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My son gets his first hard on

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Ok from my last post you know my son saw one of his classmates jerking off and one of the bathrooms.
Well yesterday would have been his day to go back to school but we decided a week ago we were traveling to go see family and friends so that’s where we’re doing right now.

I was talking to one of my friends that I’ve known since grade school who’s about 5 years older than me and lived near me groing up. She’s ba single mother too. She knows everything that happened to me with my dad and how i got a much older man to get me pregnant. We got to talking on the phone and talking about our kids she asked me how old my son was now and I told her he’s 10 but he’ll be 11 this coming June.

She replied Oh what a great age has he gotten a hard on yet??
Damn that cought me off guard. I replied Not yet why fo you ask?
She said just wondering thats all. And i replied no whats up? Well she came back and said I know all that has happened to you and was wondering if you have done anything with your son?
Ok tons of stuff going through my mind st this point. Do I let her know? Not sure what to say. I replied and asked her if she has done anything with her daughter? (14) . She said yes I have. Omg this got me excited. So I told her what me and my son have been up to since a very early age.

So at this point we decided I would come and visit her on my trip and we would stay a week with her. I didn’t tell my son what was up so it would be a surprise when we got to my friend’s house and he would have two women and one girl to play with.

When we flew in they picked us up at the airport. She has a minivan and all thre back windows are tinted. I got in the front seat my son got in the back and sat next to her daughter. From what she was wearing I could tell she had no bra on. She had a skirt on too and guessed she had no panties on as well. I knew something was going to happen.

(ok at this point to kake it easier to write we will cal my friend tina her daughter will be jasmine or jaz and my son we will call michael non of these are correct)

I gave my tina a dirty look and she gave me a dirty smirk back and whispered wait till we hit the freeway. She smiled after that. I looked back at the kids and the jaz had a devilish look on her face. I knew at this point my son would be surprised and happy of what was going to happen. It took bout bout 15 min to get out of the airport. At that time my tins called back to jaz and said hunny what do you have for michael? At that point jaz turn towards michael and lifted her shirt to reveal her gorgeous tits. My sons eyes got big and his jaw dropped. Jaz said they wont suck themselves. OMG I almost laughed but it got me excited. Michael leaned over and put his mouth on her tits and began sucking away. At same time Tina lifted her shirt and bra up and told me that I had something to suck on too.

Btw the front side windows are not tinted so im sure people saw what I was doing.

As I was sucking on tinas tit I could see in the back jaz lifted up her skirt to show off her bald pussy. She grabbed Michael’s hand and placed it on her pussy. My son knows how to play with pussies very well it wasn’t long before jaz was moaning. After about 5 minutes of sucking on her tits and playing with her pussy my son under his belt got on his knees in front of jaz and buried his face into her pussy. I didn’t want to tell him to get back in his seat yet but I gave him a few minutes to eat her pussy then told him to get back in the seat and buckle back up there will be time for this when we get to the house.

We got to the house and I told Tina that I needed to take a shower first because we were running late and I couldn’t take a shower before we had to go to the airport. My son needed to shower as well. Tina told jaz to show Michael where the bathroom was and to go ahead and join them in the shower. Jaz grabbed Michael’s hand and let him upstairs to show him where the bathroom was. Tina then let me into the master bedroom on the first floor and we both jumped into the shower. We began to kiss each other suck on each other’s tits play with each other’s pussies but we are also in there to get cleaned up. We spent bout 20 min in the shower we got out put towels on our heads and towels around our bodies. We went to the other bathroom to check on the kids and sure enough jaz was on her knees and sucking on my sons hard cock. Omg i said, Michael looked at me and said look Mommy I got a hard-on. hi I replied to him and said have you come yet baby and he said no he hadn’t. I told jaz I know you love his hard cock but because it’s his first time I want his cum first.

We all went down to the master bedroom made sure that we are all dry from the shower and got on to the king size bed Tina had in her room. I told Michael to lay down on the bed and I jumped between his legs and began sucking on his beautiful cock. I caressed his balls, licked his balls and licked his ass. Tina laid next to him on the bed jaz got in between her legs and started eating her mom’s pussy. After bout 5 minutes I looked at Tina and told her to come over here and suck this beautiful cock. Tins began in his cock and I went up to his face and placed my pussy on his mouth for him to eat. He ate my pussy so well like always. But I knew that Michael was probably close to coming and I didn’t want to rush it. I tell Tina to stop sucking his cock and told my son to get him between my legs as I lay down next to Tina and eat my pussy for a while. I wanted the feeling of him wanting to come to subside a little bit to make it last longer. the two kids ate both of us for more than 20 minutes Tina was having an orgasm and grabbed her daughter’s head and began cumming into her mouth. After that they switch places and Tina began eating out jaz.

I asked Michael are you ready to fuck Mommy? He replied with excitement yes mommy yes. His lil cock was a bit soft so I told him to bring his cock to me and he put it in my mouth I got him nice and hard again and told him to get back in between my legs and slide your cock into my pussy. As soon as his cock slid into my pussy OMG I was in heaven. I almost had an orgasm right then and there. He again sliding his cock in and out little slow but I told him to pick up the pace and pound my pussy hard. He pounded me for awhile. I could see on his face and the moaning he was doing that he was about to cum. I said baby put your cock in my mouth. Because I wanted to taste his first cum. He jumped up place his cock in my mouth and blew a nice pretty huge load for his first time.

I slid my son off of me and rolled over and placed my mouth above Jasmine’s mouth and gave her a snowball of my son’s cum. I then grabbed tina by the face and kissed her and gave her a lil bit of his cum and I swallowed the rest.

Jasmine was squirming I knew she was about to cum herself. I looked at Tina and said do you want Michael to fuck her? Tina replied she hasn’t been fucked yet and said we can do thst tomorrow. Without anybody saying something to Michael he slid over and placed his cock into Jasmine’s mouth. Tina continued to eat her pussy. I leaned down to suck on her tits. This sent jaz over the edge and she came in her moms mouth.

2nd day of fun where michael and jaz fuck coming soon

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    My son was barely 12 when he had his first hardon one night while cuddling and watching tv with me. My husband was away on work assignment. My son was a little panicked so i told him to think about schoolwork and it will go to “sleep”. 20min later it was still hard and because of his right brief it was starting to ache. So i told him to take off his undies and just use his shorts. He was stressed and took it off right there. I got to see that rock hard cock spring up to 10’o clock as he set it free. I was quite surprised to see that it was already big enough to satisfy even an adult woman. It was only about 5 inches but on a puny skinny boy it looked big. Another 10 mom later it was still rock hard so i also started stressing so i called my husband to determine what to do to get it to sleep. My husband is a naughty perv. But a good naughty perv. Lol. And he jokingly suggested I give son a “helping hand” lol
    At the 45 minute point when it still wasnt going to sleep i had to take matters into “my own hands”

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