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Pretty little flower

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After spending her life as an orphan Emily is reunited with her father, but what does he want with a impressionable young girl.

Emily Flower was only 5 when her mother died, after that her father started drinking and after one too many times of her not turning up at school because he had been drunk and overslept she was quickly placed in an orphanage, in 11 she had never forgotten her father and then one day she was called to the head of the orphanage. As she walked into his office, she saw herself in the mirror, small roughly 5’3, short brown boyish hair with large C cupped breasts hidden in her baggy shirt, she dressed girly up until 14 when the president of her school had invited her into his office and ordered her to suck his cock or get expelled, she never told anyone about this and kept doing it for a year until another girl reported him for the same thing. It was because of this that she had never kissed a boy, she would often look at men on the street especially the building site opposite the orphanage where some of the men would work shirtless and when she did she felt something stirring within her, just before heading to the heads office she had started to rub her breasts and one had reached down and started stroking beneath her panties and she definitely felt horny but couldn’t finish, she had heard of orgasms but every time she almost gets there she remembers her principles hands grabbing her hair and forcing his larger member in her mouth, she felt the same thing every time she spoke to an attractive man.
She turned away from the mirror to see the head of the orphanage, an old man named Danny. She hated him ever since she caught him staring at girls in the shower, he claimed he was only checking to see if the door was stuck but since then she was very careful when showering, luckily he wasn’t as brash as the principle though once or twice she thought she saw a flash of light originating from the key hole.
“Ahh Emily my dear please take a seat,” he said as he gestured to the wooden stool in front of his desk. As she sat down, he continued, “now I know you’ve had some trouble getting adopted”
“I don’t want to be adopted,” Emily interrupted quietly.
“Well that’s the thing this isn’t technically adoption, see your fathers just gotten in touch with us” he paused as Emily’s jaw dropped and she tried to say something, but no words came out. “he wants to pick up where things left off, the past few years he’s been attending the AA and is now sober, he wants you to move to his house on a small island in the Caribbean”. The more she heard about him the better he got; she could finally have a daddy again. “The thing is he’s not really able to come to England, bring back to many memories apparently, he has gotten you a plane ticket leaving tonight but we cannot stress enough you don’t have to go if you don’t want to”
Emily stood up, “I-I want to” tears had begun to form in her eyes, “I want to see my daddy again”.
Danny smiled as he eyed her up and down and his tongue slowly licked his lips, “I thought you might say that” he grinned and she felt sick, he took out a plane ticket and went to hand it to her and as she tries to take it he jerked it away, “strangely enough he only spoke to me on the phone”, he started to fan himself with the plane ticket, “I could sell it or burn or…” he trailed off.
Emily knew he wanted something and felt those old hands tugging on her hair, she sat down, “what do you want me to do”.
Danny smiled as he walked around his desk and locked the door, Emily felt his hands pulling up her shirt and revealed her braless torso. One of his large hands grasped one and started playing with her nipple, she immediately felt it get hard and her already moist pussy started to pulse. “All I want is a little photo shoot, and maybe during it you could help me…” she heard a zip, and something started poking he shoulder, “relieve myself”.
She removed her bottom’s and he told her to do a list of strange poses, some sitting on his desk some on the floor, by the end she was on her knees looking up at the camera when he stood towards her. “Now open wide” he grinned, she looked at his dick and started crying silently, as she opened her mouth and took it in, it was smaller than the principles, about 5inches. It didn’t reach her throat like his did and after a minute or two of sucking and teasing with her tongue he placed an hand on her head and started working it himself, still gentler than her past experiences but it made her crying get worse, he pulled her in and thrusted the full length of his shaft into her mouth and tickled he throat as he spurted his cum into her mouth. At least he was fast she thought as he let her go and collapsed into his chair panting, she hated the taste of cum but swallowed as she was taught to by the principle, and started wiping away her tears as she felt something light hit the back of her head, she turned to find the plane ticket next to her on the floor. “Thanks for that dearie” smiled Danny as he turned to show her the photos of her sucking him off, “I know a lot of people who will pay money for these, and it’s something for me to remember you by.”
She thought about what she did on the flight, she hated that she had to but knew if she could spend time with her daddy again it would be worth it, she packed one small rucksack full of summer clothes and her only swimwear which she looking back on she realised she’d grown out of it, everything else would be too hot to wear in the Caribbean, she was currently wearing the same top as earlier but also some jean shorts which were to big for her back in her girly phase. As she stepped out of the airport, she saw a tall man with short black hair in a Hawaiian shirt and blue shorts and sandals, she immediately recognised him and ran to jump into his arms screaming “Daddy!”
He smiled as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss, as his lips touched hers, she thought if this was normally way for a Daddy to kiss his daughter, she felt his tongue enter her mouth and his spare hand grabbing her head to keep her in place as the kiss continued, this was her first kiss she thought, but its normal isn’t it, it doesn’t count if its with your daddy. As he lets go of her head, one hand still on the small of her back, he looks down at her, “Baby, I’ve missed you so much”.
To be continued?

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    Would’ve been nice if the girl had found a way to crush Danny’s balls once she got the ticket REAL NICE!

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    Every institution that helps people besides religious institutions I said tendency to have some bad apples some people are in it for just the money did you report this man to the authorities what he did was wrong and illegal I hope you have a better time with your dad.

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