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Paula’s Night Out

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My wife Paula went out with her friends recently and managed to get used and raped…..I shall tell her story exactly as she told me…………
I was sitting watching UFC fighting on TV when I heard the key in the door.
I could here a little sniffling and moving around, and then she entered the lounge; tears and mascara smeared all over her face along with red lipstick smeared across her lips and clothes partly torn in some parts and looking dishevelled.
There were also wet patches on parts of her clothing and skin, some of which had dried a pale white colour and she stank of spunk.

Paula had been out with a few of her mates.
When it all wrapped up, they set off on their separate ways with Paula walking back to the multi story car park where she had parked her car.
Almost everyone who parks there cuts through the park to get there as it’s much quicker; its reasonably well lit but not too bright and obviously, dependent on the time of day sometimes there are other people, sometimes not.

As I say she had been out so she was wearing a short, low cut black dress with heels; face made up, and I suspect, Paula being Paula, was her usual flirty self when in the pubs-she just loves the attention
AS she was walking through the park, she said she heard a small noise but thought nothing of it, suspecting maybe a cat or fox moving around.
As she continued on the footpath through the park, she felt hands and arms go around her neck; she tried to scream but by then there was a hand covering her mouth too.
There was a little scuffling, which was when she saw that it wasn’t one person but two, and she was being half dragged, half carried into some big bushes and trees.

She was stood up in the middle of some huge trees with a little clearing; as the hand went from her mouth she was going to scream but her mouth was quickly covered again.
She was told if she screamed again or tried to run they would hurt her and anyway, they knew where she lived..
As she quietened, they both pushed her backwards against a tree and simultaneously started to paw her all over…..hands everywhere.
She was asking them to stop but they told her to shut up and she could feel hands rubbing over her clothes; her tits, her arse and then between her legs to her cunt.
Paula was still telling them to stop but again, they repeated the warning of her being hurt if she didnt quieten,

Now one guy was behind her, holding her arms back, with the other now directly in front.
He started again to rub her tits over her dress whilst ‘mmmmm ing’; then without any warning, pulled hard on the middle of her low cut dress, ripping it so that her tits were now on show in her bra.
He rubbed her tits hard until he hooked both hands under them to take them out of the bra.
She said she couldn’t help it as when he ripped her tits out her nipples got rock hard.
He started to rub her tits and pull on her nipples as he laughed and said to the other guy ‘this fucking slut loves it…..look at her hard nipples’.

She had calmed a bit….enough for the other guy to join his mate in front of her.
They took one tit each and kneaded, pulled and eventually, sucked a nipple each at the same time.
Paula said to me that although she was still struggling a bit, the more she struggled, the wetter she got and when both sucked her nipples together she almost orgasmed.

One guy stopped sucking and took Paula’s hand and guided it to his cock over his jeans; she said he was rock solid!
With one of them continuing to pull and suck her tits, the other took her hand off his cock and immediately pulled her dress up around her waist.
He looked down and saw her black satin thong and stepped back a little to take in the image of her standing there, her tits being used and further down, the sight of her with her dress around her waist, heels, and that thong. He ‘mmmmmm’d’ as he did so.

He looked leeringly at her and she said she knew what was going to happen next, and it did.
He came forward one hand on her hip, the other sliding into the top of her knickers.
She said she couldn’t help but murmur as he slid first one, then 2 fingers into her hot, wet cunt.
He laughed as he said to the other one, ‘man, this slag is so up for it….her cunt is soaked already’.
At which point, his mate stopped using Paula’s tits and made room for himself in front of her next to his mate.
He too, put his hand inside her knickers and almost at once she could feel the fingers of two hands pushing in and out of her bald, wet cunt easily, and she had to try hard not to cum on them!
They fingered her cunt hard for a while, telling her she was a cheap slut, a worthless cum dump who was going to get what she deserved and wanted….cock.
They told her they had been watching her in the pub, teasing guys, smiling, pushing her pert tits out and loving the attention…..now she was getting more attention that she wanted.

They both took their fingers out of her cunt virtually together.
One guy looked at his fingers, seeing they were wet, being coated in her cunt juice….he smelt his fingers quickly then put them in his mouth and sucked her cunt juices off..
He told her she had a great tasting cunt; as his mate laughed and said to her ‘right slag, take your knickers off’.
She muttered ‘what?’ and he slapped her face and asked if she was deaf before repeating ‘take your knickers off for us’.
She looked at them both and saw they looked almost wild so you did as she was told….placing her hands at her sides and slowing pulling her thong down, allowing it to drop onto the floor.
‘Step out of them slut’ one of them said and as she did, he bent to pick the thong up.
He rubbed it with his hands and laughed telling his mate that she was really up for it as her knickers were soaked already with her cunt juices.
The other took the thong from him and turned it inside out, laughing again as he said ‘fuck me, look at these stains, she’s already creamed herself’!

One of the guys said to the other ‘drag the slut through these trees, there’s a couple of picnic tables just behind’.
She felt them grab her arms and she was half pushed half dragged through the trees to a picnic table.
They lifted her up onto the table and put her down on her back.
One of the guys was at her head, the other at the other end of the table.
The guy at her head laughed and said ‘we can’t see your tits slag’ as he once again pulled them from the top of her dress.
The other was already lifting her dress up to expose her bald wet cunt.
He laughed as he said to the other ‘fuck me, her cunt is so fucking wet’.

She heard them unzip their shorts and then the guy at the top grabbed her head by her hair and pulled it closer to him; Paula said she was face to face with a good sized cock and she could just see some pre cum oozing out.
‘Open your mouth whore’ and when she didn’t, he slapped her face hard and she opened it; she felt another pull on her hair then felt him shove his solid cock into her mouth.
She could taste a slight taste of his pre cum as her started to push his cock in and out of her hot, wet mouth, at times ramming it so hard she could feel it at the back of her throat making her gag a little.
At the same time, the other guy was pushing her legs wide apart, and then up; she could feel him starting to rub the head of his cock against her wet pussy lips and it felt quite big.
He stopped rubbing with his cock and with one thrust pushed his cock right up her wet cunt and immediately started to fuck her, sometimes slowly, sometimes really hard.
Paula said she could feel the big cock pulsating in her cunt and the other doing the same in her mouth.
The thought came into her head that she was being raped and spit-roasted and despite herself, she said the thought of both made her cunt even wetter.

She was on her back, both cocks working on her at the same time; one fucking her mouth, banging at the back of her throat, the other being thrust into her cunt so hard she thought she would split in two.
As they continued using her, she felt her cunt getting wetter and knew they were making her cum; she couldnt hold back any more and gushed all over the guys cock who was in her cunt.
He felt her warm cunt juice all over his cock and laughed ‘you really are a fucking dirty whore arent you’
She felt the cock in her mouth start to twitch…..he pushed deep into her mouth as she felt him start to spurt hot sticky cum into her mouth.
He spurted over and over, too much for her to keep in her mouth and it ran out, down her tits and onto the top of her dress.
The guy fucking her pushed her legs harder over her head so his cock went deeper into her cunt, she knew he was close to cumming.
As he started to groan and shoot his load into her cunt, she felt herself cumming again and as he started to fill her up, she cum, mixing her cunt juices with his hot sticky cum.
Loads of cum started to run down the insides of her thighs and she knew there was a sticky mess.

They were talking to her all the time as they fucked her, as they cum and even more so when she kept cumming.
The more they said, the more she cum……dirty fuck whore, cum dump, filthy slag, spunk slag….she cum over and over again.

They started to move away from her and getting ‘dressed’; Paula said she just lay there, replaying it all in her head and almost cumming again.
They started to walk away……each of them said only a few words as they passed her…..’bye cumslut’
‘see ya fuck whore’.

Paula started to sit up and as she did, put a hand between her legs; sticky and wet, she could smell the spunk all over her.
She pulled herself together, rearranged her clothes as best she could and put her knickers back on.
She walked slowly to the car park, found her car, got in and turned the key and set off for home.

She parked up, walked towards the front door and let herself in; Gary was watching UFC on TV and as he looked up and saw her…..
‘What the fuck???’
‘I was raped by 2 guys on the way back to my car’

As Paula started to relay her experience, Gary could smell spunk on her, as he looked her over, her clothes were a little torn and she had cum stains all over her, some still damp, some dried an opaque white colour…………..his cock went rock hard.
The more she told him, the harder he got, replaying in his mind the site of his wife getting raped, fucked and abused like the slut she was.

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    A bloody good down and dirty rape story! Excellent!!

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    Im just so sure, such 🐎 shit.

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    It was Aug 9th 1986 I was 11 years old it was my birthday and I was pulled into an abandoned building by 47 year old man he took me to a room locked the door and made me take off my clothes he took his off and he laid me on my back on a table and began sucking on my dick and it felt good he made me suck
    his dick then he put baby oil on his dick then stuck it inside of me i cried after he came inside me he said if i told anyone he would kill my family he took me to his house and kept me there for the weekend he knew i was going to meet my friend bobby there i was spend that weekend with Bobby he had watch us go to the building and stroke each other off this is what really happened to me I continue to see him I began to enjoy it and started having sex with everyone I could as a kid you can get in touch with me 331444-1979 or [email protected]

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