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Passed out I fucked her. It was marriage or police

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She was the campus slut. I was the one who woke up in bed with her. I was one of probably 10 guys that fucked her but I was given the ultimatum

She was Dawn, actually a beautiful coed, 20 years old in her third year. I was 17 and a second year. At a party she was being passed out, I saw three different guys take her outside or upstairs and fuck her. Finally passed out, a bunch of guys were taking turns, most of the girls laughing about it. Most were talking about what a slut she was anyway it wouldn’t matter, since most of the guys had fucked her before anyway. Towards the end of the party, the few guys and girls left urged me to go get a turn, since I was so drunk they told me just to sleep there after I was done. There were used rubbers thrown on the bed and the floor, I counted 14 of them, and there was sperm leaking from her pussy, on her beautiful tits, and even on her beautiful face. She was a really beautiful woman, dark hair, almost black, down past her shoulders, a trimmed black haired pussy, and perfect skin shade, she was beautiful. I took a wash cloth cleaned her up, and then I fucked her. Really tired I went to sleep, and woke up from some noise a guy fucking another girl on the floor of the room. I got horny and fucked Dawn again, she was moving a bit this time just moaning and moving her hips a bit with me.

When we woke up, she looked around and knew what she’d done. She woke me up, and asked if I’d fucked her and I was honest about it. She looked around at all the used rubbers in the trash can, and some still on the bed and floor. She yelled to wake up the other girl on the floor. It was established that she’d been fucked a lot. First four times evidently willingly but the others she didn’t know about. She was saying that we, and I, in particular raped her. I was saying that I didn’t, but I knew better. She got up, naked, my cum and probably much from others leaking down her thighs. She wiped up with tissues, then stepping over the other couple, not caring who saw her naked, she went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to get it out of her. She turned on the shower and looked at me, motioning me in. With the door still open we both got into the shower. She was telling me to wash her back and her legs for her. As I did she kept telling me that I shouldn’t have done what I did to her. She was unwillingly fucked, raped. I tried to explain but honestly didn’t have an explanation. She made me drive her to campus, but stopped on the way to have coffee and some pastry. I paid. “Your Tom, right? We’re in a comms class together?” she asked. “Yes, that’s right”. I answered. Her retort again was that I shouldn’t have raped her, again I couldn’t say anything.

Two days later she left me an email to meet her at a restaurant and be prepared to buy her dinner. I met her and she was making small talk, it was almost like a date. I thought that I’d love to date this woman, she was so damn beautiful and sexy as hell. Just what I liked, light olive skin, black hair, beautiful body and a face like an angel. Still though she was a slut. I’d heard that she admitted to 84 guys having fucked her and that was before the party night. I’m guessing she was around a number close to a hundred. Then she pushed over a plastic bag with some liquid in it. “It’s your sperm, well I’m guessing it’s yours. Do you want me to go the the police and have them check and see?” I couldn’t even answer. I was so stunned “What?” I said.
“you raped me, others did too I know but you stayed in bed with me, you woke up with me, you admitted you raped me and I don’t know who the others were” she said
“So what do you want?” I asked
“I want a husband, and having seen you naked, I think you’ll do”
“What I can’t get married I’m too young, besides it’s not like your pregnant or anything” I said
“Well let me tell you what is going to happen. First scenario – you and I get married, my parents will pay for an apartment, and living expenses, I’m going to tell them you got me pregnant. IF I’m not actually pregnant from that night – and I may be- then we’ll say it was all a scare but we’ve decided we’re in love and stay married. We will graduate, get jobs and if I don’t have a baby, OUR baby, then we’ll have a married life and have kids as we want. You will get all the sex and anything you want sexually. second: I got the the police, tell them I was raped, multiple times, give them the samples of cum I have and we test it for DNA and you go to prison. Maybe even some others but since you were last, and from the shower I can describe every part of your body exactly, you will definitely go to prison”
She and I hesitated, I wasn’t sure anymore what was up, my world just took a turn.
“I have to work to pay for tuition” I said “I can’t have extrra expenses, I would have to quit”
“No you won’t my parents will pay for it all and help with any tuition you or your parents can’t make”
“My parents are dead it’s just me paying for it” I meekly added
“So which is it? Number 1 or number 2? I promise number 1 will be much more rewarding. If we’re married there is nothing I won’t do for my husband”
“That was my first time, times I mean”
“What? You were a virgin”
“Yes, until I did it in you”
“How many times did you do me?” she asked
“Well let’s go make it three, and I’ll give you a preview, that is IF you want number 1”
“OK number 1”

We went to a hotel, she paid for the room and we fucked the night away, she gave me my first BJ, I fucked her and in the morning blowing me hard she got on top of me and stuck my cock in her butt. I was in heaven. We got married a month later, no baby, no pregnancy, but she has stuck to her word. She is an incredible sex partner, she’s even done other women for me to watch, some to do threesomes with. I’ve only asked that she not fuck any other guys and she agrees. She’s my wife and she is not a cheater, a slut yes, but not a cheating slut.

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