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Being a Juvenile Probation Officer is Such A Rewarding Job

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The fucking elevator is out of service, like always. You can always count on the Newark, NJ. dept. of public housing. As I knock on the door, I listen carefully, I can hear people inside. I knock again, louder. “It’s Juvenile Probation, I’m here to see Lawanda” I shout at the door, Knock, Knock. The door opens, before me stands a girl about 15 or so, baby on her hip. I look at the picture I have of Lawanda, and this girl Isn’t it. This girl is wearing a crop top with cut off jean shorts, she has very nice looking long legs and a her pert “A” cups look just right on her. Where’s Lawanda ?, I ask. After 15 minute’s of lies and bullshit I discover this is Lawanda’s sister, Lawanda is at her boyfriend’s. I inform this girl (name unknown) that missing a scheduled meeting with probation is grounds to send her back to finish her sentence.

After many excuses and a a little begging, she ask.. “Is there a way we can work something out” ? I tell her the Newark, NJ. Juvenile Probation Department is always ready to work with the people it serves. And at that I drop my pants. I pull my hard white cock out and slowly stroke it as she tries to decide what to do. She wants to put the baby in the crib, but I tell her no, since the baby is destined to be a street whore like her mother, she may as well watch. With that the girl got on her knee’s one hand holding my cock, one holding the toddler, as she starts to suck my cock. I reach down and pull her little black tit’s out of her top, I fondle them , there still at the stage where there a firm, the kind I like. She’s very good at blowing cock, lots of practice. I’m close to cuming and she can tell, after all she’s a professional. I try to pull out of her mouth to blow my load on the little toddler but she holds on to my cock so hard I blow my load in her mouth. Oh well, maybe next time. I reschedule her sister’s next appointment.

As you may have figured, I work for the Newark, NJ. department of Juvenile Probation, as a case officer. I have 184 kid’s that are assigned to me. There on probation as an alternative to lock-up. The kid’s are mostly poor, of color and most have been in the juvenile system before. This job is perfect for a guy like me, a guy that likes them young and willing. I can offer “alternative’s” to going back to jail, when they mess up, and they always mess up. I’m not into young boy’s so they don’t get the same attention as I do the girl’s.

My next stop is another public housing block on South Broad St. This girl is 13 and got in trouble fighting in school, and she hurt a girl. As I look at her picture in the file I can she she’s Latino and very cute. Knock, Knock , again lots of noise from inside the apartment. As I go to knock again the door opens and I’m face to face with a little girl , about 10, not the “client” but a family member. The 10 year old is baby setting 3 younger kid’s with no adult supervision. I tell the little girl that I should call Youth & Children Services, that she’s not old enough to baby set 3 kid’s unsupervised. But maybe I could forget this oversight if only….I lead the girl to the bedroom, she’s willing , she doesn’t want the family broken up.

I lay her on the bed and as I peel her shorts down I see she’s wearing “Blue’s Clues” panties, there so cute. I pull my cock out and get on the bed, I rub my cock all in her baby slit, she’s kinda gasping and whimpering, I’d like to think it’s because she so excited and wants it, but I don’t ask. I slowly enter her, and as I do I feel her Hymen, I stop there and just rub my cock in her slit. and suck at her little budding nipples, It doesn’t take long till I cum. he load wasn’t much after my recent blowjob. I lead one of the 3 kids into the bedroom, a boy about 5 or 6 maybe. I Show him what I want done and watch the boy licking my seed from his sister’s baby cunt. The girl does like this, I see her holding the little boy’s head into slick little slit and her eye’s are rolled back in her head. I put my card on the table on my way out and tell the girl to have her sister reschedule. Why didn’t I just fuck her you ask?, It’s because I’m not a rapist, I’m just a pervert.

The next stop on our parade of shitty lives is in the 7th. Ave section of town. Once a thriving Greek community, now another urban shit hole. This client is “Uma” she’s 13 and of Indian decent, she got caught shop lifting for the 16th time. not the usual cosmetic’s and lip gloss, she goes for high end stuff, and therefore a “Menace to society”. I’ve been to this house many times, her Mother is always home, but they are very obedient when it comes to government official’s. I figure is a lack of green cards. Uma’s mother is wearing the traditional Indian dress, more of a wrap than a dress. Her hubby is a cab driver and works 16 hours a day, after all they do have 7 kids.

Now I know it can’t be easy on the guy working all those hours to feed his family, and his wife must not be getting the attention she deserves. That’s were I step in to help. Mom knows what I want and tells me to pick a child. Today I pick a boy, about 10. Mom leads the boy and I to her bedroom, without a word she strips, she chubby but has great tits and never complains no mater what “special request” I have. Today I want her to fuck the boy, her son, and to my surprise this seems to excite her. As instructed the boys strips also, I take him by the hand and help him on mom’s belly, I hold her tits as he sucks, his mother reaches under him and starts to stroke his little butterscotch , uncut cocklet. He gets hard so fast as she works his boy toy, she takes her other hand and starts to work her clit, she’s so wet. She guides the boys into her mommy cunt. She takes his ass cheeks in hand and shows him how to thrust and pump his 4 inch cock in his mommy.

She so into it as her baby boy plows away at her, she’s running her fingers thru his hair telling him what “a good boy he his, Mommy’s baby boy”. She’s grunting now, the boy is latched on her tit like a starving baby. I pull the boy off her just before she cums and tell her I want him in her fat ass. She does as she’s told and flips over on her ample belly, I spread her ass cheeks and instruct the boy to tongue her fat ass, and he does, her ass is glistening wet as I put a pillow under her, getting the angle just right, then I guide his little cocklet into his mommy’s ass. I can see her reaching under herself and fingering her cunt, she’s moaning like a ho’ . The boy is bouncing around, trying to stay in her ass as she fucks her fingers. I get on the bed and pull her face to the side as I put my hard cock in her mouth. She such a good cocksucker . I blew my load but Mom wasn’t done, I left her and the boy in the bedroom. On the way out I put a copy of Uma’s positive probation report on the table.

My next stop is always my favorite, It’s in a nice part of town. This Girl is 14, her name is Lilly and she got into trouble when she was discovered as a passenger in a stolen car, where a gun was also found. The boy who she was with had the gun and stole the Honda, but that didn’t help Lilly. Since Lilly is white and the family had a good lawyer, she got supervised probation. I go when I know her mother Isn’t home. The Latino maid answer’s the door and leads me thru the huge house to the pool area. Lilly is lounging by the pool, her ever so tiny bikini is in metallic blue, her 14 year old slit barely covered and her very perky “A” cups are on display, her young little nipples so erect in the suit. Lilly has the maid bring me a vodka tonic and Lilly has red wine. After some small talk Lilly leads me into the pool house, there’s a tiki bar and various chairs and couches. Lilly makes a show of dancing for me as I set and enjoy my drink. She slowly strips her bikini off and dances over to me on the chair.

For the next hour I bury my face in her shaved, pink pussy. I love her taste and her scent. I lick her ass and pussy and everything in between. She pulls my cock out and shows me her new tongue ring, It feels great as she works my cock with her mouth. she faces me in the chair and mounts me, her 14 year old pussy is so tight. Her little perky tits look amazing. We kiss and make-out as she slowly works her pussy up and down my cock shaft. I feel her cum and feel her thrust her hips down hard trying to take every inch of me. She’s moaning so loudly the maid can hear us, but we don’t care. I know I’m not gonna last much longer, it’s only because I came 3 today that I could last this long with this little hottie. I flood her tight pussy with my seed, I feel her working her muscles to milk my cock. We set on the chair for several minutes just holding each other. She tells me she wants me to put a baby in her, that her “rich ass” mom will take care of it. She wants to make a baby girl for me, she tells me she knows that’s what I like, and she would do anything to make me happy.

Why this rich 14 year old, hot girl likes me ? , that I couldn’t tell you. But I don’t ask. I think fucking me is her way of “acting out”, to piss her Mother off. Her Dad is long gone and her Mom is always busy, to busy for Lilly. I’m happy to help the girl feel loved. After all It’s my job to help the children , and I do love helping Lilly.
I can only hope that I’m helping these kid’s, There certainly helping me.

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    Wow, 1 hell of Job set for life. [email protected] if you want to talk to me about it

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    I’d love to chat and share with anyone that is seriously looking as well
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    Better yet make her hold open the toddler while he rapes it

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    Reminds me to write one about a job I once had that brought an occasional opportunity. Debt collecting.

  • Reply G:A ID:1ah870kxt0j

    You have such a rewarding job. Just keep the details to yourself next time. I decided to be generous and give your story a one star rating.

    • Carla ID:y8hyzb0d

      That was really “thug life” from you haha.
      Reaching 5 stars soon.

  • Reply LoliPornLover69 ID:1ed7rnvdvg36

    Make part 2 of how you had your ways with the 14yr whore mom and the toddler i hope you force the mom to watch while you rub your grown man cock all over the babys face

  • Reply Jim Australian ID:71ou0taghl

    Do you have a dream job?

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Verdammt Don mal wieder eine tolle Geschichte ich bin mir dicker jeder hier würde auf der Stelle seinen alten Job zu kündigen und dafür die ganzen kleinen Hurdn zu benutzen bitte erzähl uns noch viel dVon

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2v9j

    WOW!, completely insane and I loved it. Damn I am in the wrong business but I still don’t do bad lol! Always give em what they want.
    My friends daughter wanted double penetration on her Bday so I ordered a strap-on tearing that ass up. She sprayed like a front lawn water sprinkler and I love it.

    Today I took her and her sis to lunch and the entire time she stroked my cock under the table then wanted to crawl under and swallow me for desert. I am not to sure how that would of went over getting caught with a 9 year old sucking my cock in a Mexican restaurant. That’s okay she was happy to receiver her desert in the car on the way home lol!

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    Super hot stories mmmh how old are u Anna I bet you yr a little hottie u wanna talk

  • Reply Ronel S. Aurora from Philippines ID:198mpl1bpumi

    You and the cops were all the same and the people they (juvenile delinquent) bothered from. You victimized us ordinary inosent humans who had no eye of lucifer

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      Do you have discord?

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      What the heck? 🗿 lol!

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    Fuck yes

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    That is exactly my tit size sweety.i think of you every second, minute, hour.drain every drop into your little lilly minx.

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