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Brotherly love, the start of our family Chapter 5

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The story of Alan 12 and Alex 10, their love and devotion for each other and how we became a family.

Before I could say anything he removed his underwear and sat on my lap. He leaned back resting his body against mine and asked, “you want me to use my butt?”….. “you want me to use my butt?” “you want me to use my butt?” “you want me to use my butt?” Those words echoed in my mind, I grabbed a hold of his hips and slid my body down on the swing. Then reached underneath him, opened his cheeks and allowed my cock to be nestled between them. I felt his flesh touch mine, his butt pressed and surrounded my member. Skin on skin, warm to the touch, smooth and soft, sensory overload. Took a hold of his hips and whispered in his ear, “can you feel me between your cheeks, does it feel good?” he answered, “yes it feels really nice” as his hips swayed side to side. Corrected his movement and guided him forward and back. With that motion took a hold of his beautiful little cock and asked to him follow my lead. As I began pumping his little man he reciprocated by sliding up and down the length of my throbbing precum dripping cock. An indescribable feeling surged thru me as his body melted into mine.

My well lubricated cock, the smoothness of his skin, the softness of his flesh, what more could I have asked for as I began to drift into lust filled erotic fantazies. Penetrating him as I bent him over, turning him around and straddle me was also an option I considered. No, our first time will not be rushed, I will have him in time but not then. As my left hand explored his body he truned to look at me and we began to kiss. Moans escaping me as we continued that lustfull display of pure passion. After 10 minutes my cock pulsated in anticipation and stiffened as my will weakened and could no longer hold back. Both my hands moved to his hips as I quickened the pace announcing the point of no return. It was then that I heard him wisper, “you’re going to cum? You want to cum in my butt? Want to fuck me and cum inside me? You want to fuck my boy pussy? Do you want me to call you dady now, huh daday?”, All I could say was, “yes, yes, oh sweetie yes to all” Right at that pont my body spasm as a powerful pent-up orgasum was released at last. My throbbing cock gushed the first shot of lustfull cum deep betweeen my sweet boy’s cheeks. Wave after wave of pleasure emenating from my groing washed all over me. After feeling the first gush hit is body Alan took over expertly milking my cock as he squeezed his cheeks in the process.

Familiar feeling, like coming home after being away for years. Although that time was diferent, I was home, that was my home and that sweet boy on my lap was now my own. Mine to love, raise, enjoy, pleasure for years to come and cum and cum some more. My mind drifted, eyes rolled back, my body weakened as I result of thst powerfull release. Alan’s hips kept expertly sliding the length of my cock. Leavening no doubt in my mind that was not his first time. A second, third, forth spurts continued to gush out of me as I heard Alan giggled. His pace slowed, gave me a few gentle strokes before openings his legs and reaching for my cock. I felt his touch, fingers caressing the tip, smearing my cum between them. Moving his body back allowed my cock to come up between his thighs where he trapped it. Then proceeded to raised his hips pumping my cock and squeezed the last cum drops out of me. Light headed and breathing hard wrapped my arms around him and pressed my chest against his back. He then asked, “ did you like it daddy, did I do it right?” I began kissing his neck, made my way to his cheek and finally met his lips. Gently kissed them and said, “oh my sweet sweet boy you did great, that was amazing”.

Trapped in a dream-like state emotion overload, lust, passion, love, regret, fear, what had I done. It was too soon, my plan was to wait and there we were naked the day after they arrived. Guilt was about to consume me when he relaxed his body onto mine and said, “I want to do this every daddy, can we?” He looked back to get my response, with a big smile and a kiss I said, “yes, yes my sweet beautiful boy, we’ll play as much as you like, and not just like this, there are so many other things we can do”, he responded with, “we love sex play so much, we didn’t think we could find a daddy that liked sex play as much as we do”, I laughed in agreement and stated we would be very happy playing as much as they wanted. Just then Alex; who had been watching us thru a window, ran out and joined us. He beamed with excitement and joy as he heard they had found the daddy both wanted. There I was naked with his naked brother sitting on my lap, my now limp cock trapped between his thighs. There was no way I could have explained that, “this is not what it looks like” was definitely not going to be enough. Then again, there was nothing to worry about, Alan had stated “we” so I wanted to see how the situations would play out.

Before I could say anything Alan spoke, “morning Alex” He responded with a simple “good morning” as his gaze was fixed on my cock. He kneeled down in front of us and as his hands caressed my thighs kissed then liked my cock. Only the head was exposed but it seemed that was just find with him. After a thorough cleaning he moved up to Alan’s cock. As normal as it could be began to lick and suck his bother. Knowing Alan was still spent I tapped on Alex’s head and ran my fingers thru his hair. Called out by saying, “hello there, good morning” As he looked up at me with a big grin and his brother’s dick in his mouth I asked, “can I get a good morning hug and a kiss”, Alex gave his bother’s cock one last pump and released with a loud pop. With a big grin and those beautiful sparking eyes he said, “I just gave you a good morning kiss” Such an honest answer, I laughed and proceeded to lift him off his knees. Alan must have read my mind as he grabbed his brother’s underwear and took them off without much effort. Alex took the initiative and stood on the swing with our bodies between his legs. That gave Alan the perfect position and took hold of his brother’s hips. That hungry sweet boy wrapped his lips on that sleepy little cock and began to suck on it.

(and the morning was just getting started)

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