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Abused and actually enjoyed it

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Alex in an abandoned building on Fullerton and pulaski in Chicago

It was Aug 9th 1986 I was 11 years old it was my birthday and I was pulled into an abandoned building by 47 year old man he took me to a room locked the door and made me take off my clothes he took his off and he laid me on my back on a table and began sucking on my dick and it felt good he made me suck
his dick then he put baby oil on his dick then stuck it inside of me i cried after he came inside me he said if i told anyone he would hurt my family he took me to his house and kept me there for the weekend he knew i was going to meet my friend bobby there i was spending that weekend with Bobby he had watched us go to the building and stroke each other off he told me after that weekend I went to his house to be with him I had actually enjoyed it and wanted him more and more I didn’t know why I just always thought about the way he made me feel I went to see him after school and on weekends we made love every day for a year and after the first week I was with every man I could get to sleep with me until I was 14 I been pleasuring men of all ages right after that I started to let a 25 year old guy have his way with me he was black and I was white after him I loved have black guys inside of me rather they were big or small the oldest guy I was with was an 82 Year old guy that liked me to roll play as his grandson he would pay me to suck him off once a week at 14 I had my first experience with a young girl in my dad’s apartment building in the basement I was always so ashamed of myself for enjoying it I’m now 48 and have been wanting so bad to suck cock again so please feel free to contact me

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:60aa7938m

    Jeez that piece of shit story

  • Reply Chuck ID:1de2bhj4wl25

    That’s hot and sad – I live on the Southside if you like to meet

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1e2hkrls8zl3

    I love this, kinda funny, my name is the same as yours, I’m only in my later 20s tho and currently living in Chicago. I know exactly where that is, and yes of course I love black men

    • Rob ID:1e7nl6u1yusm

      Hey how are you doing contact me again please

  • Reply [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Nice! I’m black reach out!

    • Rob ID:1e7nl6u1yusm

      Text me please I love black cock