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Sister In Law running late and gets Vitamin D

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I go to my sister in laws every morning to get her kids to take them to school. Usually she is up has her robe on and made breakfast and her daughter is eating.
Not this morning, I arrive and don’t see lights on like usual. I have my daughter inside and tell her to play. I put a tray of cinnamon rolls in and to my surprise her daughter is dressed and playing since her mom lays her clothes out the night before.
I got into my sister in laws bedroom and call her name and she doesn’t say anything or move. Now I know from her staying over with us that she sleeps in the nude like my wife and I, so I go peels her covers off and hope the ceiling fan would make her cold and move. Nope nothing from her. She has a cute bubble butt and I smack it playfully and still nothing. Well damn, so I’m now hard from starring at her. So I figured what the hell and jump on her and nothing so I rub myself up and down her pussy and push in when I precum more. She lets out a grunt but doesn’t move. I am fucking her pretty good and she doesn’t move til the last moment right before I cum. She asks WTF am I doing she is not her sister and I hold her by the shoulder and cum inside her. She feels it and freaks out and says WTF I am not on birth control and am ovulating. I said no shit thats why you were so creamy and she said that and thought I was having a sex dream.
I get off the bed and pull my pants back up. I go out to get the cinnamon rolls and frost them and make everyone a plate. My sister in law comes down with her robe on and sits down and eats. I smear and play with the frosting and ask if it reminds her of something. The girls are done and head for the door and my sister in law smirks and says yeah and you better by me plan B because I’m not getting pregnant and I say what I didnt hear you and shut the door and leave. Well we shall see in a couple weeks if shes pregnant!

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  • Reply Heywood ID:5unsb82m9c

    What an asshole.

  • Reply Jason ID:1e91m6ve4g4o

    Finally the site publishes one of my experiences