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I love dogs

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My friends Dobermann made me his bitch and opened my eyes to the wonderful world of dog sex.

When I was 10 I had slept over at my friend Sophie’s house, in the morning, it was a Sunday, Sophie and her mom got dressed and went to church service, I wasn’t religious so they left me in the house until they got back.

When they left I got my usual morning shower, wrapped myself in my pink fluffy bathrobe, then went back in to the bedroom, put on some music, then sat at Sophie’s dressing table drying my hair.

I turned off the hairdryer and started to brush my hair while singing along to the song, it was then I heard a weird sound so I turned the music off to listen, for a few seconds I couldn’t hear anything, then I heard the bedroom door squeak open so I quickly turned around, and I giggled with relief, it was just Henry, Sophie’s dog, he’s a big black Dobermann.

“Hi Henry.” I said, then turned back around, put the music back on and continued brushing my hair.

A few moments later I jumped out of the chair after feeling something between my legs, Henry had walked around the front of the chair, put his head up my robe and nudged my pussy with his nose, “No. Bad dog.” I snapped at him, I walked over to the door and pointed sternly in to the hallway, “Get out.” I commanded.

Henry lowered his head and growled at me, so I stamped my foot, “Out!” I shouted, he then showed his teeth and barked at me, which made me jump and fear him, I slowly walked sideways towards the bed and then towards him, “Henry, be nice.” I said, holding my hand out to show I was friendly.

As I got closer to him he stepped forward and barked at me twice, then he bit the sleeve of my robe and wouldn’t let go of it, as I tried to pull away my robe came off and I tripped and fell on to my butt on the floor, now naked and exposed, Henry immediately ran over, put his head between my legs and started licking my pussy, I tried to push his head away but he just growled at me when I tried, I was scared so I just let him do what he was doing.

“Please, Henry, stop. Go away.” I begged him, even though I was kind of liking the tingly feeling of him licking my pussy with the long rough surface of his tongue.

He heard a noise outside then ran and jumped on to the bed and started barking out of the window, I used that as my chance and I got up and ran for the door, but Henry saw me and he chased after me, he was very quick, he jumped on to my back, his enormous size and weight made me fall over on to my hands and knees.

That’s when he jumped up on me with his front paws, and he was doing something behind me, I looked underneath myself to try see and I saw his big red pointy cock sticking out, he was thrusting it at my behind, he kept hitting my bum cheeks with it and almost got it up my bum, but then it found my pussy hole and went inside, “Argh – Ouch! – No, Henry!” I cried out when I felt his cock penetrate my virgin pussy.

He started humping me really fast from behind, very-very fast, his claws were digging in to my back and I could hear him panting loudly, I was being raped by a dog.

I was in a lot of pain and crying but at the same time found it strangely pleasurable, after about 2 minutes I felt a strange sensation, a warm wetness deep inside my pussy when he ejaculated, then Henry stopped humping and jump off me.

I collapsed to the floor, my face planted in the carpet, I couldn’t move at first, my legs felt very weak, eventually I gained enough strength to lift myself back up and I looked around, Henry was laying on the floor behind me licking his balls.

I began to crawl towards the door and I almost made it, then I heard him growling at me again from behind, I picked up the pace and crawled faster but then Henry appeared, he ran ahead of me, jumped up at the door and it closed shut, how the hell did he even know how to do that, it was clear I was dealing with a very intelligent dog.

He faced me and growled, showing his teeth again, I was very scared but understood what he wanted, I turned around and crawled back in to the room towards the bed, just as I put my hands on the bed to lift myself up, Henry jumped on me again, “No, Henry!” I cried out.

Once again I felt him thrust his cock in to my pussy and he started humping me.

My arms gave way under his weight on my back and I was now with my face on the floor and ass in the air, my knees slid further apart and Henry just kept relentlessly humping me from behind, I felt my hole stretching open wider, his cock felt bigger than before, as I looked underneath myself I saw his knot vanish in to my pussy and it felt very big and tight inside of me, “Argh – Stop!” I cried.

Henry had knotted me and we were now stuck together, he ejaculated inside me again but couldn’t get his cock out, so I had to reach behind and pull it out, it wasn’t easy and it hurt a lot as it popped out, and his yellow sperm dripped out of me.

I rolled on to my back and just laid motionless on the floor, I didn’t even have the strength to stop him when he came back over and started to lick his own sperm off my pussy.

I managed to sit up against the bed and he came over to me, sat down and licked my face, suddenly he was being all friendly, even wagging his stumpy tail, he nudged his nose in to my chest wanted to cuddle, I was very angry with him but for some reason I still put my hand on him and stroked him, “You’re a bad dog!” I said.

I didn’t say anything to Sophie or her mom when they got back, or anyone else, I was too embarrassed.

In the days that followed I became less angry and less fearful of Henry, I started having dreams about him fucking me, nearly a week after he raped me I began to crave him, for some reason I wanted to be fucked by Henry again.

So I went to Sophie’s house, she was at home but doing her homework, so I offered to take Henry for a walk, I took him back to my house and up to my room, I took off my clothes, got on my hands and knees, and then I called him over, he sniffed then licked my pussy before mounting and fucking me again, and I really enjoyed it this time, because this time I really wanted it.

I’ve been letting Henry and other dogs fuck me ever since, I love getting fucked by dogs, I’m 12 now and I have never had sex with a human, and probably never will.

“Good boy, Henry. Good Boy”

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