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A Teenage Boy’s Journal’s Pt9

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Revenge is taken. Two friends come up with a brilliant plan.

A Teenage Boy’s Journal’s Pt 9

Looking at Trent, I could only imagine what he wanted. It was to have sex with Brooke. I do know he would if he could. If that, was it, I do not think I could? It ripped me up fucking Lori, and that had a purpose. The title of son, and mother was gone. This had gone so far; it could not be turned around again. At that point I had realized it. Just thinking Trent might ask, made me realize everything. I do not have a mother anymore. She does not have a son anymore. We are lovers, and now it is a matter of how to survive. How do we keep going? This alone would be the biggest, and darkest challenge of all. From this second, I was going to do anything to keep it this way.

“What kind of favor do you need”?
Trent at that point just looked at me. Usually he had a laughter, or smile to him, but now he was serious.
“Tell me how those pills work. I want to know how many to give, and what can happen.”
“I’m not going to take any pills for you stud,” laughing at him.
That finally got him to laugh, but I could tell he wanted to know. That is when I told him everything once again. Afterwards is when he told me to stay the night at the farm.
“Do I need to worry about something?” looking at him funny while laughing.
He just keeps smiling and laughing while trying to get out what he wanted to say.
“No brother, dad is taking my little brother night fishing. They will be gone all night. It is time for some payback for my sister.”
That is when I started to get where this was going. I understood everything he was asking. After everything I had asked for, all I could do is help. That is what brothers do.
Heading out we drove to the farm. The whole way there we planned it out. We had already crushed the pills at my house. I could tell Trent was excited about it. After arriving, his sister was talking her shit once again. All I could do was shake my head. I knew Trent was going to get his revenge. Time was the only thing. We had to wait hours till everything was set. It was not till later that night Trent’s dad, and brother left. It took two hours to convince him we did not want to go. Once they left it was waiting on the open moment. That is when it happened. The three of us were in the living room watching tv, when his sister needed to pee. She had a glass of sweat tea sitting next to her. When the bathroom door closed is when Trent poured the powder in the tea. Quickly he stirred it up and sat back down. Kelly came back out, and we continued to watch tv. Thirty minutes later the glass was empty. About nine thirty is when she started yawning. Fifteen minutes later, she went to bed.
“Give it about an hour more bro.”
Trent nodded, and we continue to watch tv. When eleven thirty came, we both got up and walked to her bedroom door. Slowly opening it we walked in. Kelly was out on her stomach. She was able to take off her pants, shirt, and bra before passing out. Drool steadily running down her chin.
“Is this what Brooke looked like?”
“Yeah, pretty fucking weird right”? I will watch the door for you. Do what you have to bro.
Telling Trent that, he just staired at Kelly’s half naked body sitting on the bed next to her. He ran his hand along the back of her leg. Once he reached the bottom of her ass check, he switched direction to her crotch. I could tell he was not doing it smoothly. He pressed hard into her pussy. Moving his hand up and down along her slit. Kelly’s mind started to work with his touch. She could feel everything happening. Her mind processed it all. Her body just did not. She just laid their limp.
“The little smart-ass bitch is getting wet as hell brother.”
Grabbing her panties and pulling them to one side he repeated the process. You could tell she had hair on her pussy lips. Once Trent came back up to her entrance, he pushed a finger deep into her pussy. He did not even let her pussy adjust to it. Kelly’s eye lids tightened to the invasion. A moan also escaped from her mouth. Stopping with his finger deep in Kelly’s pussy, he looked at me.
“Did you hear that brother?” she is fucking loving this. god her pussy is tight as hell.
I look at him laughing. Trent had a huge smile on his face. Bringing his finger back out, he then shoved it back in, this time he did not leave it there. He was moving his finger rapidly. Kelly’s face started to contort. Moans left her mouth with every push in.
“Curl your finger towards the top of her pussy bro.”
“Why, what Happens?”
“Just do it and watch.”
Adjusting his finger, he did what I had said. The speed staying the same. Kelly’s moans came even harder now. Her head moved slightly back and forth. Trent was driving her crazy with his finger. Her pussy was sopping wet. I could hear the slickness from the door.
“She is wet as hell brother.”
“Yeah, I can hear from here.”
That is when Trent shoved another figure inside her pussy. Once he hit bottom, Kelly’s mouth flew open. Her body tensed due to the pain and excitement. Her left leg bends up towards her upper body. Trent keeps his assault going. With every trust forward, Kelly’s moans grow louder, and longer. That is when it happened. Her body looked like it was seizing. Juices came flooding out of her body spraying Trent’s hand, plus her panties. Her juices covered the bed below her. Trent just continued to trust his fingers inward. Her orgasm never stopped. I could tell Trent was enjoying it as well. Hell, I was hard as a rock watching it. Finally, he pulled his fingers from her pussy. That is when I watched Trent taste his sister’s juices from his figures.
“How does it taste bro?”
“Kind of sweat, but salty as well.” Looking up at me.
Trent then rolled Kelly onto her back. She was breathing hard, which made her huge breast raise up and down. Standing up Trent started undressing. I knew he wanted more with her. Once he was fully nude, Trent got back onto the bed. Moving quickly to her breast, Trent attacked her nipples. Kelly’s areolas were a chestnut brown, and her nipples large and harden. Trent sucked her left nipple deep into his mouth. His right hand went to the other nipple, squeezing it hard. Rolling it threw his fingers. Kelly’s breathing went back to a rapid pace. Popping her left out of his mouth, you could see a slight redness. Releasing her right nipple, Trent slapped the side of her tit. Afterwards he pinched back down on her nipple. Kelly showed the same pain, and excitement she had when Trent drove his figure in her. Releasing her nipple again, he moved his hand to her pussy. Rubbing it along her wet slit, he moistened his hand, scooping up what juices he could. That is when he brought it back to her breast, smearing it down the center. I knew what was coming next.
Straddling her upper body, Trent placed his hard cock between her breasts. Grabbing sides, he pressed them firmly together. That is when he started fucking the hell out of Kelly’s breast. He pushed so hard, that Kelly’s small frame moved violently forward. His fingers pinching down hard on each nipple. Kelly never stopped moaning. They honestly looked like two giant pillows that Trent had his dick between.
The sweat rolled from Trent’s head. I figured he would lose it at any moment. That is when he stopped, letting his sister’s breast fall apart. Removing himself from the top of her body, Trent went to her lower half. That is when he grabbed the side of her cotton panties, yanking them down and throwing them on the floor. That is when Kelly’s pussy was on full display. Her dark colored pubes covered her pussy. They were short and neatly trimmed for a bathing suit. Grabbing below her knees, he spread her legs wide. This opened her pussy showing every fold to her lips. You could tell she was not a virgin, but she was tight. Her virginity taken by her only boyfriend. Obviously, he was not big enough to loosen it. Trent lined his cock to her entrance and looked down at her.
“I bet you won’t talk shit anymore.”
Up on his knees, and his sister’s legs held open wide, Trent slammed his dick deep into her pussy. Kelly screamed out a moan. She was defiantly in pain. Her face showed that once Trent entered her. Kelly’s pussy was holding more than it ever had. Trent started pounding the hell out of her. With each push, his sister’s pussy juices soaked the lips. The thickness showed in the dark short hair that surrounded her lips. Trent never went gentle. Each stroke was hard, fast, and deep to the bottom of her pussy. Kelly’s big breast swayed towards her face with each trust forward. Her breaths were short, and her moans load and long. Her mind racing in her coma like sleep. Her arms laid along side her body, limp with no reaction. Trent was getting the allotment revenge on his hateful sister.
“Fuck brother she is so tight.” I can barely fit in her.
Standing from where I was, I could tell. Her pussy lips stretched around Trent’s swollen hard cock. Every time he pulled out; juices would exit with his cock. There was a steady stream rolling into the crack of her ass. Each push inward, Trent’s body hit his sister’s, making a slapping noise. Trent’s breathing grew heavy as well. I knew at any moment he would blow his load.
“Do not cum inside her bro. that would be too hard to cover up.”
Nodding his head, he just keeps on pushing. The next two pushes Kelly shook again like crazy. Trent had made his sister have another orgasm. Trent keeps pushing, driving her into several more, Kelly’s pussy soaking Trent’s cock and the bed. Once the hot moisture hit Trent, he pulled out quickly. Grabbing his cock he points at his sister’s body, spraying cum on her stomach, and large breast. Once the last drop was out, Trent fell sideways onto the bed breathing hard.
“Damn bro you, ok?”
“Yeah, uhm I think yeah.”
I stood there and laughed watching him try and get his shit together. Kelly was panting with her own cum still leaking out of her pussy. She just had the best fuck in her life and did not know it. After a few minutes Trent got up and dressed.
“So how do we cover this up brother? I fucked her hard, and she will know it in the morning.”
“Yeah, I know. Hey, I have an idea, where is Charlie?”
“Outside why?”
“Well, we put him in here. We say because of him trying to hump everything. He sleeps with your sister all the time.” Kelly fell asleep with just panties on, so it would be her fault.”
“Brother, that is some genius shit right there.”
Trent cleaned his cum from his sister’s body. While he did that, I went to get Charlie. When I came back, he was holding her panties in his hand looking at them.
“Brother these things are soaking wet. What do we do about that?”
“Just put them back on her. It is her wetness, so they won’t smell like cum. Makes it easier to blame it on Charlie.”
“Right, that is fucking good thinking.”
Putting everything in place, we left leaving Charlie in the room on her bed. It was almost one thirty, so we headed to bed as well. We still had to work in the morning.

Sitting at the table eating, we listened to Trent’s dad about the fishing trip. He keeps telling us how we missed out. We both sat there with a smile across our face. A few minutes later Kelly walked out. She was wearing a baggy shirt and shorts. You could tell the underwear from last night were gone.
“Did someone go into my room last night?”
We all just looked at her. Trent noticed in her hand were the panties. That is when he lightly nudged me. There was no need because I noticed them as well.
“What are you talking about honey?” Trent’s dad replied.
“I need to know who was in my room last night?”
“Boys do you know what she is talking about?”
“No, I did put Charlie in there because of his constant humping efforts. We got tired of pushing him off, but I just opened the door. So, sorry do not know what she is talking about.”
Trent had a great reply to his dad’s question. That is when Kelly put her head down staring and thinking. Her mouth opened slightly. Then it dawned on her. It flooded her mind with pictures of what Charlie might have done.
Quickly she ran to the bathroom turning the shower on. From the bathroom you could still hear her cursing.
“What the hell is her problem?”
“Hell, who knows dad. Well ready to get this work done?”
Trent smiling as he said it. I just laughed as we all got up to work outside.
While outside Kelly finally showed up. You could tell she was so distrust. When she turned the corner, and saw us her cheeks went bright red.
“Nice of you to join us. Most the works done, so if you want Charlie needs feed.” Trent told her.
Right after that she turned walking away embarrassed.
“Well bro I think you got your revenge.”
Yes, and it feels damn good.”
We just turned and finished the work laughing. After a while we caught up with Trent’s dad. He had a couple of cold beers in his hand when he walked up to us. Sitting down we talked about random bullshit. Unexpected, he caught us off guard.
“I, think that dog fucked her last night. She will not be so bitchy now.”
Trent blew beer all over the place. I fell off the bale of hay laughing. Just the way he said it was hilarious. Trent’s dad just chuckled watching us.
After some time talking with his dad, we headed into town. That is when we meet up with the girls once again.
“There is my hard-working stud.”
“She called me a stud brother.”
Sitting down next to them the conversation started. With these girls nothing was off limits with talking. That is when Lori showed up.
“Hey, Treavor can we talk?”
“Whatever you have to say to him can be said to us.” Trent quickly came back.
“Nah, it is all right. Ill be right back guys.”
Walking outside, we went to the benches to talk.
“I want to say I am sorry. I did not have the right to go back on my promise. A lot of this does not make sense to me, but I will try to understand. Treavor, I do not have friends, and I did not have friends in California. I look the way I do because my mother critics everything about me. Seeing what you have I wish I had. The way Brooke loves you is what I wish I had. I want and need friends. Please forgive me.”
“I will, but please keep it quit. If you do, I will keep a friendship with you.”
Finishing our conversation, we went back inside.
“You good brother?”
“Yeah, so I have something to ask. I need everyone to give Lori a chance. She has problems with her mother. We have all been there in one point or another.”
Everyone agreed and started talking about good times. That is when Lori ordered a big plate of nachos.
“Damn girl hungry?” Brittany asked Lori.
“Yes, fuck what my mother says anymore. I need some southern weight on me.”
“Hell, yes girl.” April came back quick.
The whole table laughed at the comeback.
“When is Brooke off again. We need to have some back road fun.”
“Tomorrow is the last day of the week for her. Hell instead of back road fun, how about some wet t-shirt bikini fun?” answering Brittany
“Hell yes, I am all for the brother. Wet breast, and fine ass bodies. We need to that.”
“Well that means I lost. Way to leave me out guys?”
“Just keep eating baby.” April said as we all laughed at what Lori said.
“Alright then, I will tell Brooke, so she knows.”
“Oh my god, us girls can go shopping for new bikinis.”
After Brittany’s comment we finished setting everything up. All of us spent time together the rest of the day. Later that evening Trent and Brittany took off for some alone time. I went home to relax myself. Laying on Brooke’s bed, I laid there thinking of her. Her black laced panties in my hand. I cannot wait to see her once again. The rest of the night was my memories and smelling her scent from the panties she gave me. It was a night of pleasure by me.

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    Bro, this part is lit!! Best thing to wake up to! It’s like part 1-2 all over again except the original dude is now helping his friend do it! Nice end too, smooth. I thought you were going to save the idea for a different thing but seeing this here back again is so awesome too. Can’t wait to see more of this on a new series or wherever, feels like you have that sleepy sex down pat.

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