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Masters High Chapter 6: Blood and Glory

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Elite boarding school freshman Luke Dunn needs to regain his dignity after his rape. Things will get bloody with period sex, tools, and puke.

FULL SUMMARY: In the aftermath of being raped by Lionel, Luke is feeling less confident in himself. He needs guidance from his mentor, his friends, and his girlfriend to regain his dignity. In the meantime, Lionel’s son Ryan O’Neill hasn’t been in class all day.

This chapter also gets bloodier than usual, as well as elements of puke.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I got a couple of comments about wanting period blood and puke. Your wish is my command, and I love trying to incorporate new filthy things into the story.

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It was a wild homecoming weekend filled with drinking, drugs, and sex. Lots and lots of sex. My father came by for the weekend, and I showed him just how far I’ve come since freshman year; by the end of the weekend, four of my slaveswere in the infirmary, one of them bleeding internally since I threw her out a window. What? It’s all in good fun! My father was so proud of me, and he even gave me a new car: a BMW 8 series worth $200,000. Not the nicest car I own, but it’s the thought that counts.

I haven’t heard from my protégé Luke all weekend. He hasn’t texted me once. Oh well, he’s probably out with his girlfriend. I’m proud of him, he’s come a long way in just a month and a half. I’ll see him in Slave Training 101 in a few hours. Right now it’s Monday morning, and I need to get my rocks off.

“Olivia, Ashley, come over here!” I commanded my slaves, who were naked next to my bed. Olivia is a beautiful blonde 16-year-old, while Ashley is a 15-year-old copper-haired beauty.

“Yes Master,” they both replied in unison, rushing over to my side and bowing before me. “How may we please you today?”

“Olivia, get on the bed,” I commanded. “Ashley, get your mouth ready. I need to take a piss.”

“Yes Master,” Olivia smiled, and lied down on my bed as Ashley dropped to her knees and opened her mouth for me.

“Now be a good girl and open up,” I ordered Ashley as I undid my pants and spread open her mouth with my fingers, aiming my cock at her tongue and spraying urine into her mouth. “Ohhh yes,” I moaned as Ashley’s mouth filled up with piss and she struggled to swallow all of it. “Drink it all.”

“Mmmm,” Ashley moaned as she swallowed my piss. Her throat was struggling to process all of the liquid. Some of it trickled out of her mouth and down her face as she drank it all up. When she was done, she opened her mouth again and showed me she had drank every last drop.

“Good slave,” I smiled, stroking her hair. “Now come suck my cock.” Ashley got on the bed with Olivia, and they both began sucking my dick in tandem, each taking one side of my dick. Olivia sucked away at my right side while Ashley sucked away at my left side. Their mouths felt amazing, each side sucking on one of my balls as well as my shaft. Fuck yes, this feels soooo good! But I needed more. I needed to see these girls hurt. I grabbed Ashley and picked her up, shoving her against the wall, and entered her cunt from behind. “You like that, you little bitch?” I grunted as I fucked Ashley against the wall.

“Yes Master,” Ashley moaned as I fucked her from behind.

“God Ashley, you are such a fucking slut!” I grunted, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling on it. “Olivia, pass me my switchblade!”

“Yes Master,” Olivia obeyed and passed me my favorite switchblade from my nightstand drawer.

“Beg for this you worthless slave!” I yelled as I slammed into Ashley against the wall.

“Please Master,” Ashley pleaded. “Stick the knife in me! I love it when you cut me!”

“You do, don’t you?” I asked. I slowly made a cut on her throat; not big enough to cause her to bleed out, but enough to hurt her. It’s a delicate craft, and I’ve accidentally killed a few retards when trying it out. Ashley is tough, though, and I know she can take it.

“AHHHH!” Ashley screamed in pain. “Masterrrrrrrr…”

“Don’t worry, slut,” I mocked her. “You can bleed out and die after I’m done with you.”

“Thank you Masterrrr,” Ashley moaned as I cut her more.

“You’re welcome,” I spat in her face and fucked her harder from behind. “Olivia, come here!” I commanded as Ashley’s cunt tightened around my cock. Olivia came over to us and presented her ass to me, which was nice and firm.

“Yes Master?” she asked submissively.

“Take a ride,” I grunted, pointing the blade at her.

“Um, Master?” she asked confused. “You want me to stick that in my pussy?”

“You’re smarter than you look!” I laughed. “Come on now, I don’t have all day.”

Olivia slowly inserted the switchblade into her vagina as I kept fucking Ashley against the wall. Fuck yes! I licked up some of the blood from Ashley’s neck like a fucking vampire, while Olivia groaned from the sensation of the knife in her pussy. The sex kept getting more violent, the knife lodging deeper and deeper in Olivia’s cunt as I fucked Ashley faster and faster. Ashley’s neck was bleeding profusely now as Olivia cried out in pain, the knife was starting to break her from the inside. Ashley had passed out in my arms as her blood poured onto the floor, and Olivia was crying from the pain of the knife in her cunt.

“God you girls are weak,” I mocked them, still fucking the unconscious Ashely watching Olivia struggle to move. “Come on Olivia, tell me how much you love it!”

“AHHHH GOD MASTER!” Olivia screamed in pain as she thrusted the knife in deeper into her vagina like it was a dildo. “It hurts so good! Ahh yes Masterrrrr!” Olivia’s moans were out of pleasure and pain as her face twisted with the agony of the knife lodged inside of her cunt.

“Good girl,” I said, fucking Ashley against the wall violently before throwing her on the ground like a rag doll and pulling the knife out of Olivia’s cunt, leaving a bloody mess dripping onto my bedroom carpet. “My turn,” I smiled at Olivia, as I prepared to fuck her using the knife myself. Olivia was crying bloody tears as she opened up her legs for me. I took the knife and rammed it inside of her cunt violently, watching as blood squirted everywhere, staining the sheets as she screamed in pain.

“MASTERRRRR!” Olivia cried in agony as I fucked her with the switchblade. “IT HURTS SO GOOD MASTER!”

“That’s right you dirty whore!” I said, my cum and bloodlust rising simultaneously. But then my phone rang; it was my best friend James Caldwell.

“Make it quick, I’m in the middle of something!” I groaned into the phone.

“Dude,” James started. “Are you fucking your slaves right now?”

I put the phone on speaker and held it to Olivia as I fucked her harder with the knife. “MASTER!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!!” Olivia screamed. “THE KNIFE FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE OF ME!”

“That answer your question?” I asked, laughing maniacally into the phone. “Come join me if you want.”

“Bro, it’s 9:05!” James said. “You’re late for Slave Training 101! Baxter is pissed at you!”

“Shit!” I said. “I’ll be there in 5 minutes,” I said, quickly pulling the bloody knife out of Olivia’s cunt, blood going all over my hand. “Do you know how Luke’s doing?” I asked James. “I haven’t heard from him all weekend.”

“Oh, you didn’t hear?” James asked.

“Hear what?” I replied.


We were all sitting in the auditorium listening to Mr. Baxter lecture about properly choking a slave. The whole class was feeling hungover and tired, and many were barely paying attention to the lecture. Most were half asleep, including Sarah who was half naked in my lap wearing her robe. But we all woke up when Draven aggressively walked into the gym.

“WHERE THE FUCK IS O’NEILL?” he yelled, absolutely pissed. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume he heard about what happened over the weekend.

“SIT DOWN, Mr. Sterling!” Mr. Baxter scolded Draven. “You waltz into here late, and start yelling, seemingly want to get into a fight with a freshman. Terrible example for your protégé.”

“I’m not in the mood for a lecture today Baxter,” Draven said, glaring into Mr. Baxter’s eyes. Damn, it takes balls to stand up to a teacher like that, especially at Masters High. “Where is Ryan O’Neill?”

“Mr. Sterling,” Baxter said calmly. “You and I will have a discussion after class. Mr. O’Neill also didn’t show up to class today, but that is not your concern. Now take a seat.”

“Like fuck it isn’t my concern!” Draven yelled again. “What the fuck is this school coming to if you’re not going to punish those who rape and torture Masters Boys?!”

“Sit DOWN Mr. Sterling!” Baxter yelled.

“No!” Draven retorted. “What did Lionel get away with over homecoming, huh? Who the fuck are you to let that slide?! How in the fuck can you expect me to-”

“THAT IS ENOUGH MR. STERLING!” Baxter yelled, interrupting Draven’s tirade. “Your behavior today is absolutely unacceptable! Now sit down this instant!”

“Whatever,” Draven said, flipping off Baxter and sitting down next to me. “Sorry for blowing up like that, Luke,” Draven whispered to me.

“Don’t worry about it,” I smiled at him. “Christopher Caldwell recorded the whole thing. So when the moment’s right, I could have the Headmaster by the balls with this blackmail.”

Draven smiled. “Damn, New Money! I’m impressed. You’re going to rule the school if you can blackmail the Headmaster.” Shit, I didn’t even think about how much power I really have now.

“Gentlemen!” Mr. Baxter yelled at us. “I assume you’re chatting because you understand the lecture material completely?” he asked.

“Um, sorry sir,” I replied.

“Mr. Dunn, how about you and your slave come down here,” Mr. Baxter said. “Show the class what you’ve learned.”

“Uh, ok,” I said, as Sarah and I walked towards him, with the entire class looking at us.

“So Luke,” Mr. Baxter started. “Care to give a demonstration on the proper way to choke a slave during sex?”

“Uh…” I gulped, nervous about being in front of the whole class. “Sure.” Sarah stood there, ready to be choked by me. “Ok,” I said, wrapping my hands around Sarah’s throat. “You want to pinch the carotid arteries right here,” I instructed, applying pressure to Sarah’s neck as she started to choke and gag. “You can also choke on the larynx,” I continued, applying pressure on Sarah’s airway as she struggled for air. “You can also do both at the same time.” As Sarah began to get lightheaded, I choked her out completely so that she fell down on the floor in a state of unconsciousness. The class cheered, all impressed with my performance. “You want to leave your slave in that position for no longer than 30 seconds before giving her mouth-to-mouth,” I informed everyone as I kissed Sarah on the lips and she began to wake up again, and I slapped her cheek hard for good measure. “This technique is best performed on the doggystyle position, with the slave’s ass in the air.”

“Excellent, Mr. Dunn,” Mr. Baxter said. “All right boys, go ahead and practice this technique with your slaves. Don’t go too crazy now; if you exhaust her while doing this, she could die. We have paramedics on standby, but hopefully we won’t need them.”

All the freshmen boys, their mentors, and their slaves went to their corner of the gym to practice the choking technique.My friend David Webber did this with ease; Will Hale had some trouble getting his slave Alexis to pass out, but they seemed to be having fun. Meanwhile, Draven, Sarah, and I were in our corner.

“I’m going to fucking kill O’Neill,” Draven muttered.

“Why?” I asked, not paying too much attention to Sarah as I choked her while fucking her doggystyle. “It’s not him who raped me, it was his dad.”

“Like father like son,” Draven spat. “You’ve seen that Ryan is a little cocky piece of shit who needs to be taught a lesson.”

“I don’t know,” I said while Sarah’s face turned blue from lack of oxygen. “He seemed a little uncomfortable when his dad mentioned raping me. I’m not sure he agrees with what happened.

Regardless, no one’s seen him all weekend.”

“Here,” Draven said, taking off his pants and grabbing Sarah’s throat. “You can do so much more if she’s gagging on your cock while you choke her. Let me show you.” Draven shoved his dick down Sarah’s throat while choking her on both sides of the neck. Fuck! This is a good look for her! Draven fucked Sarah’s mouth with force as she choked on his dick, gagging and her face turning purple. “Keep going and watch her eyes roll into the back of her head,” Draven instructed. And sure enough, Sarah’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she passed out from the lack of oxygen. Draven quickly pulled out of Sarah’s mouth, spit on her unconscious body, and let go of her throat. Sarah slowly regained consciousness, coughing and spitting up spit and cock juices out of her mouth as she returned to consciousness. “Anyway, I don’t trust that Ryan is an innocent bystander in all of this. You’ve seen him, you know him. He’s probably starting to get intimidated by you, so by having his father rape you, he’s showing that he can still be top dog. Don’t let him do that.”

“I…” I stuttered. “I guess that makes sense.”

“These types of people prey on others’ weaknesses,” Draven continued as Sarah’s breath was still coming in short bursts while she tried to regain her composure. “Ryan’s getting cocky, and he feels threatened by you. He thinks you’re becoming too dominant, so he had to bring down your status through his father. Then he had the fucking nerve to skip class today? Let me tell you, he won’t get away with this.” Draven said, a dark look on his face.

“I guess,” I sighed, starting to finger Sarah. As she moaned in pleasure, I pulled my fingers out, and they were covered in blood.

“Fuck, why are you bleeding?!” I asked, shocked. “Are you ok? How did this happen? What-”

Sarah tried to hold back a smile while Draven laughed. “Congratulations, New Money!” he chuckled. “You just discovered that girls have periods, what an amazing discovery!” he grinned. “No wonder she’s so horny! It’s like shark week, except hotter!”

“Shark week?” I asked, confused.

“When girls are menstruating,” Draven explained. “Some girls get moody and want to murder everybody in sight, but some get extremely horny instead. Sarah’s probably one of the lucky ones!” Draven said, slapping Sarah’s face hard and spreading open her bloody cunt. “Of course, the school doesn’t provide any kind of feminine hygiene products. Either you have to buy them yourself, or be like me and let them bleed freely,” he grinned. Come on, Luke!” he insisted. “Why don’t you get a taste?”

I was hesitant at first, but Sarah nodded her head, spreading open her bloody hole for me. Fuck it, this looks too good to pass up! I lowered my face and licked her out, tasting her blood in my mouth as I ate her out like a starving man. “Oh god yes!” Sarah moaned as I licked her pussy clean. “Yes Master, lick me out! Lick every last drop of blood!” I sucked on her clit while eating her out.

“Well, how does it taste?” Draven asked me.

“Very metallic,” I said, my mouth covered in Sarah’s blood. “But also sweet and tasty.”

“Exactly,” Draven said, shoving his dick down Sarah’s throat as I inserted myself into her bloody hole. “A woman’s period is a sacred time of the month. Let’s honor it together, shall we?” Draven laughed.

“Fuck yes,” I moaned as I entered Sarah’s bloody hole and felt the warm liquid leak onto my cock and balls. “Ahhh! It’s so warm!” I groaned in pleasure, fucking Sarah at full force as I licked her out simultaneously.

“Mmmmphh,” Sarah moaned on Draven’s dick as I fucked her bloody pussy, her juices covering my cock in blood. The sensation felt so good! It was like I was in a scene from the Saw movies, coating myself in blood and flesh as I fucked her pussy raw. Draven and I kept fucking her holes at the same time, until we both came into her simultaneously, our seed mixing with the blood of her period.

“Ah, fuuuck!” Draven moaned, pulling his cock out of Sarah’s mouth. She coughed up a huge glob of cum.

“Damn Draven,” I laughed, pulling out myself. “How’d you manage such a giant load?”

“Roidolone,” Draven explained. “It’s a new pill in the underground market that really boosts sperm production. My dad introduced it to me this weekend. I’ll give you a bottle if you’d like.”

“What are the side effects?” I asked.

“Supposedly it can make you a bit more aggressive,” Draven said. “But that’s not exactly anything new for me,” he laughed.

“I think I’ll pass for now,” I replied.

“Boys, what are you doing?!” Mr. Baxter said, coming up to us. “Today’s lesson is about choking your slaves. This isn’t about group sex or whatever this is,” he said, pointing to Sarah’s mouth full of cum.

“My protégé noticed his slave was bleeding, so I decided to use the opportunity to teach him about period sex!” Draven said innocently, sarcastically batting his eyelashes at the teacher. “And he needed to see a demonstration from his mentor!” he said in a high-pitched tone, stroking his cock. “Is that ok, Mr. Baxter?” he said sarcastically.

“God, Sterling. You’re going to be the death of me,” Baxter sighed, rubbing his temples. “Fine, whatever. Dunn, hit the showers. Sterling, we need to talk.”

As I went into the showers, some of the other guys were laughing at me.

“Well if it isn’t the man of the hour!” Connor Mackenzie laughed while shampooing his hair. “Still getting shocked at the sight of period blood!” he said, and the rest of the freshmen laughed.

“Oh Draven, why is there blood?” Nolan Kramer mocked, while scrubbing his torso. “I don’t know how to react!” he said in a high-pitched voice, again causing the other guys to chuckle.

“Yeah, yeah…” I said, stepping under my shower. “Get your laughs in now.”

“Don’t sweat it, Luke!” my best friend Will Hale said. “Maybe if hockey doesn’t work out, you can play college football. You clearly know all about the Crimson Tide!” and everybody laughed. Did I say best friend? I take it back.

“Oh, you’d be perfect in Alabama,” I sarcastically replied at Will. “As someone who’s been hooked on crack cocaine since before you could walk, you’d fit right in!” I retorted as everybody laughed at Will’s expense this time.

“Touché,” Will said, as he rinsed himself off. “But seriously, are you ok Luke?” he asked sincerely. “We heard about what happened at homecoming,” he said, and the rest of the guys got quiet.

“Yeah… it was pretty fucked up,” I admitted. “But I’ll be ok.”

“Hey, if there’s anything you need, man,” David said, “Just ask. What happened to you is the kind of things that should be done to slaves, not to Masters Boys.” Everyone nodded. It was totally hypocritical, but I’m not going to say anything when they’re here supporting me.

“Thanks guys,” I said smiling. “I’m actually feeling pretty good right now, in spite of everything.”

“See?” Will said, smiling as he washed his cock. “Drinking period blood makes the pain go away!” And we’re back to the jokes.

“Can anybody tell me how the cotton gin helped grow slavery?” my history teacher Mr. Clague asked the class, to no response. “Nobody? Come on! This is your heritage you’re learning about!” he said frustrated. “Did anyone read Chapter 6? Anyone at all?” Still nothing. “Anyone?” he sighed. “Where’s O’Neill when you need him…” he mumbled. “There’s a boy who knows his heritage…” he said sadly. As he mumbled on about how great the whites are or whatever, I got a new text from my girlfriend Sophie. I haven’t talked to her about what happened with the men yet, nor do I really want to:

Sophie: hey babe; hope your weekend was good. I noticed you seemed a bit uncomfortable at the dance on Friday, is everything all right?

Luke: yeah everything’s fine, thanks for asking. It was a lot of fun, though I’m a little hungover now lol

Sophie: alright babe, if you need to talk about anything just let me know 🙂 I’ll be here for you <3

Luke: well I could use a nice video to get me through history class…

Sophie: oh, feeling a little naughty, aren’t we? 😉

Luke: you tell me

I sent her a picture of my pants, which held a very obvious erection.

Sophie: haha, ok, here’s the vid i took after the dance… it was something. Maybe stay away from the booze next time we fuck 😉

Sophie attached a 2-minute long video of me fucking her last Friday night. I don’t want to sound too arrogant here, but damn I looked sexy with my dress shirt half way off, my face covered in lipstick stains, and my cock pounding into Sophie’s pussy; I don’t even remember that night because I was so wasted. The camera was shaky, but Sophie was able to focus it on my dick entering her pussy repeatedly while she screamed in pleasure. As I watched the video in class, my cock couldn’t help but get harder and harder as I watched myself fucking my girlfriend last Friday.

“T… Take my cock, So… Sophiiiia!” I slurred in the video, grabbing Sophie’s hair and thrusting my dick in her mouth. “I’m going to fuck you… your… your mouth fuck!” Damn, I must’ve been wasted.

“MMPH!” Sophie moaned on the video as I shoved my cock deeper down her throat and made her gag on it. This was certainly a new view; the camera was zoomed in right on my hips as my cock made its way to the back of her throat.

“I bet my cock… I bet my cock tastes like… tastes like cookies!” I slurred in the video, my balls bouncing against her chin.

“MMMH MMMMH MMMH!” Sophie moaned in pleasure on the video while gagging on my meat. The camera shook as she moaned, struggling to hold it still.

“Fuck yeahhh Sophie,” I said in the video, thrusting faster and harder into her mouth. “Take my cookie cock!” I drunkenly laughed.

The camera focused on my dick moving in and out of Sophie’s mouth faster and faster. She was completely gagging on my cock at this point and had tears in her eyes. The camera shook again as Sophie began to orgasm from the force of my cock down her throat.

“And what do we have here, Mr. Dunn?” I heard a voice say. Oh shit. Mr. Clague swiped my phone before I had a moment to react, and he watched the rest of the video. “Mr. Dunn and Ms. Hines… a lovely couple indeed. She’s quite the looker isn’t she?” he remarked, watching Sophie choke on my cock as it went deeper and deeper into her mouth.

“Give me my phone back,” I said sternly. “We’re supposed to have a right to privacy.”

“Let’s see,” Mr. Clague mused, ignoring me as he walked around the class, holding up my phone so everyone could watch the video of me face-fucking Sophie. “You seem quite intoxicated in this video. Class, would you like to see how Mr. Dunn speaks when he is intoxicated?” He turned up the volume so that the class could hear Sophie gag on my cock, and connected the phone so it showed on the projector.

“Ughhhh, your cock is so good,” I must have drunkenly said in the video. “I mean my cock, my cock is so good, because it’s my cock I’m talking about,” I say, clearly out of it, as I shoved my dick further down her throat. The class is erupting in laughter at my drunken words. “I am the master of this pussy!” I say proudly in the video as Sophie moaned with my dick in her mouth. “All ye peasants shall kneel before me and beg for the privilege of sucking my balls!” The class roared with laughter; I could even hear Sophie laughing on the video.

“All ye peasants?” Will laughed, elbowing me. “And the privilege of sucking your balls? Jesus Luke, how hammered were you?”

The video continued. “All ye peasants must pay tribute to Luke Dunn, master of cocks,” I said in the video as Sophie’s moans and laughed filled the classroom. “I mean, master of pussies. Yeah, that’s it. Master of pussies. Not cookie… not cocks,” I stumbled. At this point, half of the class had their faces red from laughter. “Prepare for a big load, Madame Secretary!” I announced in the video as I sped up my thrusts. “I’m going to fill you up like a… like a, like a pretzel!” I announced proudly in the video, and as I came in the video, everyone in class laughed while Mr. Clague continued to show the video. “Oh yeah,” I said in the video. “It’s soooo good to be king! I declare you Queen Sophie of… of… cuntlandia!” Sophie giggled in the video as she swallowed my load, and the video ended.

“Fill you up like a pretzel?” Mr. Clague asked, smiling.

“Some pretzel bites have peanut butter inside,” I said defensively, for some reason. “I was thinking about those. But can I get my phone back please?”

“In a moment, son,” Mr. Clague said, scrolling through my text messages, and smiling. “Mr. Dunn, care to explain this text from last Friday to your slave? It reads, ‘get ready imma lick your booty like its gummy bear yogurt!'” he read out loud to the class. Oh my god. “Or this one from the day earlier, ‘I just got back from seeing Ryan’s dad and…’ oh…” Mr. Clague said, his tone changing, and the class getting quiet as he read the rest of the text to himself. “I’m sorry I invaded your privacy, Mr. Dunn. Here’s uh, your phone back,” he said somberly, passing my phone back to me.

“Thank you,” I said, putting it in my pocket. Mr. Clague’s tone changed entirely, he no longer had a smug look on his face; now he had a look of concern. “Please see me after class,” he whispered. “Class… we have 30 minutes left,” he said, looking at the clock. “Let’s discuss more about the growth of slavery during the Industrial Revolution…”

The rest of the school day didn’t go much better. At the end of the day, I went down to the lake to clear my head. There’s an old boat house by the dock, and lo and behold, Ryan O’Neill was there smoking a blunt, staring at the afternoon sun.He was wearing a tank top and swimming trunks, revealing his very muscular upper body and his face was sullen and downtrodden.

“Ryan?” I said surprised. “What are you doing here? Nobody’s seen you all day.”

Ryan ignored me for a bit, but then responded after taking a long puff of his blunt. “Do you think less of me, Luke?” he asked me sadly. “Because my father raped you?”

“Uh…” I stuttered. “I don’t know.”

“Sit down,” Ryan said, patting the ground next to him. “I’ll share my weed with you.”

I sat down next to him as Ryan passed me the blunt and a lighter. “I need to unwind after today anyway,” I said, lighting the blunt and inhaling some smoke.

“First one today?” Ryan asked. “Nice. What happened?”

“History class,” I explained, and Ryan winced.

“Yeah, I can see how that would suck for you,” Ryan said. “Fuck man, I’m sorry that happened to you this weekend.”

“I mean… it wasn’t your fault,” I shrugged as I took another puff of the blunt. “Well, at least I don’t think it is. Draven seems to think you were in on it,” I admitted.

“Absolutely not!” Ryan asked defensively. “Look: I feel for you, Luke. My father… he used to rape me too. All the time, like I was a slave instead of his son. At least the slave girls are trained for this; I never was. I spent night after night being brutally raped and tortured by that man since I was an infant. As a boy, I wanted to scream out for help or run away, but my father would always threaten me. ‘You tell anyone about this,’ he’d say, ‘and you’ll be thrown out into the streets without any money and nothing to your name. No one will want a homeless orphan as a husband. You’ll be eaten alive.'”

“That’s…” I said, trying to find the right words. “I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks,” Ryan said, and I saw his eyes watering a bit. “I was so glad to get accepted into Masters, because it meant I got to be in charge for once. I got to be the one doing the raping. And I wouldn’t be hurt by him anymore. And when he visited last week, he was telling me how proud he was of me. That’s the first time I heard that, and I really felt like his son for once. Then I learned that he came to rape you. I’m just so ashamed that I didn’t do anything about it.”

“Ryan…” I said softly. “You were just a boy. You did what you had to do to survive. Your father, he’s evil. Nothing you could’ve done would’ve changed that.”

“I suppose,” Ryan sighed, taking a drag of the blunt and looking out onto the water. “But still… that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have done something about it over homecoming. God Luke, I’m so fucking sorry.”

“It’s ok,” I said, placing a hand on Ryan’s shoulder. “If anything, you’re the real victim here. Now that I know this, it gives me all the more reason to hate your dad. And don’t worry. James Caldwell’s dad secretly recorded the whole thing, so we have blackmail later if needed.”

Ryan’s eyes lit up when he heard that. “You recorded the bastard? Nice!” he said, smiling for the first time today. “So what are you going to do with the tape?” he asked me.
“Don’t know yet,” I replied. “Christopher Caldwell was telling me to wait until I know the moment is right. Then I can really make the Headmaster my bitch.”

Ryan nodded and took another puff of the blunt. “Did you ever tell anybody?” I asked Ryan.

“No,” Ryan said sadly. “Like I said, he threatened me to keep my mouth shut. Besides, who would’ve believed me?”

“I would’ve,” I said to him, passing him back the blunt.

“Thanks,” Ryan said softly. “You’re a good friend,” he said, and then the two of us smoked in silence for a bit while watching the clouds go by. After a while, he spoke again. “You know Luke, I know I have this reputation as this bully or whatever. But it’s only because… it’s the only way I can cope with what happened to me growing up.”

“I get that,” I nodded. “Nobody would be nice if they had to grow up in your situation. Can I confess something too?”Ryan nodded. “I was a virgin until I came to Masters. That’s why Draven wanted to mentor me in the first place.”

“WHAT?” Ryan asked laughing. “Really?”

“Yup,” I laughed back. “Crazy isn’t it?”

“Jesus Christ man,” Ryan chuckled. “You could’ve fooled me. The way you treat your slave, you’re a natural.”

“Well you could’ve fooled me too!” I replied. “You’re so buff and all, plus you’re so aggressive and mean sometimes. It’s crazy to think about you being raped as a child.”

“Well don’t worry,” Ryan reassured me. “You may be new money, but you’re one of us now Luke. Like I said: you’re a good friend.”

“Thanks,” I smiled at Ryan.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, watching the long sunset over the pond, finishing the blunt. Ryan sighed. “I’m not gay or anything dude, but do you wanna just jerk off?”

I chuckled. “We have access to doing absolutely anything we want to slave girls, but you just wanna jerk off by a lake?”

“Hey!” Ryan protested, shoving me playfully, before sighing and getting serious again. “You’re right, we have unlimited access. But sometimes it’s nice to just feel like a regular teenage boy and jerk off without having a girl to torture, you know? I’m sure you did it all the time in Bumfuck.”

“Rumluck,” I corrected him. “But I get what you mean,” I said, taking off my pants. “So what are we jerking off to?” I asked him.

“Nothing in particular,” Ryan said, also taking off his pants, his thick cock dripping with precum already as he stroked it. “We’re just going to jerk off in the sunset.”

I started stroking my cock too. It wasn’t exactly romantic or anything, but there was something satisfying about two teen boys sitting in the grass jerking off next to each other while the sun set, carefree for the first time in a long time. Ryan was playing songs by The Lumineers on his phone while his large biceps flexed as he pleasured himself, his cock showing veins all over the place as he stroked faster and faster, precum dripping everywhere. The redhead’s masculinity was only emphasized by his tank top. I was still in my school uniform, but I undid my tie and dress shirt so my torso was exposed as I kept my suit jacket on. We kept stroking our cocks and jerking off, not talking or really acknowledging each other. But it wasn’t awkward at all; there was just this sense of relaxation between us. Ryan broke the silence as he was stroking himself faster and faster. “Luke?” he said, and I nodded while staring at the sun setting slowly behind the trees. “We should do this more often,” he smiled, and we both laughed together as we sped up our strokes as The Lumineers played in the background. Fuck…

A few days later, I was hanging out with Sophie at the Masters High library. I was studying for my upcoming microeconomics exam while she was studying for her world history exam. I was joined by my friend Matthew Penrose, who is kind of a genius; Sophie had her smart friend Julia helping her out.

“So when you have an indifference curve, you can see if consumers are better off when two goods are consumed together or not,” Matthew explained to me as we went over the material in my textbook. “Let’s say you have three points here,” he said pointing at my textbook. “A, B, and C. You’re consuming at point A; your consumption basket is goods X and Y. Let’s say you’re a lot better off when you consume at point B; you get better consumption baskets at B than at A, but you can’t get to point B…”

Meanwhile Julia was explaining history to Sophie. “So after the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror became King William I of England. His conquest to take control of England divided the country into two nations: the English and the Normans, and ended the Anglo-Saxon period…”

As our friends were trying to explain these concepts to us, Sophie and I were playing footsie underneath the table. She eventually got her foot up to my cock, and we both smiled. She lightly massaged my cock with her feet, and I got hard instantly. Fuck! Her foot is so soft! The stimulation of her touching me through my dress pants and socks turned me on even more, and her smooth feet were rubbing and grinding my dick and balls as I tried to hide my pleasure. After a few minutes of this, she knew she had me right where she wanted me. “Alright guys,” she said, closing her textbook and interrupting Julia mid-sentence. “I think it’s time that we take a break from studying, don’t you think?” she said suggestively to me and winking her eyes as she looked down at my very obvious boner poking through my dress pants.

“Um, ok…” Matt said, completely oblivious. “Should we meet tomorrow then to review the material again?”

“Sure,” I said quickly. “Julia, Sophie has my number so she can text you.”

“Perfect!” Julia said as she closed her books and she and Matt packed up their stuff. “See you tomorrow!”

As soon as they left the library, Sophie didn’t waste any time getting on top of me and shoving her tongue down my throat, massaging my cock through my pants as we made out heavily. “God, Luke,” she panted. “I’m so fucking sick of school. I just really want your cock down my throat right now.”

“Mmm,” I moaned through her mouth. “You know, I don’t think you’ve met my slave Sarah yet. Don’t you think it’s time the two of you got acquainted?”

“Are you asking me to help you torture your slave?” she asked seductively. “Because,” she whispered into my ear. “I would fucking love to.”

I grinned. “Why don’t we take this to my dorm room?”

Sophie and I went up to my dorm, and there was a photo of my shocked face with blood on my fingers attached to my door (from class the other day), next to a photo of a pretzel.

“What’s that about?” Sophie asked.

“VERY FUNNY!” I yelled down the hallway, and I could hear snickering coming from Nolan’s dorm room. “The other day I was fucking Sarah in Slave Training 101, and I was caught off-guard by the period blood. As for the pretzel… I’m sure you remember what I was saying to you last Friday after homecoming.”

Sophie giggled. “Oh my god! That’s hilarious.”

“Oh yeah,” I groaned. “The guys here are a fucking riot,” I said, unlocking my door.

I opened the door to find Sarah lying on her stomach, tied up with rope, moaning and vibrating on the bed. Her legs were tied up while her arms were tied up behind her back, and she was gagged with a ball gag in her mouth while she was vibrated by a large Hitachi wand. “Mmphhhh,” she moaned through the gag as I entered the room.

“Ah, much better!” I exclaimed, turning off the vibrator and slapping Sarah’s ass, while taking the gag out of her mouth.

“M-master,” Sarah panted, barely able to get any words out because of how violently she was vibrated. “Your girlfriend… is here?”

“Indeed!” Sophie said cheerfully. “You must be Luke’s slave. How does my boyfriend treat you?” she asked, looking at Sarah’s plump ass.

“Um, good,” Sarah managed to say as I untied her ropes and let her sit up and rub her wrists. “He treats me… mmmphh.” She couldn’t even finish her sentence because Sophie had shoved her tongue into Sarah’s mouth and began to passionately kiss her.

“Wow,” I said surprised, and very turned on, watching my girlfriend French-kiss my slave while she let her hands wander all over Sarah’s naked body, grabbing her ass cheeks and tits with force as Sarah kissed back.

After a while, Sophie pulled back from Sarah. “Mmm,” Sophie moaned, staring deeply into Sarah’s eyes. “Luke told me how much of a dirty little slut you are when he fucks you,” Sophie whispered seductively, her hands exploring every inch of Sarah’s body. “He said you bleed so hard that your period turns into a wet, bloody mess; he told me that you cum on his cock after he tortures you and calls you names, and how much you love the rough sex… isn’t that right, you little slut?” Sophie said, pinching Sarah’s nipples hard as Sarah cried out in pleasure and pain.

“Yes,” Sarah moaned, grabbing Sophie’s breast. “It’s true, Master uses me for his pleasure and treats me like a total whore.”

“Well Luke is a good master,” Sophie said. “But as for me…” she said, slapping Sarah’s face hard, causing Sarah to moan in pleasure. “…I’m the cruel mistress. The dominatrix,” she whispered, licking Sarah’s neck up and down and making her shiver in pleasure. “And I’m going to show Luke here how to truly torture you,” she said menacingly into Sarah’s ear, and I could see Sarah’s cunt dripping with pussy juices from Sophie’s touch and words.

“Damn Sophie, I love this side of you!” I said.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet,” she said, turning around and smiling at me seductively, and then kissing me passionately as she rubbed my cock through my dress pants. “Get undressed and start fucking your slave, Luke,” she said, licking my lips and making me shiver in pleasure. “I’ll get ready.”

“Ok,” I said, and turned towards Sarah, who had a look of lust in her eyes.

“Master…” Sarah moaned, lying back down on the bed and spreading open her cunt for me, revealing her hairy pussy and blood-stained thighs. “Fill me up with your thick meat.”

I stripped off my dress shirt and pants, revealing my muscular body and fully erect cock. Sarah stared at me hungrily, her eyes full of lust for me. I joined her on the bed, shoving my cock into her pussy while staring into her eyes, which were so submissive that I felt like I was in total control of her body.

“Fuck your slave, Master,” Sarah moaned as I shoved my cock deeper into her hole. “I am your filthy fuck hole.”

“You’re damn right you are!” Sophie said, joining us on the bed and removing her clothing, revealing her curvy body and succulent breasts and nipples, and an immaculate shaven pussy with a perfectly trimmed landing strip. She leaned in and passionately kissed me while I fucked Sarah in the pussy, our tongues wrestling for dominance as she moaned in pleasure. After kissing for a while, Sophie turned towards Sarah, biting her neck.

“AHH!” Sarah yelped in pain as Sophie bit down hard on her neck, leaving teeth marks on her body while I fucked Sarah’s bloody pussy at the same time.

“Luke, baby,” Sophie said. “I really need to take a piss, but the bathrooms here are only for guys. Do you know where I can find a toilet?” she said, and I knew full-well what she meant.

“Sarah, babe,” I said, smiling at my slave while I continued to fuck her bloody pussy. “Why don’t you offer Sophie your mouth as a toilet?”

“Really?!” Sophie squealed happily. “Oh Luke, that’s such a perfect idea! Don’t you think so, slave?” she asked Sarah while grabbing Sarah’s tits and pinching her nipples.

“Y-yes,” Sarah moaned on my cock as I fucked her pussy harder and harder. “Please use me as your toilet, Mistress.”

“Perfect,” Sophie smirked evilly, raising herself above Sarah’s mouth while straddling her, positioning her shaven cunt right above Sarah’s face. “Open wide, slave,” she ordered, and Sarah obeyed, opening her mouth and tongue so Sophie could do her business. Sophie then started to piss directly into Sarah’s mouth as Sarah licked up all of the fluids. “AHHHH!” Sophie moaned in pleasure as her juices poured down into Sarah’s mouth, her golden liquid mixing with Sarah’s saliva as Sarah swallowed it all up. “Drink all of my piss, you dirty slut!” Sophie said while biting her lower lip in pleasure, staring at me intensely as her piss shot out of her cunt like a fountain while Sarah slurped it all up. After a few minutes of this, Sophie finally finished pissing into Sarah’s mouth as Sarah slurped up all of the excess piss that had spilled onto her face.

“Gosh Sophie,” I said, impressed by what I had just witnessed. “I didn’t know you were a watersports girl! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you piss before!”

“There’s so much kinky shit you don’t know about me yet,” Sophie whispered seductively into my ear. “Piss is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Oh?” I said, fucking Sarah as my cock got even harder. “Tell me more.”

“How about I show you?” she said, sticking her fingers deep into her throat. “MMMMPHH!” she moaned as she gagged. What the fuck is she doing?

“Um Sophie,” I said concerned. “What are you—” but before I could finish my sentence, Sophie was projectile vomiting her lunch directly into Sarah’s mouth while still finger-fucking herself in the throat.

“MMMMHHHH!!!!” Sarah screamed in ecstasy as Sophie vomited a hot pile of partially digested lunch food directly into her mouth and onto her face while I was still fucking Sarah in the bloody pussy. What the fuck? Vomit was pouring down Sarah’s mouth as it dripped from Sophie’s mouth as I continued to pound her bloody cunt.

“Ohhhh,” Sophie moaned in pleasure as she kept her fingers shoved deep in her throat. “It feels so fucking good to puke directly into your slave’s mouth!”

“Shit…” I moaned, getting closer and closer to orgasm as I watched this insane sight before me. Sarah’s face was covered in puke, her mouth dripping with Sophie’s stomach acid as Sophie kept shoving her fingers back down her throat for more food to puke up onto Sarah’s face. I was getting close to orgasm, but before I could finish, Sophie puked again onto Sarah’s face, but this time Sophie bent down for a taste of her own. She removed her fingers from her throat and started to lick up the puke on Sarah’s face, consuming her own stomach contents while her face was covered in her own puke and drool. Sophie took a piece of partially chewed tuna that had come up and shoved it into Sarah’s mouth as the two girls French-kissed and exchanged the regurgitated food with each other while I continued to fuck Sarah’s bloody cunt and near orgasm. Holy shit! Watching my girlfriend and my slave swap vomit back and forth was something I never would have expected, but it was insanely sexy to watch Sophie lick Sarah’s face clean of all the puke while she slapped Sarah’s face with one hand, and this time her other hand was inside Sarah’s throat.

“This is what you deserve,” Sophie grunted, continuing to lick up her own puke from Sarah’s face while pounding her fingers down Sarah’s throat, causing Sarah to gag on her fingers. “You are nothing but a worthless toilet for me to use and abuse. That is the only reason why your existence is justified. To be the toilet for our disgusting stomach contents and fluids.” Soon after, the vomit was rising in Sarah’s own stomach; a mix of slave food and Sophie’s piss and puke. Sarah began to choke and gag as Sophie pushed her fingers down further and further down Sarah’s throat. “If you’re going to choke on anything,” Sophie hissed, “Then choke on my vomit you sick fuck!” After a few more seconds of Sophie choking Sarah with her fingers down her throat, Sarah vomited directly on Sophie’s face while my cock was getting ready to cum deep into her bloody cunt.

“AAAAAAHHHH!!!!” I moaned, and the three of us came in unison: Sophie had an orgasm from shoving her fingers down Sarah’s throat, causing Sarah to throw up all over Sophie’s face; I had an orgasm, releasing my load deep inside of Sarah’s bloody hole; and Sarah orgasmed as her cunt spasmed and contracted in pleasure from me fucking her bloody hole raw and getting her used to the rough sex.

After all of this, the three of us collapsed on the bed together, spent. “Both of you, lick up this bloody cock,” I said. Sophie and Sarah’s faces were covered in each other’s vomit as they each took one side of my shaft, licking it up and down.

“You like this Luke?” Sophie moaned through slurps. “Do you like it when your girlfriend and slave clean up the blood and cum from your cock?”

“Yes…” I moaned, getting turned on again, taking a video and live-streaming it to EliteSphere. “You’re both so sexy…”

“Yeah, Master?” Sarah said. “Does Master like seeing his slave covered in his girlfriend’s puke, as they both suck your alpha cock?” she said, taking some puke from her face and shoving it back into her mouth.

“You two are incredible…” I said as Sophie and Sarah both made out with each other with my cock in between them, sharing the leftover spit and puke and blood. As I live-streamed it, the comments were rolling in.

Will: bro this is so fucking hot!

Tommy: haha is that sophie hines?

Jack: damn luke u lucky bastard

Hunter: luke wtf you are fucking legendary!

Nolan: puke’s cool, have you tried shit?

David: sarah is such a hot slut, i love how she loves taking abuse

Kelsey: damn soph, ur one dirty girl!

Draven: atta boy Luke, I’m proud!

All of the Masters Boys and Millis Girls were liking this video on EliteSphere. I had over a hundred likes already in the first minute of the video. Fuck… this is so sexy! Sophie and Sarah were covering my cock in saliva as they kept licking and sucking me.

“Ugh, Master…” Sarah moaned. “It turns me on so much when I’m covered in your girlfriend’s puke!”

“You’re a freak, aren’t you?” Sophie smirked at Sarah, slapping Sarah’s face as she started to eat her own vomit off of Sarah’s face. “I love that you’re a filthy whore, Sarah. I just can’t help myself!” she said, shoving her tongue down Sarah’s throat as the two girls shared a kiss, exchanging the vomit between each other in an epic make-out session. After a while, the girls got off of my cock as I started to shoot another load all over their faces. They started to rub my cum all over their bodies like it was body lotion while making out passionately.

“Get back here,” I said, taking a video of them covered in my cum, and pulling them in for a shot. “Take a selfie with me.” We all took a photo together, their faces all covered in cum and puke while Sarah’s face had multiple bite marks on it from when Sophie bit her earlier.

“Post that!” Sophie ordered me.

“Really?” I said surprised. “Everyone will be so jealous!”

“That’s what I’m counting on!” she smiled evilly, licking my lips. “The guys will be jealous of your kinky RG girlfriend, and the girls will be jealous of my hot boyfriend. And the slaves will be jealous that Sarah gets to have both.”

That night I sent Sarah to David’s room so he could have a threesome with her and his slave Lacey. But more importantly, it let me and Sophie have some alone time. Sophie washed herself up (despite what she said earlier, RGs are allowed in the boy’s bathrooms as long as they have a freshman boy with them), and I fucked her ass as she cleaned the puke off her face and out of her hair. While we were showering and fucking, I had Sarah go down to the laundry room and replace the blood, piss, and puke-stained bedsheets. Now, the bed contained just me and Sophie, both nude as I had my hands behind my head and her cuddling up against me.

“So what did you think about me and Sarah tonight?” Sophie asked me. “Did you like watching your slave being covered in my puke and me projectile vomiting directly into her mouth?”

“Of course,” I moaned. “That was so fucking hot. I didn’t expect you would be into that.”

“Oh, of course I am!” she giggled. “Last year, my friend Julia and I practiced on the slaves at Millis. We would line up the slaves in a row and saw who could projectile vomit the farthest and longest. The winner would get to abuse a slave that night!” she said cheerfully. “I used to win all the time, and my mentor Madison was so proud.”

“Of course you girls are competitive about that,” I laughed, pulling her in closer. “The two of you seem close.”

“We are,” Sophie sighed, cuddling me closer. “Me, her, and Kelsey were kind of like you, David, and Will when we were freshmen. We helped each other navigate the place. Oh!” she giggled. “Also we used to gross out our boyfriends when doing puke play together. Her boyfriend Cody and my ex-boyfriend Mike were coming back to Mike’s dorm from a football game last year…” she started to laugh. “…and they walked in to me and Julia making out with each other puking while their slaves cleaned it up!” she laughed hysterically now. “They were so disgusted!”
I chuckled. “Well I don’t find it disgusting one bit!” I said confidently.

“Oh yeah?” she said. “Then give me a kiss. I haven’t brushed my teeth since all that happened tonight!”

“Hmm… maybe next time!” I laughed, and I playfully pushed her away as she laughed. “But seriously though, I’m glad we did it tonight. I know we haven’t fucked since homecoming…”

“Yeah, what was up with that?” she laughed. “You were hammered out of your mind. I mean, the Queen of Cuntlandia?”

“Yeah, about that…” I sighed, getting serious. “I drank a lot that night, but it was because I was trying to forget what happened to me the night before. I probably should’ve told you sooner, but…”

“Baby, what are you talking about?” she asked, concerned.

And I told her what happened. All of it.

“W-why didn’t you tell me sooner?” she asked me, fighting back tears. “Who the fuck does he think he is?!”

“I didn’t want you to think I was weak,” I admitted. “You’re always talking about how you like strong guys, and-”

“You ARE strong, Luke,” she interrupted. “You know who’s weak? Assholes like Mike, who beat people up because I’m not fucking him anymore. People like the headmaster, putting you in this position so he can gain his own power. People like Lionel, who rape their own son because they wouldn’t have any power otherwise. THOSE are weak men. Not you.”

“Thanks Sophie,” I said, not really knowing what else to say to that.

“You know why I talked to you at the party a few weeks ago?” she asked. “I was looking at you all night. You were getting rejected left and right. Most Masters Boys would’ve just given up and headed home, or the more aggressive ones would’ve straight-up tried to rape someone. But you kept your dignity in tact, and you impressed me. And you impressed me further when I learned you were new money. It’s not easy to be the ‘new kid’ in the wealthy community, but you’ve proven yourself. And it’s sexy as hell, Luke.”

I grinned. “I’m glad you think so,” I said, hugging her tight.

By that Friday, I was a changed man from what I was a week prior. I strutted into Slave Training 101 with confidence.

“Well someone looks chipper today!” Mr. Baxter said. “What’s up with you, Dunn?”

“Oh nothing,” I smirked. “I’m just excited for today’s lesson.”

“Well let’s get to it then,” Mr. Baxter said as all the freshmen’s slaves lined up next to him. “Today we’re going to be reviewing the fundamentals of sexual torture,” he announced to the class.

“Mr. Baxter,” I spoke up, and all eyes turned towards me. “With all due respect, I think we’re a little past that,” I said, and the other guys laughed.

Mr. Baxter raised his eyebrows. “You think you’ve mastered sexual torture already? Well, I suppose you’ve been fucking your slave quite regularly in class… you think you’re a pro at this already?”

“I think I am,” I said confidently as Ryan O’Neill smirked at me in approval.

“Well Mr. Dunn,” Mr. Baxter said sternly, walking up to me until he was less than a foot away from my face. “Do you want to prove it?”

“That’s exactly what I want,” I replied smugly.

“Very well,” Mr. Baxter said, walking back to the front of the classroom. “Mr. Dunn, here is a screwdriver. Do your worst, but for this lesson, you can’t do anything that would…”

Before he finished his sentence, I had already grabbed the screwdriver and jammed it deep into Sarah’s asshole with full force, causing her to cry out in pain. “Ahhh!!!! Yes Master!” Sarah yelled in pleasure.

“…kill her…” Mr. Baxter said in surprise as everyone watched on in shock. “Or cause her to lose any organs like eyes,” he added with a defeated sigh.

“Master!” Sarah moaned like an animal. “I want you to push the screwdriver further inside me!”

“Gladly!” I smirked, shoving the screwdriver deeper into her asshole as blood started to come out.

“Fuck, man!” Logan Hawthorne said from the audience as I kept pushing the screwdriver into Sarah’s anus. “David, get up there! Don’t let Draven’s protégé – I mean your friend – show you up!” Interesting. I guess there’s a bit of a competition between Draven and Logan.

“Have any stronger tools, Mr. Baxter?” David asked smugly, as it became clear that Draven and Logan (through me and David) have taken over the class.

“Sure, why not,” Mr. Baxter sighed in defeat, handing David a hand saw. “Same rules apply. Good luck finding a use for a saw that doesn’t damage any organs,” Mr. Baxter laughed. “Even though that’s kind of the point of a saw.”

“Oh, Logan’s showed me one thing,” David said, as he took the saw and went to his slave Lacey. Before I could even realize what he was doing, David was sawing through Lacey’s right leg from the knee down.

“AAAAHHH!!!” Lacey screamed in pain as blood splattered everywhere while she writhed in agony.

“Holy shit!” someone yelled from the crowd, as all the other freshmen and seniors looked in disbelief.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Baxter,” David said as the teacher came over. “She’s not maimed, just a bit bruised. Nothing the paramedics can’t fix in a few hours. In fact… SLAVE!” he said, about to give orders to Lacey. “Use that blood as lubricant and shove your whole hand into your anus!”

“Yes Master,” Lacey moaned like an animal, wiping the blood off her partially-severed leg and shoving it inside her ass. “AHHH!” she cried in pain as she inserted her hand deeper into her hole.

“All right, Mr. Webber,” Mr. Baxter said. “You’ve proven your point. Yes, the paramedics are always on stand by in this class, but that doesn’t mean this is a class where you test how far you can go before you kill your slave!”

“That’s taught in junior year!” James Caldwell yelled from the crowd, and everyone laughed.

“Oh for fuck’s sake…” Mr. Baxter mumbled.

As David and I returned to the bleachers, everyone was giving him high-fives. Looks like he won this round. Not that we were competing. But based on Logan’s smug look and Draven’s disappointed frown, it looks like the senior best friends were feuding. And unfortunately, I’d bet you anything that David and I will end up in the middle of whatever bullshit this is now.

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