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Thanks for the gift, mom

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I saw my little sister laid out naked on mom’s bed and I couldn’t resist hitting it. Best pussy I ever had.

I’m 15 and I was downstairs while mom was upstairs with my 10 year old sister, Sophia, who has cerebral palsy, mom was helping her shower as she did every single day, I used to help but now that Sophia was older mom said it wouldn’t really be appropriate for me to see her naked.

However, on this particular day, mom got a call from dad saying that he was unable to get home due to a train cancellation and he needed mom to go and pick him up, mom had to leave quickly in order to beat the rush hour, so called me upstairs, “I have to go collect your dad, I need you to watch Sophia until I get back. Help her get dried and in to her pyjamas. I shouldn’t be more than an hour.” Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek and rushed down the stairs and out of the door.

Mom had her in her bedroom, when I walked up to the door and looked in, Sophia was laid out on top of my parents big double bed, on her back, with her legs dangling over the bottom of the bed, and she was completely naked and soaking wet, my cock got harder as I took each step closer to the bed, she was just laid out on it, completely naked, like something from a horny teenage boys wet dream, my wet dream.

“Hi Callum.” She said, speaking slowly, sounding out every single word, struggling a little to speak due to her CP.

I stood at the bottom of the bed towering over her and looking down at her, “Hi.” I replied, rubbing my eyes all over her body, and feeling my erect cock trying to burst out of my jeans.

I took a fragranced wet-wipe from the packet that was on the bed next to her, and I wiped a little drool from her chin, then I wiped random spots of her body and then wiped her spongy hairless pussy, pressing hard with my fingers, feeling her crack and folds through the wipe, and I watched her facial reactions, she was smiling, and her eyes widened every time I put pressure on her clitoris.

I leaned down over her so we were face to face, I gave her a little kiss on the lips, “Beautiful baby.” I said, she smiled, I licked her lips, her chin and her nose, she giggled, “You’re funny.” She said, then I tossed the wipe away and rubbed her pussy with my bare hand, it was so soft and warm, teasing her slip with my fingertips.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled my erection out, then I put it in her hand and she sort of tickled it gently with her fingers and feeling its stiffness while wondering what it was, and while she did that and got me harder and harder, I rubbed my hand all over her small soft body and got extremely aroused.

I moved her further up the bed and then I wiggled myself between her open legs, she lifted her knees like she knew what I was about to do to her, and I pushed the tip of my cock into her slit and after a few short but hard thrusts, I penetrated her, “Ooa-Oouch.” She cried out.

“It’s okay, Sophia…” I said, as I pushed in some more and penetrated her deeper, I pinned her arms above her head and started to fuck her, “…I love you. I love you.” I said.

She cried a little but I could she was enjoying it, her moans proved that, I was just pumping away at her tight little hole, my balls slamming against her butt cheeks, her legs swinging in the air, listening to her moan in sync with my thrusts, “Ooh – Ungh – Mm – Ungh – Ung – Mm.”

I didn’t have the stamina to last too long, maybe about 5-6 minutes, then I just exploded, completely emptying my balls into her, she cried a little afterwards, I think because I got too excited and pounded her too hard, but I managed to calm her down and we became friends again.

I cleaned her up and dressed her in her pyjamas, and then carried her in to her own room where we both sat on her bed and watched TV waiting for mom and dad to get home.

She was a good girl and didn’t tell on me for what I’d done.

And I never did it again. Which I kind of regret now, I would have loved to have fucked her some more.

I just couldn’t resister her sexy little body laid out on the bed like that, it was like mom left me a present before she left, maybe she should have wrapped it and told me not to open it, but I now understood why mom didn’t think it was appropriate for me to see Sophia naked at her age, I guess on some level mom knew I’d proper get a boner for Sophia if I saw her naked, and she was right, I did.

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  • Reply Dewbury ID:1co45bqmytnd

    Great story pity you did not go back for seconds over the years.

  • Reply Lewd1976 ID:1d2v09nu13ps

    Lovely story. I’d love to hear more

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfxzm

    Shame you didn’t take advantage more often. Do it while you can, I always say. Still, it seems you both enjoyed it, so that’s fine.

  • Reply Jaydragon ID:1cwpwr94t8fm

    That was a good story. I am sure if she was older she would have enjoyed it more often and would have asked you to do it to her again.