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Poor Marta

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I’m homeless lost all on bitcoin and now leave in tent city in the woods. Tried to find work to no avail so I began drinking booze to easy the pain. One evening getting over a hangover I saw a little brown girl about 16/17 roaming in the woods with a bag. She was dropping food to other homeless people then came pass my tent

I approached her with a smile and she had a toothy grin. I told her thank you and that I never seen her before. She heard about the tent city and wanted to pass some food to use. I told her that was wonderful as I eyed her figure. I told her my name is Lyle and say her name was Marta. I choked down the food and follow her as she finished her work.

I said I would walk her out of the wood and she nodded yes. Actually I took her off the path to some where secluded where an old shack by the river was. Marta still didn’t noticed anything until she saw the shack. She asked me if this still the way back to her car.

I dont know what came over me but I slammed her into the shack causing her to fall on the dirt floor. Marta had tears and fear in her eyes. Now the darkness flushed over me and I embraced it. This spic was going to get raped and no one could save her. I grabbed a nearby beer bottle breaking it to create a weapon.

She crawl to a corner with fear and shaking as I came toward her. I told her I dont want to hurt but easy or hard I was going to rape her. After 2 years of being homeless with no to lose Marta was just a sweet piece meat to be pounced on.

She knew the assignment and dropped her clothes down to her panties and bra. The brown bitch’s body was beautiful and reminded me of my playboy days with money. I lunged at her ripping her underwear off. I grabbed her perky brown tits groping them and putting my mouth on them to suck and bite. She yelp then I shoved my fingers up in her wet cunt. Marta was moving around with my two fingers fingerbanging her.

I place her bare ass on the broken down counter in the shack. Spread her legs and rammed my 8 inch cock in her as she jerk back. I slammed into calling her a spic cunt my balls slapping her asshole. The pussy was so good I almost came then turn her on her stomach. I spit a goober in her butt and rammed my rod in her tight butt. Buttfucking this bitch turned me on making me get rougher with pulling her long black hair. Jerking her neck back in forth smacking her ass hard. I could see blood dripping from ass making me good deeper. I blew the deepest thickiest load every mixing with her blood ass.

I scoop up some of the mixture and made her ate it. It was night fall when we made it to her Honda Civic. I drove with her in the passenger seat made her suck my cock as we drove to another state. At a truck stop I put her in the trunk and went to eat then met a few guys that the move thing illegal. I asked about girls and one of them said he does.

I showed him Marta and he got excited. I sold her for 3 grand and he stuck a needle in her arm. He took the car and left me at the truck stop. I guess I found my new calling.

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  • Reply Rob ID:1e7nl6u1yusm

    Amazing story writer please get in touch with me I also have a true story I posted under abuse it’s called abused and actually enjoyed it part 1 and part 2

    • Amazingstorieswriter ID:1dyb1d1fj2xg

      Hey Rob whats happening…

      I will give a read.