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Daddy loves me

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I’m Jen B I love what my dad and grandpa do inside and outside the bedroom

I’m Jen B im 12 years old red hair green eye’s 5 foot 1 inch tall 100 pounds 32A boobs . As far a I can remember my and dad were always naked . I remember when I was younger I still love sitting on dad lap I really don’t like wearing clothes when I’m home . I remember sitting on dad lap with my legs spread. Dad dick would be big and hard I woul push it forward and let to spring back smack my pussy . I love tge feeling it gave me when I did that . Not dad smacks my pussy with his dick I love it . Dad would be sitting on his chair or couch or his bed . I would sit between his legs I push his dick down and sit right on it . I feel dad dick from the front of my pussy all the way back to my ass . I would wiggle and bounce dad hands would be on my waste holding me he play with my nipples to. We would wrestle I would always grab his dick he always grabbed my ass and pussy. Dad dick poked every were on me my eyes that hurt. . I try to get into positions that my mouth would touch his dick. I would try to put it in my mouth but dad would move . But he didn’t know I was trying till the one time. I was on my back dad was near my head his dick was on my mouth. I open my mouth dad dick went in a little. I love when that would happen. I would be coloring dad would come in my room lay next to me rub my back and butt. Then dad would roll on top of me I loved it I feel his dick poking my pussy and and asshole. . The first time dad came we were like that his dick was between my butt cheeks .dad was moving back and forth. I hear dad moan then I felt this wet warm stuff shooting on my back in my hair on my ass . It was a lot I was covered I had to shower . I love when we cuddle in bed falling asleep in dad arms makes me feel safe. I wouldgo underthe coverswhen dad was sleepingi wouldput dad dick in my mouth. I didn’t know what to do i just lay there with his dick in my mouth till my jaw hurt then stop. Now I suck dad duck swallow his cum he puts it inside my pussy and ass I love my dad so much I think he my husband not my dad .

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:8m0itujfid

    Ever notice how many girls have green eyes in these stories?

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I new you would babygirl ! When is mommy going to read how her sexy little daughter gets all dolled up as a little lolita and a couple of guys spitroast my babygirl and give you a choking throatpie ! let mommy know love mommy Tara !!

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvmhw

      MOMMY TARE i will let you know i love you MOMMY TARA

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    At work today my boss had me on his lap bouncing me very hard up and down with his cock. Fucking me through my black pantyhose and cumming in your mommy’s pussy my babygirl !

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvmhw

      MOMMY TARA i love that

  • Reply Nicole ID:1ard9j67d1

    I was molested from when i was like 8, my mom knew what was happening and did nothing as she was in love with the guy. Eventually he raped me with my mothers help. I did not get pregnant, i was too young but i was still afraid i would be. I am 22 now and happily married with 2 children and pregnant with a third. I married a guy twice my age just to get away from my mom.

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvqzr

      Nicole im sorry that happened to you . I’m glad you go away from your mom and that huy . I’m happy your married now and have kids with him

  • Reply James Holden ID:xbjxufij

    That’s so lovely little Jen. You’re a good girl for getting daddy or grandpa’s baby. I hope you get your period and then get pregnant soon. A young 12 year old getting pregnant with her daddy’s baby is so beautiful. I’m dying to start a family with one young teen girl who’s say 13 to 15 and breed her lots of babies, then marry her at 18 and finally breed our daughters. It would be such an amazing family.

    Getting preteen daughters pregnant is so hot. Daddy’s cock pushing through her cervix and shooting sperm straight to his own 12 year old daughters womb would be such a magical feeling. I hope to start this family with someone one day!

    You’re such a good little slut for your daddy and gramps. I can’t wait to see you get pregnant from daddy soon!

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvqzr

      James holden . I hope you do as well . My dad trying to but I still haven’t gotten my period yet . But hopefully soon I will get my period.

  • Reply Rando guy ID:fx7i95499

    I want to hear some real rape incest or whatever stories please send me a email at [email protected] I’m curious

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Your having a baby Jen ?

    • Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      MOMMY TARA no im not pregnant if i get pregnant im going to keep it because it’s dad or grandpa

  • Reply Jen B ID:2px1mryvmhv

    Brittany im going to keep the baby

    • Red ID:1d4lv6ruj2q1

      Can I fuck you?

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Well what happen’s to you if you get pregnant by them !

    • iDuh ID:43ybs6rql

      Anal only for the younger ones. That is family and there no need to damage them for intimacy beyond the years they live in the home.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Maybe you should put condoms on them . if they don’t want to wear them, you should buy a full body girdle that will prevent their cocks fucking your precious pussy, it also has garter straps for stockings so you can look very tempting and sexy for them !

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvmhv

      Brittany but I love having sex with them

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    My dear girl. I just gave you a huge french kiss. Now tell me about you and your dad and how do you not get pregnant from dad cumming inside your baby hole .

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvmhv

      Brittany i haven’t gotten my period yet . I don’t know how I’m not pregnant with dad cumming in my little pussy so much my grandpa cums in me to but not as much as dad . My grandpa pulls out a lot cums on my boobs

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I lifted up part of my dress and adjusted and tightened up my garter straps at the top of my expensive nylon stockings. as my daddy watched with a huge hard on for me ! Let me know what you think of that and if i like your answer ! i will give you a huge kiss on your mouth !

    • Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      I would have walked over to dad after adjusting my garter straps grabbed his dick and gave him a kiss

    • Mark ID:2pcjsx7fpxv

      Your replies are sø hot.I would love to fuck your sweet little arse sø much.