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I watched my black boss rape his employee’s 12 year old daughter. Part 4

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After Mark took off Terry’s dress and panties. He told both of them to suck his cock. As I watched through the closet blinds, they were licking his long thick black shaft. Taking turns on his cock and balls. Mark lifted Terry and put her pussy on his face. I could see Mark’s tongue eating out her virgin pussy, while Sammy continued to suck cock. After awhile of all 3 moaning in pleasure. Mark lifted Terry and positioned her doggy style.
He got behind her and pushed his black cock deep inside her. She screamed louder than her cousin as he fucked her. Mark showed no mercy, he just kept fucking her with blood and all. He was fucking her so hard, even Sammy was shocked. Including me!
It was such a hard pounding that her face and head was banging up against the headboard. Terry has really long brown curly hair, and Mark had a fistful of her hair pulling her hair as he pounded her pussy.
I was finger fucking my pussy while watching. It was obvious that Mark liked Terry alot more than Sammy.
Mark grunted as he impregnated Terry’s virgin pussy. He fucked her missionary, and she rode that big black cock and he impregnated every single time.
They layed in bed for awhile kissing and stuff. He had both Vietnamese girls on each side of him.
They all got dressed and he took them back to the mall. As I waited for him he sent me text saying, Your next!
My pussy dripping wet even more now. He walked through the motel door and I noticed had a bag. Inside the bag was a big shoe box. Mark told me these are for you.
I opened the box and it was a pair of 6 inch high-heels in Orange! My favorite color! They were so hot!
I took my dress off and dripping wet soaked through panties. He watched me put on the Orange high-heels. I walked around the room to model them for him. Imagine, I’m only 5 feet tall , chubby, baby fat, blonde with a big phat ass wearing 6 inch heels. Once he was naked sitting on the bed, I got down on my knees and finally took his black cock in my mouth. It was so big, and tasted really good. I just kept sucking and licking that long black shaft and his balls.
When he started grunting, I knew what that meant. He filled my married mouth full of his cum! There was so much I had to swallow it fast before it ran down my face. I don’t know what it was with him, was it his age or just being a black man or was it because of his 11 inch cock and big balls impregnating Sammy and Terry so many times and still managed to give me a mouthful. Mark lifted me up and layed me on the bed kinda upside down with my head neck over the edge of the mattress. He stood over my face and head and forced his big cock in my mouth, fucking my face.
After awhile of face fucking me he grunted and filled my mouth again full of his cum.
He layed me on the bed spread my legs and started eating my married bald pussy. My husband never licks my ass and hardly eats me. As Mark was eating me, he told me I was his first white pussy since his wife died. His tongue felt so good! Then Mark got up between my short little legs, slid his cock between my pussy lips, then pushed his cock in my white married pussy. His cock was so big, he was stretching me out. Omg! It hurt! But not virgin hurt, not like what Sammy and Terry went through. After all I’m a mommy with a 2 year old. Mark kept fucking me, deeper, faster and harder. With my short little legs high up in the air with my high-heels on. I felt like such a slut as he pounded my pussy. Telling him not to stop, and to keep fucking me.
He had that look and was grunting and then Mark impregnated my married pussy, I could fill it all in my pussy. I loved it!
He flipped me over began fucking me doggy style, pulling my long blonde hair while pounding me from behind. I told him again not stop, it felt so good! I can’t believe i was getting fucked by my black boss. Mark was 3 times bigger than my tiny cock husband. He impregnated me for a second time. I climbed on top of him and rode his long fat black cock while he had handfuls of big phat ass. Moaning telling me how much he loves my big phat ass. As I was riding him moaning in pleasure , he impregnated me a 3rd time in my married pussy.

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    Erotic and steamy,
    Read my stories as well under my name,
    4 girl’s on a adventurous trip part 1 and 2.

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