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Show And Smell

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I forgot to close my legs when I sat down, until a boy looked under the table to see my panties.

I spread my legs, and he dropped his spork again. So, I crossed them when he looked down to get it.

He sat back up, across from me in the lunch room. I giggled, so my friends asked me what was so funny.

“Nothing,” but I crossed my legs, and rubbed them together until he got up, and headed for the door. “I’m done if anybody.” They started fighting over my chicken nuggets and fries before I even finished asking if anyone wants them?

He beat me to the bathroom, but there was another boy in there when I peeked. I covered another giggle, and let the door shut, because he was standing in front of the urinal, peeing. The pantie peeper went in the toilet stall on the end, but I couldn’t see if it had the wheel-chair sign on the door when he closed it.

So, I waited out there, and took drinks from the water fountain when girls came, and went from the girl’s room. Since it was right between the bathroom doors, but there were lots of girls waiting by the sinks, and the mirrors for the toilets. Since it was lunch, and we’re closest to the lunch room, but the other boy came out first. With his pants zipped up, and a paper towel to finish drying his hands.

I went to listen to him fapping, but another boy came in behind me. “What are you doing in here?”

“The girl’s room is full, so.”

“I don’t care this is the boy’s room, so no girls allowed.”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, but then mister peeper creepers came right out after me before I decided whether to leave, or keep waiting for him to finish.

“What were you doing in there?” He looked around, but I waved him down to whisper back.

‘you like my panties?’ I took his hand, and led him off to the stairwell. He looked surprised, then confused, but he didn’t let go. He followed me upstairs, and back down the hall to the other bathrooms.

‘you’re okay with me, looking?’

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes. “Just wait for me.” I pushed him towards the door, and went in the girl’s room. Thank god everyone was downstairs for lunch, so I pulled my panties off, and sniffed them real quick to make sure they were really stinky. “Uh!” I pulled my mask up, and went out to knock on the door. As soon as he peeked, I stuffed them in front of his mask. “Smell my pussy?”

I ran away giggling, but the naughty feeling stayed with me all day, every time my legs made a little air slip up under my dress to remind me I was naked under there. Well, half naked, I felt half naked all day, and I tried scissoring in class, because I heard girls can orgasm that way. I couldn’t sit still, and the teacher saw me fidgiting, so finally he got up, and came over to lean down, and whisper. ‘if you have to go to the bathroom so badly, just ask.’

He left a paper slip on my desk with the times on it, so I only had 10 minutes to run down there and back, but I barely found my love button when it sent jolts through my whole body like electric shocks, and I shivered on the toilet with my knees knocking together until I could breathe.

“Oh!” I put my head back to rest it on the flush valve until it stopped spinning, and even though it was like the coldest hardest pillow ever, the pleasure from my first orgasm was so overpowering, it drowned out everything, including the almost painful hexigonal nut on top digging into my skull through my hair.

“Huh!” It took way more than 10 minutes to catch my breath, and trust my knees to hold me up, but I dried my pussy, and went back to class. Satisfied enough to finish the reading, and even listen to the next lesson, even though I was afraid to take notes. On Social Studies, knowing all I wanted to do was doodle dicks and stuff in the margin, so if anybody saw it and asked, I’d spill my guts bragging about the dirtiest naughtiest thing I’d ever done in my whole life!

Well, I was only 9, so. I had plenty of time to get naughtier, and dirtier, especially with that boy if he ever came back. Maybe on lunch, next time I can give him a better look. A closer look with my panties down, so I can rub his nose in it and give him a good smell of my horny sex juices shoved up his nose so he can smell them all day.

“Huh?” He tapped me on the shoulder, waiting out by the bus, and holding my skirt down with my book, afraid that the wind could blow it up any time, and show the whole school I wasn’t wearing any underwear until he pulled my arm so I had to hold it with one hand while he stuffed my panties in the other.

He just winked, and walked off, but they were still warm? After hours, and hours of being in his pocket? Stuffed down his pants? In his underwear? Finally, the busses pulled up, so I could run all the way back to the back seat, and bend over, uncrumpling them to find the stains wadded up on the inside. Sure enough, most of it was dry and crusty, but there was a little still wet, and warm for me to hold up, and pull down my mask.


“Ew, panty sniffing lezzy!”

“Uh!” I stuffed them down my skirt. “I’m not a lesbo, just because.” I shook my head, because I couldn’t tell him that I was sniffing my panties, so I bit my lip.

“So,” he scooted over, and put his arm up, so I had to duck my head to let him stick it over my shoulders. “You bisexual?”

I shook my head, “You like smelling dirty panties?” I pulled them out, still wadded up. (Pun intended.)

“She didn’t piss, or crap in them or anything.” He shook his head.

“No,” I leaned over, ‘they’re mine, and i’ve been so horny all day. so, pull down your mask.’

“UPH!” He pushed them down, when I rubbed his face in them, then he wiped off his nose. “What the fuck!”

“Language?” Karen stood up, and looked over the seat back, until she saw me hiding my panties down my skirt again. “UGH!” She ran up the aisle, or tried to until she shoved a boy, and he shoved her back. “Watch it!”

“Don’t touch me, pervert!” She smacked him.

“Don’t push me, Karen!” I giggled, but when I looked around, that boy was gone. He must have ducked down behind another seat, so nobody could stop me pulling up my legs, one by one, and sliding them up to rub the cold sticky mess right into my warm wet pussy.

I can’t get pregnant before my period, right? “Huh!” I sat back down, and crossed my legs to rub them together, and feel it squishing in there until it dried up.

I can’t wait until I see him again tomorrow, but I’ve got all night, and the next morning to think of all the dirty things I want to make him do tomorrow on lunch.

And see how many more orgasms I can get, now that I know how to get them…

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  • Reply Bill62552 ID:1e393s1fdhmu

    Would like to hear more

  • Reply Raj the Sniffer ID:7lxwjy1d9a

    Lovely attitude of Karen to make this guy to smell her horny pussy strong scent instead of only peeking under her skirt . Please write more of such interesting incidents in the school . Thank you !