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Little bro couldn’t do it so I stepped in for him

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My little bro had his girlfriend over and I convinced them to have sex. My bro couldn’t keep it up so I showed him how it was done.

I was on leave from work and due to the bad weather I was stuck at home with my little bro, Ben, all day and we were just chilling and watching Netflix, normally he’s a big pain in the backside and getting on my nerves, but today he had his little girlfriend round and they were sitting on the sofa next to each other and holding hands, they looked so darn cute.

Sofia lived across the street, a few houses down, and she’s been friends with my little bro for ages and only just started being boyfriend and girlfriend, they were both just 11 which made it even cuter, and both very well behaved, I’ve caught them a couple of times pecking each other on the lips, “Awww”, bless em.

The problem was that I was a complete knob and just pretty much said what was on my mind and didn’t give a shit, I lost my virginity when I was 12 to an 11 year old girl from school and remember what it was like, about time my little bro got in there I think, “You two shagging yet?” I asked.

They both looked at me, then looked at each other and started blush and grin with embarrassment, I could tell they hadn’t done it yet, two cute little virgins they were, “What?!, you’ve not even tugged his cock or you fingered her pussy?” I asked, they turned beetroot red and stopped holding hands, my little bro told me to shut up while Sofia just chuckled under her breath.

You know, Sofia was kind of pretty, my bro was a little ugly scruff and Sofia was a little rough around the edges but in a sweet way, she had big curly brown hair and wore a pair of red glasses with little dimples in her cheeks, yeah, she was a nice little thing, it took a while but I managed to manipulate them both in to coming upstairs, I’m really good at convincing people to do stuff and make them think it was there idea, these two little kids were easy.

We went in to my bedroom because I’ve got a big double bed and thought it would be a much better venue for them to get it on, I got them to strip off down to their underwear and lay together on the bed, I sat on the edge of the bed and instructed them in what to do, “Pull his undies down, Sofia, have a look at his cock.”, she pulled them down and giggled with surprise when she saw his little cock and balls between his legs.

“Right. Now you do the same, pull her knickers down.”

When they were both totally nude I got them to rub each other’s genitals for a while, my bro got a 5 inch erection, good size for his age and Sofia got nice and wet below, then I got him to finger her pussy, she winced a little but eventually accepted his finger in to her hole, then I got Sofia to lay down and told my bro to lay between her legs on top of her, I helped by gently gripping his cock and guiding it in to position, “Push it in.” I said.

He pushed his hips forward and she moaned when the top of his cock entered her pussy hole, he must have been really shy and nervous because after a couple of minutes he started to lose his erection and got off of her, “What’s wrong, keep going bro.” I said.

“I can’t…look.” He replied, showing me his limping cock.

I instructed him to rub it, he did for a while and his cock got hard again but he couldn’t maintain it, he was just too nervous, bless him, but I couldn’t let it end there, Sofia was still laying on the bed, this sweet little girl was naked, primed and waiting to be fucked, “Can I show you how it’s done?” I asked, they both looked unsure but then Sofia, after thinking about it for a minute, nodded her head and gave me permission, that’s all I needed.

I took off my top first, I could tell she liked the look of my muscles and my 6-pack, then when my pants came off and she saw my massive cock and huge hairy balls, her little jaw dropped and she gave me a cheeky little smile, I could tell she wanted it.

On got on to the bed on my knees and positioned myself between her legs, she had her knees raised and I enjoyed rubbing my hands along her thighs and hips, her tiny nipples on her flat chest and her soaked pussy looked so good, I chuckled lightly at her because she was still wearing her glasses, I reached over and removed them from her face and handed them to Ben to keep safe, “You’re beautiful, Sofia. So cute. Look at you.” I said, licking my lips.

My cock hardened quickly, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked, even though she looked nervous she nodded and said yes, I rubbed my cock with anticipation, “I’m going to put it in. Let me know if you want me to stop at any point, okay.” I said.

I leaned down over her with my hands on the bed above her shoulders, she was a lot smaller than me, I swung my hips and rubbed my cock along the crack on the outside of her pussy a couple of times just to coat it a bit with her juices for lubrication, then I guided it between her flaps and delicately let it find its way inside, she gasped and groaned as my fully grown cock stretched her open.

I haven’t felt a the pleasure of a pussy this tight since I was their age, “Ooh wow.”, it was the best feeling in the world, Ben watched us while I gradually pushed my cock further and further inside her, when I was satisfied that she’d got used to the feeling and her hole was stretched enough to take my length I picked up the pace.

She was groaning like crazy and I kept asking her if she was alright, she wanted me to keep going so I did, I leaned down and put my hands under her, wrapping them around her, she put her little arms and legs around me, I tilted my head all the way down, her head was just below my chest and she was looking back at me with her teeth gritted together but with a smile, she was so cute.

I fucked her little hole like she was my lover, I completely forget that she was my little bro’s girlfriend and I was just caught up in how good she felt, this tiny little girl pinned on my massive cock was like a dream come true, I pushed and I pushed and I pushed and I pushed my cock deep in to her pussy.

Sofia started to thrash around and groan loud, I knew she was about to orgasm, “Don’t fight it, Sofia. Let it happen. Just let it go.” I said, a couple of seconds later she cried out in orgasm she inhaled deeply and her entire body was shaking, then she let out a long sharp breath followed by a deep happy moan of satisfaction, “That’s it. Good girl.” I said.

Ben was smiling at me and proper fascinated with what just happened to Sofia, “That’s how you make a girl happy, bro.” I said to him, I continued to pound her for a few minutes more, “Get ready, Sofia. I’m going to come.” I said, forcing my cock inside her, “Here it comes…” I said, I pushed and I pushed again, then I pushed again and again, Sofia was screaming, but they were screams of pleasure, “Ugh – Oooh – Arrgh – Ooooh – I’m coming.” I said, then it happened.

I thrust into her and blew my load, I thrust inside her again and again, firing out ever decreasing amounts of my hot sticky spunk into her body, I arched my back and leaned further down so my head was near hers, I had to kiss this girl, I pressed my lips to hers and pushed my tongue in to her young mouth and snogged her, she was a quick learner, our tongues were wrestling in our mouths while I continued to gently push my cock in and out of her hole.

When I pulled out, a stream of my spunk trickled out of her pussy and on to the bed sheets, it was a beautiful sight, her hole stayed open for a few minutes after that, my cock had really stretched it out but it slowly closed itself back up.

Poor girl was too tired to do anything after that so poor Ben didn’t get the chance to fuck her that day, to be honest I’d probably ruined her for him, after taking my huge cock I don’t think Ben’s little pecker would satisfy her enough, hopefully they’ll be alright thought, they’ve got plenty of time to enjoy each other.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qj

    Do a part 2

    • Randy ID:1i2kovirk0c

      I did something similar with my son’s gf. They were both 13. I could hear them and he kept saying sorry.
      A little bit latter she walks out of his room in tank top no bra and leggings I could see her camel toe.
      She asked if she could have a soda I said yes to bring me a beer when she went to refrigerator. She bent over such a beautiful site.

      When she came back she sat by me said my son fell asleep. I said you sounded disappointed and she broke down crying I hug her and she said he ruined her special night. I asked how found out she was giving him her virginity, but he cum when ever he got near her pussy.
      I hugged her and whispered it will happen then we kissed soon our clothes went flying and I got to pop that cherry. I came twice in her that night.
      My son thinks the baby is his.

  • Reply AP ID:on8so7lk0c

    This is so cute and sweet and hot and pervy and dirty all at the same time.
    I hope you choose to give us additional parts, either telling more about Ben & Sophia or the other adventures and encounters the older brother has.