woman and only one girl before and that girl and I fucked for another 6 months before she dumped my ass. So Dee took over and educated me to do exactly what she liked and how she liked it. Don’t get me wrong she wasn’t domme or anything I was willing to take direction though.

At graduation she introduced me to her mother and father. They were divorced and the father had a 30 year old hottie with him. The mom came alone. YES, you guessed it the mom was the older woman I fucked while she was drunk. I hesitated, but she didn’t seem like she knew who I was, which was a relief though I still wasn’t sure. I thought back on her naked, and on Dee naked. They both had thick pussy hair, dark colored, the older woman was trimmed but still thick, Dee trimmed up her thighs and was neat but it was longer and just as thick. The woman had pouty pussy lips under that thick hair, so did Dee, they both had darker brown on their inner pussy lips, the outermost part was brown then going to pink. Her tits were exactly the same, though Dees much much firmer and no sagging. Then it happened. Dee was meeting me and her mother for a dinner away from her dad and his GF. I arrived and it was just her mom. Dee was late. I thought for sure this is where she would spring it on me. I’d be threatened to leave her daughter alone or she’d tell that I fucked her mom.

NOPE – nothing. I finally figured she was so damn drunk she didn’t even see who was fucking her. I’m sure with all the cum in her pussy, she had to know and maybe found out about her ass but, she didn’t know who it was. So I’m now married to Dee, and they don’t know that I fucked her mother. It is my own little secret. I did get to sneak a peek at her mom changing a couple of times. She still trims her thick hairy bush. I remember being in between those pouty pussy lips that night and pushing into that nice tight asshole. Dee hadn’t had anal sex before, unlike her mom. But she does let me do it when I want it.

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