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My dad took my virginity

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My mom dropped me off at my dad’s and I didn’t expect to be violated that day

Hi I’m aspin and a few weeks ago my dad raped me.

It was after my 14th birthday and I was gon a spend the weekend with my dad ny mom dropped me off at his house which was a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom and had a pool.

Ny dad was more touchy but it didn’t raise any red flags even though him playfully groping my boobs which were a handful and my butt I thought it was normal but this was only the first day I remember I was laying on my back with my legs closed while reading and he came in and forced my legs open and laughed while he humped me I didn’t know it was strong so I laughed it but he pulled my shirt up and rubbed ny nippes I squirmed which only made me feel his cock more and it felt weird my body liked it but my mind didn’t he told me what happens here stays here and I nodded and we did the pinky promise and after I blew minute’s of him licking my sensitive nipples he ordered pizza and we ate he. Told ne I should sleep with him so I did but him I was frozen when I stripped and kneeled stripping me he sniffed my panties and made me sniff his boxers after he picked me up holding my thighs and told me to hold on he ran around and all I could do was grip his neck and whimper because his cock rubbing through my vagina hitting my clit we drunk water and I had to pee which turned into me gripping the bed as I passed in his mouth and he told me I had to return the favor and his tip was in my mouth as I swallowed his pee it was bitter and tangy I knew my dad ate good so I t wasn’t bad and we picked each other clean.

We brushed our teeth and cuddled i couldn’t sleep because I was uncomfortable thinking about what we did in the morning we showered and he cleaned me and guied me to the bed he then took my virginity it hurted so bad I felt like his dick was ripping me apart because of the long and thickness.

It stopped after a while and I did what he said was creaming on his dick which made a creampie we did for the afternoon before we ate dinner and he checked for tears and bleeding in my vagina and told me there was none when I got home i missed my dad for some reason but also wished I didn’t have to go for every weekend

Sorry if my spelling nd grammar is off English is not my first language 😅

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  • Reply baddad

    The big question is whether you liked it or not? And whether you want some other lovers kik sobad4udad

  • Reply Not alone

    iam sorry for you, i wish i was there to stop him. i was 9 whne it happen and itswas whit a stranger piece of garbage. Do you wish to communicate more? mayby i can help you decide what you wanna do next because i can understand that because its your father you have mix feeling so hopefuly i can help you sort it out if you wish my help.

  • Reply Daddy

    Part 2? It makes me hard