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I was at this party with this girl but she was being a really bad towards me and I just watched

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I had went to this party with this girl and she was being so bad towards me I just watched this guy doing it to her, I was finished with her.

I was at this party with this girl I had known for ages absolutely ages.
We were fucking each other but not going out together.
This night she was being rude annoying acting really bad I’ve never seen this side of her
It doesn’t matter what I was doing for her she’s putting me down slagging me off really badly.
I was getting annoyed with her
In the way that she was towards me I hadn’t done anything wrong
It hours later most people were away home she’s drunk she can hardly walk or talk
I left her lying on the sofa in the conservatory she was out I’m in the kitchen talking to this other girl we were talking about this place saying how massive it was
I’m talking to her drinking
She’s waiting for her taxi that’s her taxi she’s away.
I had been in the kitchen talking to her for over an hour
I’m having another beer most people are away
The person who had the party was away upstairs to his bed
I’m still in the kitchen
I’m having another beer having a cigarette as you were allowed to smoke in the kitchen
I finish my cigarette and pick up my beer and finish it having another one.
Nobody else is around
Every one is away
It was empty now it’s after 3am
I decided to go back and check on her
I’m walking back I’m standing at the doorway just looking she lying with her head on the sofa the edge of the sofa this guy was standing there with his dick sliding into her mouth as she’s lying there passed out drunk.
He’s got his dick just sliding it backwards and forwards into her mouth
I’m just watching him in disbelief I can’t believe what I was looking at
He’s pulling it out of her mouth it looks like he’s came inside her.
I’m standing back in the living room behind the door
I’m still thinking what the hell
I look at her he’s rubbing his dick all over her face .
He’s pulled her dress up pulling her knickers away from her pussy
He’s got his hand down between her legs
He’s got it sliding up and down inside her he’s fingering her.
He’s bringing it out of her.rubbing his fingers over his dick he’s putting it back inside her mouth.
He’s sliding it backwards and forwards again.
He’s got one of her hands and he’s put it around on his dick and he’s got his hand around on hers as he’s wanking himself off using her hand.
Over her face in her mouth
I honestly don’t know how she doesn’t feel it
He’s got his hand down between her legs again fingering her then rubbing his hand over his dick again putting it back into her mouth.
I was looking when she started moving she put her head up moving her mouth on his dick herself she’s giving him a blow job
She’s moving her head on his dick herself
He’s moaning really loudly she’s probably sucking on him.
He’s just leaning towards her as she is still moving her head up and down on his dick
He’s moaning he’s holding her head down on his dick
I think he’s just came inside her mouth
He’s got his hand down between her legs as he’s fingering her again she’s moaning and groaning just lying on the sofa
He’s pulled her knickers down on her legs he’s on top of her
He’s fucking her on the sofa his arse going hard against her
Her legs are wrapped around him as he’s fucking her.
She’s holding him on his back
His arse is really hitting hard against her
He’s really fucking her
He’s stopped he’s just lying on top of her pushing his arse right up against her
Her legs are away from his waist he’s got up
She’s still lying there
He’s up and he’s pulled his boxers up and pulling his jeans up I’m back in the kitchen
I’ve got another beer.
I’m walking out of the kitchen going towards her I was expecting to see this guy but I haven’t.
The door were she is, was open I’ve closed the door she’s still lying there passed out again.
Her dress still up around her waist her knickers down on her legs.
I’m saying wake up sleepy head waken up I’ve managed to waken her up I’ve got her a glass of water.
She’s sitting up I’m giving her the glass she drinking it
She’s asking me what time is it I’m saying 4 30am
She’s asking me what happened
As she’s trying to pull her knickers up
I’m saying that you have fucked someone
She’s asking me what was over her face I’m saying probably his cum.
She’s saying no no
I’m saying I’ll help you to the toilet
We have washed her face
Washed between her legs let we got her bag jacket I’ve called a taxi and we are outside waiting ten minutes later our taxi is here
She’s asking me to go back with her to her parents house
We get back I’ve got her in the house I’ve taken her dress off pants off putting her under the covers lying down next to her under the covers
Waking up at 3:45 that night
She couldn’t remember anything about last night.
I’m glad she couldn’t I just told her I walked in on her getting fucked which was true.

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