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Letting my boss fuck my daughter for promotion

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I had already used my body to get and maintain my job. So when it came to get a promotion had to use my daughter’s body.

I strapped my girdle, then slid my feet into the high heels. I was getting ready for my boss to visit us. Today was an important day for me. I was going to ask him for a promotion.

I was wearing a red lacy bra with matching red lacy thongs. This was new lingerie that I had bought for this special occasion. I was checking myself in the mirror and I was looking fine. I’m Nancy, 38 yrs old, single mother of a 17-year-old girl, Anna. For a woman my age, I was looking amazing. I had a 36DD bust and a toned body. I work out. My ass was hanging out, in the cavities of which, the thongs just disappeared. I was loving it. This body helped me to get this job. This body helped to maintain this job. Yes, I fuck my boss whenever and wherever he wants. He lets his close friends fuck me too. He makes me dance naked in front of all during office parties. So what, I have a roof over my head and have enough to take care of my daughter and my needs. I brushed my long blonde hair and touched up my makeup. He should be here any minute.

My daughter is the only one who does not know that her mom is kind of a whore. Today I sent her to her friend’s house, as the boss couldn’t shake off his wife. So he is coming to my place. That 58 yr old fucker, is always horny and wants my pussy when he needs it. So… My place it is.

His car pulled into the driveway and I ran to open the door. He got excited to see me in my new outfit. He couldn’t even wait to enter my house when he started to undo his pants. I pulled him inside quickly and he started humping me like a teenage boy.

“You look so pretty…Nancy” He was whispering in my ears as he had turned me around and humped my ass through his underwear.
“ummm… someone is really hard today.”
“You bet.. I had a Viagra before heading here and it’s on, baby”
“My my… so today you are going to tear my pussy…boss”
“Hell, yeah”
He threw me on the couch and pulled his underwear down. Then he jumped over me playfully. I giggled and he started to play with my boobs. He pulled them out of the bra and sucked on them like a hungry baby. It was turning me on. I wanted to suck his cock.

I pushed him away and went to my knees, tied my hair in a knot, and crawled in between his legs. All the while smiling sensually. I gobbled his dick in my mouth and started to bob over his 6-inch hard dick. He shoved my head low and tapped the back of my head. Wao.. He was assertive. I was giving him a deep throat. The old man’s ball was hitting my chin as he was thrusting me up with his pelvis.

“Aaaahh…hh..” I gasped when he let me go. My saliva covered his dick and my face. He again choked my mouth with his dick. He slapped my ass as I was sucking on him. This continued for a while. He stood up and fucked my mouth a little more. Held my hair in one hand and slammed his dick inside my mouth.

He made me stand up and undid my bra and panties. He removed every piece of clothing on me. And threw me on the couch. My boobs giggled due to the impact. I smiled and welcomed him with my legs spread in the air and pussy opened like a flower for his glistening dick. He spits on my pussy, held my right leg up, and started to push his engorged dick inside me.

“Ugghhh… Ugghhh” That was the only sound I was making. It was so good. He pulled me closer. Then held both my legs apart and started to fuck me harder. I was screaming as he was making me cum so hard. The room was smelling like sex. Our bodies were striking each other and making erotic noises. Umm.. I was in a trance. But I remembered why today was important. So when he was shifting me to a doggy position, I started the conversation.

“Boss, have you finalized who will be your new VP in the company?”
“Bitch not now…” He spanked my ass and shoved his dick back inside me. I lifted my ass for a better position.
“I have been so loyal to you throughout the years.”
“Yeah… It’s not what you have done me you whore, it’s about what you can do for me….”
“I will do anything.. You know that.. Can’t you see…?”
“This… This is nothing bitch. I have fucked each and every woman in the office. You know that.”
“Yeah.. But I always let you fuck me, they just got fucked once to get the job.”
“Well, because you are shit at your job, but you are a good whore”
He pulled my hair back all the while fucking me. He leaned close to my ears. “You are my whore.. aren’t you?”
“Yes.. Master.. uuughh” He was pulling my hair hard.
“You have nothing more to offer me”

I was sad, but I knew it was true. I was not getting younger and if not today someday someone will replace me.

Suddenly I hear the door open. We stopped and looked towards the door.
It was Anna. I pushed my boss to the floor and covered myself with the couch pillows.

“Mom, what are you doing?”
“Nothing, Anna. You were supposed to be at your friends.”
“Well, she had to go out with her parents,… but what are you doing with Mr. Peterson?”
“Anna go to your room and I will come there and explain”
“But mom…”
“Anna.. Just go” I pointed to her room still covering myself with pillows in another hand.

“Wao.. Your daughter has grown a lot. I remembered her very differently.” My boss told standing up and lifted me back to position.
“Wait… What are you doing?”
“What? I’m still hard… I need to cum in you… You know that.”
“I know.. But my daughter is here. You need to leave.”
“No, I cannot with a hard dick. I need you to finish me.”
“Ok go to my room and wait. I will talk to her and join you.”

I picked up his shirt and covered myself and started to walk towards Anna’s room.
“You know there is something that you can offer for that promotion.” He said. I stopped and looked back.
“What do you mean?” I saw him light a Cigarette and puff smoke as he sat back on the couch.
“I mean you need the promotion and I need to fuck, it would be faster if there are two ladies” He blew the smoke out.
“She is just 17”
“I have heard they know tricks these days that will amazing even the experienced ones like you and me.”
“No.. No.. I cannot allow that”
“You will still be my favorite whore. Don’t worry. She will not replace you. She will just make sure, her mom gets the promotion.”
I stood there for a moment.
“This will be just a one-time thing, and you will let her go, And you will promote me to VP?”
“Scouts honor.”
“Ok, let me see what I can do.”
I was happy and sad at the same time. I was going to get a promotion but also my daughter was going to be mauled by this old prick. I hope she is not a virgin.

“Anna honey, can I come in?”
“Come in”
“Hey there kiddo, I’m so sorry you had to see that. We were just having some fun… You know grown-up fun.”
“I thought you didn’t want to get married again?”
“Yes baby, this is just sex nothing else. Your mommy also has her urges.”
“Ewww…mom… I do not need to know that.”
“Hahahaha…Ok Ok.. Will it help if I show you?”
I threw open the shirt and went bare before my child.
“Mom” She closed her eyes.
“It’s ok darling. Look it’s all-natural and beautiful. This is what helps to keep the roof over our head.”
She was looking at me with squinted eyes.
“Come on.. Feel them.”
I pulled her hands and placed them on my bare, wholesome boobs. My nipples were already hard due to the pounding I was receiving for the last half an hour.
“Mom yours are so big”
I too started to play with her boobs as I came close to her and started to kiss her on her lips. She tried to resist but I pulled her close. She gave in. I sucked her tongue and she was loving it. I started to open her shirt and bra. Then her skirt and panties.
I was rubbing her pussy. I pushed her back and lifted her legs up in the air. Her back was on the bed and I was flat on my stomach as I sucked her young pink clit. I was fingering her.

“Well well well, you guys started the party without me.” Boss stormed into the room still naked and hard. This startled both of us. Anna jumped and tried to cover herself with the sheets.

“Hey honey, don’t worry, Mr. Peterson is our friend. Look he is a nice guy”
I went to the edge of the bed and started to suck on his dick while looking at Anna. She was shocked.
“See he is nice to us and we should be nice to him too… right?”
I called her close with my finger.
She came still covering her boobs and pussy with her hands.
“Come close honey.. Touch it.. It won’t hurt you… This is the best friend you can ask for.”
I brought her hands near Boss’s dick and helped her wrap her tiny hands around them.
“Yes… See..It’s so warm and happy to see you. Now just stroke it up and down.”
“You are teaching your daughter right. She will be VP before she reaches her 30s”
I looked at him and smiled.

“Enough of this foreplay I want to fuck this young twat”
Boss just picked Anna up. She is a petite girl with big boobs. He slammed her on her back. Spit on her pussy.
“Lick my dick and shove it up your daughter’s cunt, you bitch.”
I obeyed and brought his dick close to the opening of her vagina. I spread her pink and moist pussy lips.
“She is a virgin”
“And you think that will stop me?”
“Now, but that’s too much to give up, for just a promotion.”
“Well, what else?”
“I want the corner office, kick that Bradly out and give me his office.”
“Wooo..that’s too much”
“Not for a 17 yr old virgin pussy”
“Ok, But I will fuck both your asses too.”
I spit on my hands and rubbed it on his dick. I brought it close to Anna’s virgin pussy. Slowly I pushed it inside her.
“Mommy.. It hurts”
“I know baby just hold on you will love it in a while”
She held my shoulder as I finished pushing the whole 6 inches inside her.
“Go on, do what you do best… Fuck the shit out of her” I looked at my boss.
“Hell yeah.”
With this, he held her legs and started to thrust her with his dick. Initially, he was slow, but soon he increased the intensity. I held her hands and looked at her face. It was in pain and tears.
“It will be soon over baby, hold on.”
I was rubbing her clit and sucking on her boobs to give her some ease. HE fucked her for a while.
Suddenly Boss stopped, pulled out his dick, and said “Lick it clean you bitch”
I leaned forward. It was covered in Anna’s hymn blood and her pussy juices. It was wet and shiny.
I licked the whole thing off his dick.

“Very good now you too lay next to her”
I obeyed. He shoved his dick inside my pussy. He was still fingering Anna as he was fucking me. She was looking at me. He pulled his dick out and made her clean it now. Then he continued. Soon she started to enjoy it a little.

He changed bodies and positions from doggy style to missionary for like 45 mins.

“ufff.. I think it’s time to get to the next level” he said making both mother and daughter on our feet. He turned us around facing the bed and bent us over. Our tummy was against the bed and our asses up in the air. He took some lotion from Anna nightstand and rubbed it all over his dick. Then he poured a generous amount over our assholes. I knew what was coming. I held Anna’s hand and said. “Be strong honey, you are doing so good.”

“Hey you whore, come here and spread your daughter’s ass cheeks.”
I bent on my knees and spread her cheeks making way for my boss’s dick to penetrate my innocent young daughter. He slowly tried to push his dick inside. It was not happening. It was too tight.
“Shove a finger up her ass you bitch.”
I licked my middle finger and shoved it up her ass.
“Uggghh” She screamed.
“It’s ok honey.. You can take it”
Then I held his hard dick, sucked on it one final time, and tried to push it inside her tight asshole. His dick’s head was the hardest to push in. Then with a pop, it was inside. He stayed there for a while before pushing it more inside.

“Aaggghh” Anna was screaming. I ran to her side and held her hand.
Boss started to trust her slowly in a rhythm. He held her waist and fucked her ass.
She was bobbing front and back with every thrust. He fucked her ass for 10mins.

“Come here, mother” He ordered.
He wanted me to clean his dick again. I did.
Then he turned me around and put me to bed. In a similar position, he just shoved his dick inside me without warning.
“uuugggghhhh” I screamed in pain.
“yeah, bitch scream.. you whore.. take it up your ass… you nasty whoring your daughter bitch.”
I had taken dicks up my ass before but this time he was fucking me rough. He pressed my hips down and put his whole body weight behind every push of his dick inside me. He was hurting me. But I was loving it. He tore my ass for about 5 mins when he pulled Anna by her hair and shoved the dick in her mouth. He kept her head on my butt cheeks. He was fucking my asshole then her mouth, again my asshole, then her mouth.
“Taste your nasty mom’s nasty ass you junior whore”
He fucked me for more 15 mins. Then he pushed Anna on the bed again and climbed over her and was fucking her pussy in missionary. He was licking her young flawless face with his lustful old tongue.

“I’m going to cum”
“Please pull out, she is not on any pills and you are not wearing anything.”
“Fuck you bitch.. ” And with a huge roar and final trust, he came inside my sweet little daughter’s perfect little pink cunt. He fell on her bare body and was huffing like a dog.

It took the old mother fucker a while before he could gather his breath. Finally, he did and pulled his dick out of Anna. He kissed her on her lips and squeezed his breast.

He slapped my boobs and pulled me by my hair.
“Come here, come close” He put my face near Anna’s cum dripping pussy. “Suck my cum out…now”
I did. I licked her pussy clean and then started to suck the cum out of her pussy.

“Do not swallow it.” he instructed. As he was putting his shirt on, which I had brought in.
I showed him the cum in my mouth, it was a lot. But I knew there was more inside Anna.
“Now spit that cum in her mouth. Let her taste my amazing seed..”
I did. I went to her mouth and spit inside it.
“Swallow it you daughter of a whore”
Anna obeyed him. She knew he was the boss.

“Well, got to be going.”
“Wait, you are going to keep your side of the deal right?”
“Yeah.. take the papers of promotion this Monday. And the office, you will have to wait till the end of the month. I have to think of something.”
“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much” I hugged and kissed him.

“Keep this up and you will keep your progress. See you ladies”

He completed wearing his clothes in the living room and then left.

Anna was still on the bed naked. I went to her.
“Come on honey, let me prepare a bath for you.”

I held her hands and took her to the bathroom. We took a shower first, then I prepared a good bath for her. I’m sure she enjoyed it.

Boss was a man of his word and delivered everything he promised. What an amazing man.

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