Cat: Abuse

Kicked in the head

My teenage daughter got kicked in the head and suddenly started acting like a little kid again. I ended up having sex with her. I couldn’t resist. # # # #

942 words | 18 |4.39

Mary Annes sinister secret

This is an erotic horror with strong gruesome scenes in it. Only read this if you are not faint hearted. All characters are over 18 years old. #

1317 words | 2 |3.83

Juiced girls

Super confident friend gets two girls he’s never met to jerk him off and then they drink his sperm. # # #

687 words | 2 |5.00

My first time

I was young when I had my first orgasm from my older cousin. I still love looking back on it and rubbing my tight little slit till I cum thinking of him. # # # #

470 words | 11 |4.47

sex-fights with my brother

My little brother and I have always had play fights since we were little, now they’ve turned sexual. I want to make his balls explode. # # #

838 words | 5 |4.03