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Poppy Took My Virginity In The Middle Of The Night

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As far back as I can remember men has always touched my pussy or at least tried to. I don’t know what it is about men and little girls but, its definitely something. I was playing up in my room with my dolls and mommy came in and said, “Your going over to grammy and poppy’s house to spend the night so, get some things you’d like to take with you.” Mommy and daddy were going out for the night.

I took some of my favorite things he over and my jammies. Grammy baked some cookies for me and we watched Nemo on tv. Poppy likes that one too. Grammy was sewing up a tear on my cabbage patch doll for me. After the movie, I got ready for bed. I put my short night gown on and hopped up on poppy’s lap while he watched the news. I was laying with my back to his front stretched out on him in his recliner.

He always covers up with a blanket so, he covered me up too. He said, “Your arms are cold, aren’t you cold Kitten?” I said, “No.” He always calls me Kitten. My name is Katie. He’s rubbing my arms and legs then he says, “Your legs are cold too, why don’t you put on something warmer?” I said, “I’m fine poppy.” But, as he was rubbing my legs he slid his hand inside my panties and rubbed my pussy. It gave me a thrill. He just kept his hand on my pussy. Nothing was said. I felt a tingle and wondered if he meant to do it or if he was gonna move his hand.

A few minutes later poppy stuck his finger inside my slit and rubbed it back and forth. Wow, I got excited by his touch. I liked the feeling he was giving me. I thought I was probably being naughty by letting poppy do this to me but, it felt so good. I was 10 years old and I knew men tried to touch little girls. I have had uncles and daddy’s friends touch me before. But, this is the first time poppy touched inside me. As he’s sliding his finger back and forth I feel his dick getting bigger and hard under me.

Poppy shifts a little and I wiggled a little rubbing my butt on it. Grammy and poppy sleep in different rooms because poppy snores. I usually sleep in the extra bedroom. Poppy is sticking his finger in me now. Just a little bit. If he pushed very far it hurt. I can feel his finger is wet going into my pussy. Poppy whispered to me, “You like what I’m doing, Kitten?” I nodded my head yes and spread my legs farther apart. Poppy was rubbing my clit and if felt so good. Grammy had fallen asleep on the couch during the movie.

The news ended an I brushed my teeth and got in bed. Grammy and poppy went to their beds. Sometime in the night I woke up from a bad dream. I got up and went to poppy’s room. His was the closest. I climbed in and told him I was scared from a dream. He pulled me close and spooned tight up against me. I drifted back off to sleep. Then later, I woke up to poppy pumping into me and he had pulled my panties down and put his dick between my legs. It was rubbing up against my pussy.

I laid perfectly still and acted like I was still asleep. I wondered what he was gonna do to me. My heart was beating so fast but, I was excited. His dick was real hard and he was breathing kinda fast. He reached down an spread my pussy lips apart. Then, his dick slid through my pussy. I had never had anything touch me like his dick felt. Then poppy put his dick at my opening and started pushing it into me. It wouldn’t go, he was too big. Plus it hurt. He kept trying and it finally popped in. I jumped and yelled out, “Ouch, oh that hurts.” Poppy covered my mouth and pushed on through. I’m crying. He keeps fucking me. He said, “Shhh, don’t cry, it’ll stop hurting in a few minutes.” He’s pumping in to me pushing his dick farther in me. It hurt so bad. Poppy’s still covering my mouth. I can’t stop crying. A bit later it eased up.

It’s not hurting like it did. Poppy takes his hand off my mouth and starts rubbing my clit. He said, “How’s it feeling now, Kitten?” I said, “Better than before.” Poppy’s dick felt so tight in my pussy. He was stretching my pussy a lot. He’s making me feel good rubbing me like that. He said, “Your clit’s real hard Kitten. ” Are you gonna cum on poppy’s dick?” I didn’t know what that was. But, he kept rubbing me and it made me feel so good. Poppy started pumping into me real fast then said, “I’m gonna cum.” He shoots his cum inside my pussy. He holds me tight and jerks a few more times. Then, he slide out of me.

He said, “Did you like me fucking you like that?” I said, “I’ve got different feelings, it felt good but, it hurt so bad at first.” Poppy said, “It will never hurt like that again, I promise.” I said, “Then, I liked it.” Poppy was pushing his dick against me again. He said, “I could fuck you again, you’re making me hard just laying here.” He lifted my leg and stuck his dick back in me. It stung a little. Poppy was pumping into me again and rubbing my clit.

He was right, it didn’t hurt like before. He said, “I want you to cum, Kitten.” He kept on and finally I got a huge feeling building up in my insides and I peed. I couldn’t help it. I told poppy I was sorry for peeing. He told me “That wasn’t pee, you had an orgasm and it does for a woman what a man does when I cum, like before.” I said, “Oh that’s what you wanted me to do.” He said, “Yes, didn’t it feel good?” I said, “It sure did.” Poppy started fucking me read hard and fast. He pushed into me as far as he could an it hurt but just for a minute. He said, “I’m gonna cum, Kitten. And, he did. I felt him jerking and squirting into my pussy. Poppy said, ” You should go back to your bed if you feel like you can. I felt better so, I got ready
and went back to bed. I fell asleep immediately. That was the beginning of several years of poppy having sex with me. Then, poppy died suddenly and I never told anyone until today, telling you.
I miss poppy terribly.

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  • Reply Mikey ID:3nzeo2v4

    How do I write a story, I have some really good ones to tell

  • Reply Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

    Your pop looked after you and that was good. At least you got to fuck him before he passed away too bad you’re not in Australia

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    He should of raped your vagina ripping you in haft

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7m2

    This was pretty hot but this daddy doesn’t plan on dying any time soon. Daddy love breeding them so much and the girls now a days just love cock and cum at a young age. People I know have an 8 year old daughter that has a bad ass body on her that has been really , really flirty and love feeling my hard cock against her tight ass as she sits on my lap purposely squirming to make it hard. Last week she was sitting on my lap enjoying my hard cock when she leaned in and whispered “I want that in my mouth and pussy” I like to blew my load right then. SO now were are planning the time when her parents are gone. I can’t wait.

  • Reply Family fun ID:1e6tcqdbwl0j

    Kitten I would love to have a granddaughter like you to play with!! Add me on Snapchat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

    • Kitten Katie ID:1a912bhj

      Family fun.
      I’d love to play with an older guy but, I don’t interact on line. Sorry.